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Jorno is a unique folding bluetooth keyboard that works with iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Go mobile and get productive with Jorno.
Created by

Scott Starrett

1,177 backers pledged $104,609 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mike Passalacqua about 12 hours ago

      Awesome Scott. This little guy is so responsive with NO lag time at all. I love it and well worth the wait.

    2. Creator hildy 1 day ago

      So I just used it and it works great. It has the clicky feel I need in a keyboard.

    3. Creator hildy 1 day ago

      So far, I think it looks great! Nice quality!

    4. Creator Chris Want 2 days ago

      Got mine today (also Alberta, Canada). I like the keyboard so far, it's pretty cool. Having said that, I'm still bitter about the delays, the lack of communication, the bait-and-switch, and the fact that similar products are on the market now at lower prices.

    5. Creator Orion Reyes 2 days ago

      Just received my shipment notification to Alberta, Canada.

    6. Creator Orion Reyes 2 days ago

      Just received my shipment notification to Alberta, Canada.

    7. Creator Ben Leung 2 days ago

      Just received shipping notification with tracking number received for one unit delivery to Melbourne, Australia

    8. Creator Simon Mah 3 days ago

      Hello, could I find out when my unit is shipping?

      Thank you ahead of time.

    9. Creator C Smith 4 days ago

      No shipping notification yet here for the UK.

    10. Creator Rexi 4 days ago

      Oh, and almost forgot to mention, Congratulations Scott for getting your product on today 3 years later > :-, And I am still waiting for mine.

    11. Creator Rexi 4 days ago

      Yet to get mine, or even at least the shipment tracking notification :( Probably Scott hasn't yet got to the shipping of packages to this part of the world

    12. Creator Gareth M 5 days ago

      2 years late and it's here. It is nicely constructed. Will begin testing shortly.

    13. Creator Thomas James 6 days ago

      Here i was thinking this project was going to remain a tarnish on my Kickstarter, but received mine this morning. Looks pretty damn nice actually. Testing it out now.

    14. Creator Matt Campitelli on April 11

      No shipping notification here in Melbourne, AU.

    15. Creator Keith Lofvendahl on April 11

      Got mine this week, Fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work Scott to get the design right.

    16. Creator Brian Lowry on April 11

      In Canada, and very happy to (finally!) have my Jorno keyboard -- working great, no issues with pairing, nice & compact.

    17. Creator Stephen on April 10

      I'm in Canada and I received mine a few days ago.

    18. Creator Arry Tanusondjaja on April 9

      Orion - yes, a generic email from - there is no tracking reference, only the date when it was shipped.

    19. Creator Orion Reyes on April 9

      Arry, did you get a shipping notification?

    20. Creator Arry Tanusondjaja on April 9

      I received mine today - in Adelaide, Australia - and after such a long drama with this project, I am glad and relieved that it's all over. Regardless whether it is a badged product or not, it's a nice keyboard that pairs with my iPhone 6+ without any issue.

    21. Creator Ian Kaplan on April 8

      Anyone still waiting on a shipping notification

    22. Creator Ben Leung on April 8

      @Eugene Ware - I'm in Melbourne, Australia too - no shipping notification or receipt of keyboard yet...

    23. Creator David de la O on April 8

      Got mine today. Great build, easily paired to my iPhone. However there is a wobble issue. The entire bottom of the keyboard is not flush to the surface of the desk. Might have to lay it on a cloth or put some felt pads on the ends of the two wings, bummer.

    24. Creator Paul Koerber on April 7

      I received my Jorno today, April 7, in southern California. The shipment notification was sent on March 19 too. I am able to pair it with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

      The two wings are not fully supported underneath but with moderate typing pressure it did not bounce. (No hammering.)

      I also looked at the product on Amazon. It is very similar with a few keyboard layout differences. The Alt and Win key are reversed. The Arrow keys are smaller and all in one row.

      I see that the fold operation for the wings is now just a single fold instead of a double fold. (Watch the campaign video.) I guess that would have made it smaller at the risk of height.

