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This is a fun-filled story that provides some thrills, spills, and educational moments for the young reader and beyond.

This is a fun-filled story that provides some thrills, spills, and educational moments for the young reader and beyond. Read More
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About this project

* - An update on the $15 reward has been added.1 personalized and signed printed softcover copy of the book.

Here's a sample scene of the book: 

Okay, back to my first days of Kindergarten! During the first days of school, my classmates and I were quiet. We sat on the ABC train rug for long hours, clapping and singing, clapping and singing, and clapping and singing some more. Until one day, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I went for a little stretch around the classroom by running and jumping like as if I was at home. Mrs. Daang became so annoyed that she tried catching my arm, but instead ended up ACCIDENTALLY pulling my pants down.

Everyone got to see my special Fabrisio XOXO undies that my mother bought at the discount store for a dollar! I guess my mom ended up having the last laugh after all. 
My long time friends that know me since that incident still laugh about it to this day. That’s why I have a real thing against wedgies and people that show their “UNDIES.”


Chubby Cheeks came about from my rich childhood experiences growing up in and around Los Angeles and Venice Beach, California. Combine that with 12 years of teaching in elementary public schools along with my vast imagination, and the final product is THE ADVENTURES OF CHUBBY CHEEKS: THE PRO QUEST.



At last, the uncool elementary school years are over for the main character, Chubby Cheeks. The summer before the first day of middle school has finally arrived and Chubby along with his sidekick, Jimmy Jam  have made it their main mission to go PRO at everything they do. They begin their first Pro Quest, Skateboarding in the coolest place in the world, Venice Beach, California! To do so, Chubby must not only handle his eternal bully, Bruno Sabatini with his cool, calm and collective attitude, but must also figure out how to fund the expensive gear required to compete alongside the pros. The result, an adventure packed book where new friends come along: Ollie, the animal shelter rescued bulldog, B.J. the flying dude, and Tara Ducktil,the coolest skateboarding girl in the neighborhood.

Chubby Cheeks is aimed for all the young at heart of course, but for publishing purposes, the age range is 8-14.  The book is completed and it's the first one in a series.  However, your pledge and support is needed to complete the illustrations and to take the book to its final destination--Publishing!

Upon successful funding, the book will be rich with illustrations from one of the best inner city artists from the Los Angeles area, Sergio "Doc 43" Rueda. An artist that could truly bring out the feel for the story. His artwork has been featured in a lot of the Los Angeles based art exhibits and gallerias for the past 25 years and continues to gain momentum with his art.  Fortunately, he has expressed special interest in helping the youth and wants to partner up with me in ensuring that THE ADVENTURES OF CHUBBY CHEEKS: THE PRO QUEST gets published.


Take a look at some of his other art samples:

By you making a pledge I can have him illustrate the book. I truly believe that Sergio is the right person to bring in a unique illustration style to this book. Plus I add a few more samples from other possible illustrators for this project. Please don't hesitate on giving me your honest feedback on the illustrations.



Sample Chapter:

Ch.1. All Grown Up

Well, at last, the perfect summer is here. While most kids in the school district have been sent to summer camps as far away from the city as possible, my friend Jimmy Jam and I had stayed behind as our parents could barely afford to keep us alive. To top it off, my old man’s television broke.

No summer camp, no television, how much more pathetic can it get? I'm cool with it because we don’t have a problem keeping ourselves busy. To prove it, we’ve decided to change our lives FOREVER—all before the first day of middle school. “Hey Chubby! What do you say we head out to the boardwalk, dude. Today is the muscle building contest!” “Come help me smash my old man’s plastic bottles first.” “Dude, I hear Arnold Shortsarelater might be there!” “Let’s go, dude!!!”

As we headed down to the beach in our bikes, we ran into a bunch of people, and so we decided to return our bikes and walk instead. “Dude, who needs summer camp when we have Venice?” I said to him. “I know dude!” Replied Jimmy with his enormous brown eyes fixated on the neon lights reflecting from the arcade games.

We were experiencing the best time of our lives, which nothing seemed to beat it. It was as if we were in a movie set. The out of this world characters: the tree man covered in branches and moss, the two-headed turtle, the dude walking on glass, the fortune teller promising every one a successful life for a few more bucks, the zombie like hippies, Guitar Hero on wheels, and the tumblers…well, you get the point.  There was enough entertainment there to ensure that your eyeballs popped out!

But the one thing that changed my life that summer was when Jimmy and I met our Zen master: the one and only Doc 43! Nothing less than the coolest skateboarder in the planet, dudes! “Dude, what’s everybody looking at?” Asked Jimmy. “Let’s check it out dude.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the famous Doc 43 is getting ready to perform one of his greatest tricks…” “Dude, dude! I can’t believe it!” Shouted Jimmy as we squeezed through the never-ending crowd. And there he was, flying like a bird with the greatest of ease. Radical, smooth, and just plane SICK!

“Hey dudes, seems like you’ve never met or seen Doc 43. You know that this place is for Pro’s only, right!” Laughed Tara Ducktil. Tara was well known for being the coolest and raddest skateboarding girl in town, hands down. “We were heading to the Muscle Beach to see Arnold Shortsarelater.” Announced Jimmy.“What a bunch of softies!” Interrupted Bruno Sabatini. “Who you calling a softie?” challenging him while sticking my chest out. 

