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A live stand-up comedy show about human flaws and an album of original music inspired by the show.
A live stand-up comedy show about human flaws and an album of original music inspired by the show.
A live stand-up comedy show about human flaws and an album of original music inspired by the show.
505 backers pledged $27,732 to help bring this project to life.

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Astronauts and Anniversaries!

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Hello kind backers!

I'm writing an update years after my project, Flaw Fest: A Comedy and Music Album, was successfully funded. Insanity! I've got two things to share:

1) I wanted to let people know about this project by one of the musicians who contributed to the Music part of Flaw Fest: Storm of Paul and Storm. It's called Sidecar Astronauts and it's for an album of great rock music.

I've had the chance to hear early drafts of songs and chat with Storm about the project. Not only is the music great, but I love the perspective Storm has on it. This is fun, driving music for difficult times. It's not ignoring our current situation. It's not pretending things are great. It's music that's going on an epic adventure finding the positivity, hope, and energy that's always there, too. 

2) This Sunday, Nov 5th, 2017 is Flaw Fest's fourth birthday! This album is now fully sentient! it's forming memories and has ambivalent feelings about Pre-K! Anyway, I'll be making a push on social media to advertise the album to some of the new fans who are kindly supporting me these days. If you happen to see a Facebook post or a Tweet, feel free to like or share. And if you ever want to direct people to the album, every version of it is available right here:

Thanks again for your support, lo, those 4 long years ago. I'm very, very proud of the album and it's been a great way to introduce myself to new fans, friends, and collaborators as I made my transition from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. 

Watch out for bears,

Joseph Scrimshaw 

Happy FlawDay!

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Today is the one year anniversary of the FUNDING of the comedy and music album you all made possible, FLAW FEST!

Big artistic projects like this do kind of feel like children and at only one year after funding, I'm proud (and relieved as a comedy album parent) to say FLAW FEST is out making its way in the world on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby, on sale at stand-up shows and conventions, and even floating around on some Satellite Radio stations.

The album is also great to have on hand as I navigate the big, wide world of stand-up in my new home of Los Angeles.

And I'm on to making new comedy babies. Over on Patreon, I'm close to unlocking a new holiday comedy album. 

I always wanted to make a holiday album, but didn't because I can't sing. But, dammit, why should the musicians have all the fun? 

Thanks again for making this comedy baby with me.

Sincere thanks,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who sends me a tweet or writes on my Facebook wall when they eat eggs. Holy shit!


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Hello wonderful backers--


Yesterday, I posted the LAST REWARD from the Kickstarter campaign. At one reward level, I agreed to produce short comedy videos about human flaws based on backer suggestions.

One of my favorites was suggested by John Kovalic. It's the extremely ironic flaw of Kickstarter Addiction.

The other topics were Indecision, Perversion, Forgetting People, and Being Self-Involved. Thanks to Eve, Jim, Brian, Taylor, and Maria for the great suggestions. 

You can see all the videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.


The response to the album--both the comedy and the music--has been amazing. Many of you have tweeted, facebooked, and maybe even talked to another human being face to face about the album. I get fairly frequent updates from people letting me know when they're "EATING EGGS! HOLY SHIT!"

If you know someone who needs some comedy in their life this holiday season, you can direct them to the best deal for the album on bandcamp

Bandcamp also has a new feature that allows you to gift the album.

Links to all the other versions of the album (as well as my book Comedy of Doom, also made possible by Kickstarter) are on my website here


As the year draws to a close and the world counts down the top ten best of everything, I keep thinking about this Kickstarter campaign and the album. 

It's the number one best thing that's happened to me this year out of a really long list of awesome things.

Many flawed thanks to you all. 

Your flawed friend,




Hello kind and awesome backers—

First and foremost--YOUR ALBUM!

We want to make sure everyone who backed at a level to get the album did, indeed, get the album. The dropbox links will be going down tonight, but if you've had any problems downloading the album, we can still help. Just email me directly at

Second and secondmost--THE WORLD'S ALBUM!

Flaw Fest is now available for anyone to purchase or stream! If you'd like to recommend the album you can send people directly to Bandcamp or you can send them to our website with a full list of where Flaw Fest is available--iTunes, Cd Baby, Google Play, Spotify, etc. 

If you're enjoying the album, it would be a great help if you tweeted or facebooked or tumblr'd or reddit'd about your favorite line/bit/song, etc to celebrate release day! Use the hashtag #FlawFest so I can find them!

Flaw Videos!

The final flaw rewards to be delivered are the flaw videos--short comedy bits based on your suggestions. The first flaw (suggested by Taylor and Maria Fisher) is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! 

More videos to come. If you want to be sure to catch them all, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

MORE Flaw Songs!

We want to hear your songs inspired by the Flaw Fest comedy show! If you'd like to submit a song based on the comedy album, contact me on Twitter or at I would love to hear songs about my jerk coffeemaker, Devin. 


Thanks for helping us create the world’s first stand-up comedy album with its own original soundtrack. Thanks for making an idea into a reality. 

Your flawed friend,



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Hello kind and awesome backers—

The Flaw Fest comedy and music album is complete!  

Several things are happening today, Tuesday Oct 29th!

-We’re sending backers a message with a link to download the album and other digital rewards, so check your email! 

-We’re putting the physical double disc CD of Flaw Fest and other physical rewards in the mail!

-The album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp this very second!


Billboard – After a week of pre-order sales, the album will officially “drop” on Tuesday, November 5th on Bandcamp, iTunes, Cd Baby, Amazon, etc. 

We would love to sell enough copies to crack into the Billboard comedy charts.

Here’s how you can help: Over the next two weeks, please tweet, facebook, tumblr, Google+, etc up a storm about the album. Share your favorite line/bit/idea from the comedy show or one of the songs. Hashtag it with #FlawFest or tag me in it (so I can be sure to see it) and I’ll reshare as many as I can!

MORE Flaw Songs – We want to hear your songs inspired by the Flaw Fest comedy show! As you’ll hear on the album, there is a great mix of songs that use direct ideas from the comedy show and other songs that use the show as a jumping off point. Feel free to do the same! 

If we like your song (and we probably will) we’ll share it on Flaw Fest’s homepage. A couple of specific bits from the show that didn’t get covered in the album include John Denver sincerity, my Phantom Menace confession, and my jerk coffeemaker, Devin. I would really love to hear songs about my jerk coffeemaker, Devin. 

Flaw Videos – Several of you backed the “Video Flaw” level of the Kickstarter. I’m hard at work making short comedy videos based on your suggestions. I’ll be rolling them out over the next few weeks and posting them on my YouTube channel. Each video will be discussing a flaw suggested by a backer. Flaws include: indecision, perversion, kickstarter addiction, and more! 

If you want to catch all the Flaw Videos you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

FINALLY—A huge, flawed thanks for making this happen. It’s a weird, and I think, awesome idea to combine comedy and music in this way. 

Thanks for helping us create the world’s first stand-up comedy album with its own original soundtrack. 

As with any artistic project, it goes beyond being a finished project. It’s a huge part of my life and my soul that I couldn’t have shared with the world without your help. Thanks again. 

Your flawed friend,