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I'm Joshua Harker, I am an artist.  I figured out how to make the unmakeable.  I want to share it.
I'm Joshua Harker, I am an artist. I figured out how to make the unmakeable. I want to share it.
955 backers pledged $77,271 to help bring this project to life.

10,000% funded & 600+ backers!

Thanks again & again for making this project such a great success. The ever increasing $$$ amount seems to get brought up to me a lot, but I have to admit I'm much more excited about all the participation & new supporters this event has provided. Don't get me wrong, I will be able to put any extra dough left over after making & shipping all the rewards to good use, mainly R&D on new projects.

**If you haven't already seen the limited edition commemoration update about this project please have a look...just another "thank you" to you.  Also stay tuned for another reward tier!**

As of right now, I'm trying not to get to ahead of myself & even though this is undoubtedly more than ever expected, the primary goal of the project was to explore if the crowdfunding platform is a functional & productive way to introduce art. I cannot argue that it has proven to be just that, but in reverence to the spirit of exploration & discovery, I intend to push hard to the end, shoot for the moon, & see how much gas is left in this tank.

Currently the project has become Kickstarter's #2 most funded Sculpture project ever & is #6 in Arts overall (awesome). As the project end draws nearer, I'm asking for your help to try for #3 most funded in Arts. The point of this is that it will place my project in the first row on the "Most Funded" page. This will help with continued exposure from the project & plays into the overall productiveness of the campaign even after its end. To reach the #3 spot I need to raise a total of $75,691. The best way to do that is grass roots please please share Crania Anatomica Filigre! 

Many Thanks!


Hello Kickstarter!
As a tangible thank you, I will be adding at no extra cost, a small feature to Crania Anatomica Filigre that will not be included again after the project ends. It will now include a small "KS" tangle hanging from inside the top of the skull (unless for some reason you choose not to have will have the option).

This essentially makes any sculpture rewards from this project a limited edition. Based on the interest from retailers, the price of any future Crania's will likely be starting at twice the current pledge pricing & marking this as a limited edition run will hopefully add even more to the overall value of your investment in my art.  The slight design addition will make it easy to verify your sculpture as having been part of this original Kickstarter launch & is my thank you for your participation in an event that has opened a whole new world of creative possibilities for me.

Stay tuned, I have some more stuff in the pipeline for the project's final 3 weeks.

Thanks Again!

Please share Crania Anatomica Filigre! 

You can also connect with me here (please):

The "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Halfway Status Update

In no uncertain terms, this has proved to be an amazing experience for me in that the Kickstarter crowdfunding format has truly connected me to an exciting new audience. Much appreciation & sincere thanks you's to all that have supported the project thus far.  This stands to significantly impact my future as an artist & offer fresh opportunities to explore new creative territory. I cannot fully express my gratitude for all your participation.  

As we near the halfway point there are already some remarkable milestones that have been achieved by your support. This stuff is a huge deal in my world (the following profuse use of exclamation points is intentional).

  • The #1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history!
  • Currently 5th most funded in Arts projects overall!
  • 500+ new collectors supporting my work!
  • Fully funded in the first 8 hours & now over 8000% funded!
  • Selected as an official Kickstarter "Project of the Day"!
  • Job, project, movie, & lecture offers!
  • Press, Press & Press! (see below for list)
This kind of thing happens when people (namely you) connect & participate. For me, it's been an inspiring event to watch unfold & I am profoundly touched that I've been lucky enough to be in the middle of all the hubub. In the 2nd half of the campaign, I ask you to please share the project across the vast expanse of the internet & social networks to see how far "Crania Anatomica Filigre" can travel. I've made it as simple as possible so please just a couple clicks & we're off!

You can also connect with me here (please):

For all inquiries regarding exhibitions, commissions, retail/wholesale, press & interviews, licensing, etc please email or message me directly.

Many Many Thanks,

Selected Press & Exposure (in no particular order):

International Shipping Update (good news!)


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.


International shipping is available & is as follows:
(prices are not other words, a medium sculpture costs $10 to ship not $16)

1st Class USPS (not trackable/uninsured):
  • for postcards: add $1
  • for small sculpture: add $5
  • for medium sculpture or tshirt: add $10
  • for large sculpture: add $15
  • multiple item pledges of $500 or more: add $35
USPS Priority International Shipping (somewhat trackable/uninsured):
  • for all single item pledges: add $30
  • multiple item pledges of $500 or more: add $50
International Priority Shipping Insurance:
  • add $5 per every $100 of insurance

Pledge tier levels of $1-$5 are not subject to any shipping costs

If there are any additional international duties, taxes, etc. they are recipients responsibility.  Please check into your countries regulations & fees if you have any concerns.  If the shipping ends up being an issue you can simply cancel your pledge before project end, no harm done.

If you're pledging for multiple items, many can be combined into a single shipment.  Please message me if you have any questions.

None of this effects US shipments (lower 48, Alaska & Hawaii included)

Many Thanks for the support,