“How about you prove yourself, CHUBBY? Let’s see you do a 360 Pop Shuvit, ha?” “Why don’t you show us first, Sabotage?” Intervened Tara. “Why not?” I gave in. “Dude, you can barely do a basic Ollie!” whispered Jimmy to my ear. “Don’t listen to him, dude.” But I had had enough of Bruno and knew that in order to become a pro and prove him wrong, I needed to do this.

So, I headed to prove that but I think I should have listened to Jimmy instead! All I needed to do was to make a full circle with my first and only skateboard that I have ever owned, but instead, I ended up spinning my butt on the ground. “Loser! Loser!” Teased Bruno. “Skateboarding is a pro sport, which means no stupid behavior allowed!” Scolded Doc 43 to Bruno and his gang as he escorted them out of the park. I swear I’ve never seen Bruno so diminished. “You ok kid?” He asked, giving me a hand.

“I’m used to it.” I said. “Chubby needs to get some serious moves to prove that dog wrong!” Blurted Jimmy. He was so angry I could swear his dark skin was turning translucent. “Are you guys from the neighborhood?” Asked Doc 43. “Just a few ramps away.” I replied, dusting my sore behind. “How about you meet me here tomorrow and I’ll give you a few pointers?”

WE WERE STOKED…COULDN’T REPLY!!! Jimmy had locked his big brown eyes on Doc 43. At the same time he had his mouth wide open like a Barracuda eating a happy meal. I, in the other hand, just stood there while my cheeks fell all the way to the ground. So Tara replied for us. “They are honored, sir.” After that, I couldn’t feel my feet or my sore butt. I was walking on air, better yet, flying on air…imagining how cool I would soon become.

I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the bowls and the snake runs of the incredible 16,000 sq. foot skate park. The only park in the world located on a beach. If one is to become a pro skater, this is the place. As you could imagine, I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could think about was flying in the air like a bird and landing on my skateboard instead of my butt.

CH. 1 1/2  - A LESSON WITH DOC 43

It was the next morning and as usual, I had Jimmy knocking at my door first thing in the morning. The door rings and my father, like usual, is preparing breakfast and answers whenever Jimmy comes over.

“Hello Mr. DiGreat, is Chubby awake yet?” “Not sure, why don’t you go check?” Said my old man. “Dude, wake up already!” Yelled Jimmy. “We don’t have to go to school today right, dude?!” “Dude, NO, better than that, today we become part of the cool club, REMEMBER?” Jimmy looked ready for school. He had his old backpack on his back and was wearing his best cargo shorts. “Dude, where’s your skateboard?” “It’s inside my backpack.” We don’t want people staring at us in a weird way.

He had a point because people do seem to think of skateboarders as troublemakers. So we started walking towards the boardwalk with our skateboards and we could not help but to notice the unbelievable radical moves that some of these guys were performing. Then from out of nowhere, Tara Ducktil pops out from behind one of those green environmentally friendly trashcans!

“Hey ya!” waved Tara as she popped up like a Jack-in-the-box. I don’t know how she manages to always be wherever we go but she’s there on time all the TIME! “Dudes, where are your skateboards? “Here!” Said Jimmy. “You’re gonna want to do better than that!” she said looking inside our backpacks. Then, from out of nowhere, Mr. Zen master himself, Doc 43 pops up from behind one of the ramps.

I really can’t keep having people popping up from out of nowhere. “Dude, look, it’s part of the game here at the beach, you know. Plus it gets you ready for the unexpected too,” said Doc 43. “Let it be your first lesson on the unexpected my friends,” he emphasized. “I don’t care what you teach me, but please don’t teach me to freak out,” I told him.

“There’s more to the PRO QUEST than bells and whistles, boys,” Said Doc 43. “The boards are essential to the sport, but attitude is the top priority of a true pro around here,” he advised. Lucky for me, the dude was a good man ‘cause I listened to every word he had to say, especially after that scare.

“Come boys, let me teach you the true ways of the PRO QUEST,” He said. And so with that statement, our quest in becoming the best possible skateboarders in town began with Doc 43 taking us under his wing for the rest of the summer!


*The Adventures of Chubby Cheeks funding:

• Why is the funding goal $3,500? 

• Because it will cost 3,500 to get one book published as an ebook and in print in soft and hardcover to distribute to all who choose the rewards. 

• The illustrator has to be compensated too. 

* Then you need formatting the manuscript into ebook and print form. 

• editing the manuscript

• securing an ISBN number  

• copyright registration 

• actual printing

• distribution 

• Amazon charges the project a 3% - 5% fee• 

* Kickstarter charges the project a 5% fee

How Kickstarter Works {for those who haven't used it before}

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

If at the end of the campaign, the goal is not met, your card will never be charged, no money will change hands, and the book will not be printed.During the course of the campaign, contributors will make a payment via credit card, processed securely through payments.

If at the end of the campaign, the goal of 3,500 is met, your card will be charged for the amount you contributed, and your books, art and/or items will arrive in time by mid Summer. (It may be considerably sooner than that, but we want to be sure we have time to complete the illustrations and make everything look fantastic.)

More in depth information on Kickstarter itself is available at:

Websites and Social Media sites:



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