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A bicycle, simplified.
A bicycle, simplified.
86 backers pledged $45,092 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kaimana on

      I have my Bicymple and am impressed. It's everything I expected and glad Josh and Gabe took the time to make it right even though it was delayed. So, when is the the 3 or 4+ speed freewheel upgrade gonna be on Kickstarter? COUNT ME IN. LETS DO THIS!!! Mahalo nui, -Kaimana

    2. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      I like your "late in the evening sitting at [your] table idea"! I suppose technically it would be helpful, but as you guessed, the way things will flow once ready, the time savings to get your bike out to you would be negligible--as in "it'll probably still end up on the same delivery truck on the same day" either way! Hopefully you saw the update today that'll give you all the latest news. Again, thanks for the idea, thanks for thinking of us, and thanks as always for your support!



    3. eloy hensen on

      Would it be helpfull for you if a backer assembles the bike his/herselve? For me it wouldn't be a problem. But maybe it messes up your logistics, packaging, transportation etcetera. A late in the evening sitting at my table idea.
      Greets Eloy

    4. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      Thanks for the feedback! Sad to hear that not even your trashcan will accept some of the projects you've backed! Ouch! Glad to hear you feel confident in the bicymple! We hope to exceed your expectations!



    5. eloy hensen on

      Hi Josh,
      Thanks for the update. Maybe this will also help: you are not alone!! Most of the projects I backed are too late. Getting used to it. A bigger problem is that with some projects even my trashcan refuses to collect it because of the poor quality. If I judge the progress of your Bicymple project I feel confident.
      So cheers to you too.

    6. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      It's rare for someone to ask "how does it feel" about something like this, so thank you for that!

      It doesn't feel good to be almost one year behind schedule, that's for sure. What keeps us away from the edge, however, is knowing that we didn't rush things. We took time to do things right when it was needed. We went through multiple iterations of the design to ensure that it was as good as it could be, rather than just sticking to an arbitrary deadline. We shopped around for better pricing to stick within our budget, rather than throwing money at it and going into debt (or worse, asking backers for more money!).

      So yeah, it feels pretty rotten to be so far behind, but it could be worse. We could have made a shoddy product that you'd all be disappointed in, or be tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I know that doesn't change the fact that we're behind and those of you who have backed us don't have your bicymples, but we hope it gives you a little bit of understanding and helps you see that we are concerned, we are paying attention, and more than anything, we're not giving up!

      Bicymples are coming. Better late than never, we hope!


    7. eloy hensen on

      Just curious, but how does it feel to be almost one year behind schedule? Close to the edge?!

    8. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      Glad to year you're appreciating the updates. I worry that it's still not enough and people will feel out of the loop, so it's good to get feedback like yours! Ultimately, we just want to share the process as much as we can, since it is all of you who made it possible in the first place!

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Addison on

      As a backer of 30+ kickstarter projects I am very impressed with the updates on yours, esp compared to others. I really appreciate the detailed updates and the pics.

    10. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      Glad to hear you're feeling pumped! To answer your question, YES! Production is still on track. The quick update is that the design is very nearly finalized (just making some tweaks to the way the rear steering locks to ensure performance and longevity) and we've narrowed down our possible manufacturers down to just a couple. A few more meetings and negotiations and we'll be underway. Barring any unforeseen hangups (which is unlikely at this point), we will get them delivered this year!

    11. david stammel on

      I'm so pumped to get my bicymple! Is production still on track for delivery this year?

    12. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on


      Yeah, as far as which side the brake lever mounts, it's not too big of a deal. When we're closer to sending them out, we'll have a survey to ask all sorts of questions and you'll have the opportunity to make special requests there. I can't guarantee we can meet every single request, but we'll do our best!

      Paul--good questions all around! I'll do my best to answer each.

      Brakes, see above. Also, there is a chance that in the name of safety we may not be able to use the through-the-bar internal routing. It does require a hole in the bar, obviously, and though we've had no issues whatsoever, it may not be a risk we want to take. It would also require you, the purchaser, to drill a hole in any replacement bar you'd want to use. Stay tuned for news on that.

      Rear-Steer Lockout: This will be controlled by a pin/lever combo at the rear head tube. A lever-mounted actuator would be slick and is something we've thought long and hard about, but for the time being, it's going to have to be on the frame. There's a surprisingly high amount of torque applied through the legs/hips and keeping the rear locked requires a beefier clamping mechanism than most expect.

      Tire Width: We're still looking for the ideal fork to use, but even the narrowest of the ones we're considering (I just pulled out the calipers and measured) is still capable of accommodating a 2.5" tire with plenty of room to spare.

