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A collection of essays, parodies, and true stories covering every major topic in geek culture.
A collection of essays, parodies, and true stories covering every major topic in geek culture.
241 backers pledged $6,784 to help bring this project to life.


Dear Backers and Potential Future Backers!

We've reached our second stretch goal of $5,000! This means we can add some artwork by DC Comics artist Christopher Jones as well as some doodles of doom by me!

As we close in on the final days of the Kickstarter, we're hard at work on the book itself.

Here are a few sample sentences I've written in the last few days:

"You mount Edmund. Normally, you couldn't ride a pony as small as Edmund, but Edmund is no ordinary pony. He is a Vampire Pony."

"You can't win at Tetris. It's just a question of how long until you lose."

"I watched in horror as my cousin got a horse head on a stick for Christmas. A horse head on a stick is not a toy. It's a threat from a mobster."

"It was a picture of a large bear wearing a cape."


We're busy pulling together artwork, the introduction by Bill Corbett, promo quotes, and much more.

Earlier this week, we had a photo shoot for the cover. In what will no doubt be seen as good news by most of the backers, I will be FULLY CLOTHED on the cover of the book. It was a very tasteful photo shoot. All of my sexy pouting has been removed in post.

Also in the good news department, we've been busy lining up performance events where we can sell copies of the book. So while we've more than doubled our initial funding goal, every dollar still counts. The more money we raise through this Kickstarter campaign, the more books we can include in our initial print run. Having the books on hand will go a long way toward making all these appearances profitable!

So thank you very, very much for your time and support and please do keep spreading the word about the project until the bitter end!

With many thanks, hugs, handshakes, one-armed bro hugs, etc.,



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