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I'm Joshua Harker, I am an artist.  I figured out how to make the unmakeable.  I want to share it.
I'm Joshua Harker, I am an artist. I figured out how to make the unmakeable. I want to share it.
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Behind the Scenes Part 1: The People

So who knew that a little $500 goal crowdfunding experiment would turn into this?   Be careful what you wish for. Packing & shipping proved to be the real bear but alas, it seems everyone has begun to receive their shipments over the last couple days so that is good news!  The project overall has been a fantastic experience & the kind words of appreciation from those of you who have shared them are priceless. I need to extend some special thanks you's to Shapeways, Ponoko, & my dear friends & family that helped make big things happen in a short amount of time.

Because of some technical issues & simple practical matters regarding organization, I ended up having Shapeways build all the pieces.  Needless to say it was a huge order but they busted ass & got everything built & shipped in due time.  U.S. Customs put up an obstacle last minute by sitting on the delivery nearly 5 days but all in all it's worked out. USPS was not a particularly easy process to deal with but the packages are making it to there destinations on time so I can't complain too much.  

So, BIG THANKS to Shapeways (Charlie Maddock & Duann Scott in particular) for the special attention & service!  Also, special thanks to Ponoko (Matthew Dimond) for being there to handle whatever I may have needed & supporting the project throughout. And thank you to M&M & RaRa for showing up (unbribed) to help get everything packed & shipped're the greatest! Thank you also to my daughter's Grandparents, Auntie & Uncle, & Cousin for picking her up from school, taking her out, helping fill out customs labels, & otherwise supporting the effort so baby girl didn't have to (but thanks dear girl for dealing with a house full of boxes for over a week). And really more than anyone, thank you to my wife Carrie for sacrificing her time to help with absolutely everything, dealing with my grumpy ass when I've stayed up too late or not eaten enough, & seeing this whole thing through...Hugs & Kisses my Love.

Stay tuned for Behind the Scenes Part 2

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    1. Joshua Harker 3-time creator on

      thanks everyone! I'll likely be doing a similar project in 2012 but not yet sure if it will be through Kickstarter. All those who have signed up fro my newsletter or follow me on Facebook will be kept apprised & offered first crack at new offerings.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      Great job on the skulls, Joshua! Are you going to be doing another project like this in 2012?

    3. Bertier on

      I got my postcard in France !
      happy 2012

    4. Joshua Harker 3-time creator on

      Hey Chris, I shipped in plenty of time for USPS to deliver before Christmas so you should have gotten by now. Not sure what's happened. Hopefully just delayed in holiday mayhem. Please let me know when it arrives.

    5. Missing avatar

      chris wallace on

      any idea if im going to get this before the new year.ts was supposed to be a christmas gift

    6. Missing avatar

      Nelson on

      I got mine just after Christmas, it's incredibly beautiful and surprisingly delicate. I hope this was successful for you Joshua and look forward to your future projects! Keep up the great work.


    7. Brenda Dyck on

      Received mine yesterday. Looks beautiful! Was supposed to be a gift but I'm keeping it. Thanks so much!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Loeb on

      Just rec'd mine in sunny California. It is really a great piece! Thank you. I know my wife is going to be thrilled (since she's the one who pointed it out to me) but I love it too. Now to find a display case for it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Just got mine in Ontario, Canada. Thanks! It looks great!

    10. Missing avatar

      Eugene on

      btw I received mine in NYC a couple of days ago. It looks amazing! Thank you!!!

    11. Brian Raether on

      Just in time! 12/20 delivery for Ohio. Was getting nervous about the Xmas deadline.

    12. Robson Ribeiro on

      Haven't received mine in NY yet!

    13. William Bullock on

      Mine just arrived in Sydney, Australia. Thanks so much, the detail and diaphaneity of the piece is remarkable. This was the very first thing I pledged on when I joined Kickstarter.

    14. Janet Calp on

      I got mine on Tuesday and it's even better than I expected. I love it! What a work of art.
      Thanks for making it easy to be a 'backer.'