      Pedals: We're not decided on that. We will likely follow the route that most bike companies take of providing some basic platform pedals that get the job done with the expectation that many riders will swap out for the pedals of their own choosing. Pedals are just one of those things that many riders are picky about!

      Delivery: I promise, we are working as hard as we can to get these built and delivered as quickly as possible, but a pre-summer delivery just can't happen. We want nothing more than to get them out to our backers and into the world ASAP!

      Thanks again Andrew and Paul, for your backing and thoughtful questions!



    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Addison on


      Just saw commentary on the left right brake thing. I'm a UK buyer too, I'd like my (only, may I add) front brake on the right for my fixies. Probably no big deal, cabling wise, but there you go.
      One thing to note. A truck load of people I ride in to work with each day (East London), don't use brakes: I'm too old for that kind of stuff, but it looks really impressive when they side skid at the traffic lights ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Brookes on

      Lots of questions...

      First, I'm wondering about brake levers. It seems the lever on the left is routed thru' the tubing to the front brake. Being from the UK, we wire our bikes "backwards" (rear brake on the left, front brake on the right). Is it possible to switch the lever and simply re-route the cable to the other side, or is this something that would have to be done during production? Also I'm guessing with this type of routing there's a hole somewhere in the handlebar which would affect how far it can be rotated to fine tune for rider preference? Just wondering, since I usually run a wide riser bar (easton carbon monkey lite) and am thinking how I could fit such a bar on the bicymple - drilling a hole for the cable, to feed into the stem, could weaken it quite a bit (unless a good wide stem clamp is being used here?)

      Second... I'm intrigued by the lockout mechanism. Will this be another lever on the handlebars or will the lockout lever be located at the rear itself? Any close-ups on this mechanism would be cool.

      3rd question - the forks look pretty wide - any details on exactly how wide, i.e. could a 2.5 or 3" tire be run, to turn this into a decent snow bike?

      4th question - pedals - I see the demo pics have flats like a unicycle, but then a couple of the mountain/off-road shots have someone wearing cycling shoes suggesting clip-ins. Any idea what the standard pedal will be?

      Finally, any updates on delivery? Do we really have to wait all summer long and into the fall before these start shipping? It'd be a shame if they don't start arriving until after it gets snowy. Really looking forward to riding mine.

    15. Geoff Murray on

      Beautiful and innovative product. I've been deliberating for some time about this and when I saw that there were a few openings again for the first 20, I had to jump on it. As a long time rider/mechanic/collector this is just one of those pieces of cycling history that I want to be a part of. Very excited for your first production run. Congrats on making the pledges, can't wait for my Bicymple to arrive!

    16. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on

      Ariel--excellent thought! And that's exactly what we're using!

      Martin--I assume you mean a serial number? Yes, there will be one!

      Eloy--interesting idea! We will look into it, perhaps as an add-on item for those wanting it, rather than a standard feature. As an add-on, it could be adjustable to fit a larger range of lock sizes.


    17. Ariel Richtmann on

      I had a thought that it would be great if the seat was clamped by an adapter that fitted into most existing handlebar stems! Less proprietary/special parts needed :)

    18. Hammer on

      Will there be a frame number on the bikes frame? This is required for bike insurance in my country.

    19. eloy hensen on

      If there would be a U-lock that has the same size, as the frame size (width of the frame tubes). Could you for instance place TIG welded mounting eyes. Or do you think it will damage the design of the bicymple too much?

    20. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on

      Answer to Kevin's questions:

      The rear wheel has a quick release mechanism that allows for tool-free wheel removal in just about the time it takes to remove a standard quick release wheel.

      It does fit on most normal bike racks, and with the front wheel removed, will fit in most trunks. with both wheels on the bike, it might be a tight fit. I'm sure in larger trunks it'd work, but I wouldn't count on it fitting in most!

      Hope that helps!

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chen on

      how easy is it to change the tube on the rear wheel?
      and will it fit on most normal car bike racks or maybe in the trunk with both wheels "folded"?

    22. Josh Bechtel 3-time creator on

      The answer to M@'s question:

      That is a very interesting question! I like it! If you're one of the first 20 of each model, I'm sure we can make that happen for you!

    23. Missing avatar

      M@ Dunlap on

      Hmmm, I tried to ask this as a question, but it doesn't seem to have shown up.

      Is there any way we could personalize those QR codes? I'd love it to have my name, phone number and serial number encoded right there on the frame.