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This piece is about a revolution & the emancipation of the 99% ... JOIN THE REVOLUTION!
This piece is about a revolution & the emancipation of the 99% ... JOIN THE REVOLUTION!
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Recent updates


Production & Delivery Status #4

The very last of the rewards are now slated to ship... at last.  I had a batch of unacceptable pieces which translates into scramble to get replacements in queue & printing ASAP but that was still a 2 week turnaround.  The final pieces needed arrived this afternoon & will be shipping out tomorrow through Monday.  To all who have received their pieces, I hope you're enjoying them... & to all who have waited, so sorry for the delay & thanks for our patience.  I just wanna make sure everything goes out the best it can be. Many thanks again to all for supporting the project & my art. 


Production & Delivery Status #3

As of last week all pieces have been shipped & most already delivered except any of the rewards that include the "Phoenix Revolutis" wings.  They finally arrived Thursday & I've been working on them since I received them.  After a long weekend of cleaning & testing I was able to begin shipping rewards that include the wings today.  We're shipping them as soon as they're ready rather than waiting to ship all at once.  The inspection, cleaning & packaging process is slow & tedious so it will likely be a week or so before the last of the pieces are checked & shipped.  Again I appreciate your patience in the last hour.  I'm working hard to get the final pieces to you asap.


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Production & Delivery Status #2

THE GOOD: Everything (except rewards including "6 Primitive Chains" &/or "Phoenix Revolutis Wings") is either already delivered or shipping today & tomorrow :)

THE BAD: Due to a printer crash the "6 primitives Chains" & "Phoenix Revolutis Wings" were delayed an additional week than previously expected :(  . Expected delivery to me is early next week (Monday I'm told). As soon as they arrive I will do final inspection, cleaning, packaging, & begin shipments asap.  Will post update when the pieces come in.

I look forward to getting everyone their pieces in their hands as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support & patience.


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RE: Papercraft & Origami puzzles


Links for the papercraft & origami puzzles were sent out before Christmas via Kickstarter messaging. Anyone who missed them please check your Kickstarter inbox.

To anyone who has completed them, please send me a pic & I'll post it!


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Production & Delivery Status

Hi All,
I meant to get this update out sooner but been fielding some minor issues that came up. Just didn't want to send up any alarms while getting the fires under control. No worries, all is going well. Here's current status on all the rewards:

  • Papercraft & Origami puzzles: *delivered*
  • Tshirts: *delivered*
  • 6 Primitives Chain: in process, expected to ship to me by end of month
  • iPhone cases: all model 5 cases are in hand & in the process of final inspection, cleaning, & packaging. Will be shipping beginning next week. Model 4/4s are in process & due to ship to me on 2/22.
  • Crania Revolutis skulls: in hand & in the process of final inspection, cleaning, & packaging.  Will begin shipping next week.
  • Crooked Cairn pyramid: in hand & in the process of final inspection, cleaning, & packaging. Will begin shipping next week.
  • Phoenix Revolutis Wings: initial run was unacceptable due to some joint fusion.  Tweaked files & final production run is in process & due to ship to me on 2/22.  I expect to receive them early the following week (25th or 26th).  As soon as they arrive I will do final inspection, cleaning, & packaging & begin shipments asap.

All rewards that include the Phoenix Revolutis wings, 6 Primitives Chain, or a 4/4s model iPhone case are expected to begin shipping by end of the month.  Will post updates when the pieces come in.

Side note: anybody catch the SOTU address?  Obama cited the 3D printing revolution... now we're rolling!

Thank you for your patience!  Here's some teaser pics in the mean time...


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