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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 1 2015
pledged of $4,500pledged of $4,500 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 1 2015


Hey Kickstarter,

My name is Josh Barrientes and today I'm bringing you a game called "QUOTES" - THE GAME OF PERFORMANCES. It's a social game for people who are comfortable with being wild and out there! Think of a mix of Dixit and Cards Against Humanity, two games that I love and drew inspiration from. I'll go over the easy to learn rules and you can see for yourself.

Start by having everyone draw TEN cards from a deck of hundreds. Here's a sample hand:

Choose someone to go first. That person is known as "The Critic." The Critic can do one of two things during a turn:

1. Play a Special Card (More on that later)


2. Say The Phrase "Give me a quote..." followed by whatever he/she wants!


(Bear in mind, The Critic is encouraged to be as creative as possible. Imagination is the only limit!)

Now, each player other than The Critic chooses a quote from their hand. At this point, The Critic closes his/her eyes. Then everyone passes their card to someone else at the table. Now, The Critic opens his/her eyes.

One at a time, players "perform" the quote in their hand. Players are also encouraged to be as creative as possible while performing. Afterwards, The Critic chooses the performance that best exemplified the initial Phrase "Give me a quote that..."

The player that gave the best performance scores ONE point.


The player who ORIGINALLY CHOSE the quote from the winning performance scores ONE point.

First to five points wins!

And as I said earlier, Special Cards can be played by The Critic in place of a normal turn. These cards have certain effects on the game, such as:

Currently, there are NINE different categories of quotes:

Well Kickstarter, that's "QUOTES" in a nutshell. Please help spread the word and if you'd like, back the project by pledging! My team and I would be eternally grateful. Thanks guys!

I added another sample hand so you can get a feel for the quotes:

And a special thanks to for providing the music. Check out the website for more tracks!

Risks and challenges

Keeping along with this whole "quotes" idea, I'd like to share a sentiment from the team that brought us Exploding Kittens:

“Production of [Exploding Kittens] is simple: it's just a card game, so other than building the box it's a relatively straightforward product to make."

I couldn't agree with them more. I've already spoken with multiple printing businesses and received multiple "worst case scenario" price quotes that easily fall into the $4500 budget I'm trying to raise on Kickstarter.

My team and I will update you guys every step of the way, highlighting any possible speed bumps that we might come across. We'll also be listening to the community's feedback, trying to incorporate positive ideas and changes into the game whenever possible.

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