    25. Creator Orion Reyes on April 7

      I'm in Alberta Canada and I haven't received a shipping notification.

    26. Creator Eugene Ware on April 7

      I'm in Melbourne, Australia and am still waiting for my keyboard. Anyone in Australia get theirs yet?

    27. Creator Max Engel on April 4

      So Scott is in violation of the Kickstarter terms by shipping a product that is already available. I contacted the Kickstarter Integrity Team by clicking "Report This Project" on the main project page, and encourage others to do the same.

    28. Creator Fabrizio Sandonato on April 3

      Just received email Notification that mine shipped today 2015/04/03

    29. Creator Aaron Standridge on April 2

      Yeah, mine has the same 3/19 ship date and no activity, but it's very likely that all of the shipping labels (and thus tracking numbers) were generated at once, but that the Jornos are being shipped out daily in groups (presumably in chronological backing order). Maybe there's a limit to how many things you can ship through FedEx per day or they're getting multiple shipments from China every few days or something. Probably takes a while to slap a shipping label on 1200 keyboard boxes, too, especially when you presumably still have a day job.

      Did you also have a comment deleted by Scott for dissension? Maybe he moved us to the back of the line as punishment? :p I kid - it'd be better of course if someone let us know what's up, but I think we've beaten the 'poor communication' horse pretty well by now. I really don't consider this particular delay all that strange yet, though.

      Does seem like the international backers are going last, though. Did anyone overseas get tracking or shipping info yet (or maybe even a keyboard, for that matter)?

    30. Creator Scott Seidel on April 2

      My Jorno was supposed to ship on 3/19. Has not shipped yet? Anybody else not shipped yet?

    31. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 31

      James Mongold -- thank you for your insight. It is interesting to me that he was unwilling to sell you his patent since, apparently, it is worthless (given that the design is unworkable).

      It is true that once a project ends, the main project page cannot be updated.

      (This is a pain if you want to add a "the project is over; visit us at!" kind of notice and maybe alleviated by the new profile thing they've rolled out -- I need to investigate it and set mine up for my project.)

      What a project creator *can* and *should* do is post updates on a regular basis. These updates can be public or only for backers (such as for a download code or discount coupon). They can include pictures and links and just about anything else. Some projects I've backed have sent out 50+ updates over the course of the project and afterwards. Scott sent out 21 over the course of 2.5 years. In contrast, my project (LEGO My Chess Set) ended 10/1/2014, almost exactly 2 years after the Jorno was funded (10/17/2012) and I've also sent out 21 updates. So while he was not previously able to update the project page, he definitely could have sent out more updates which would have been available on Kickstarter.

      I wonder how much he would take (is getting?) for his patent?

    32. Creator James Mongold on March 31

      I've written before, and here is what I anticipate will be my final comment and my current opinion.

      I backed this project with $750 to receive 10 Jornos. I've received 10 blue-tooth foldup keyboards. I've used one, and given six away to family with a couple more going out in the future. I've actually typed on three of the six that have been put into use.

      As noted, the keyboards (and I can speak to the suitability of a few of them) appear well-made as has been noted by others. The key travel is smooth (and that is a big thing for me), although the keys, not unexpectedly, are a bit on the small side. While small, they are not too small and I find as a touch typist that I can use it about as comfortably as I would have hoped and better than with many other "down-sized" keyboards. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not open and lay flat. I get "bounce" on the left and/or right wing of each of the keyboards we've opened and used. The sides to not "click" into place to keep it flat as the hinge design would have permitted. I haven't pushed/pulled to see if I can get it to fold and stay open to the maximum travel of the hinge yet so like with a hardback book, it may "stay open" (or flat) with more use and a little more willingness on my part to stress the hinges. The keyboard turns on and off activating a magnet switch upon opening and closing... much as the iPads and now many other devices have done for many years as their covers are removed or put in place. Its a nice feature as it saves battery life. That said, you do need to fold it closed to ensure the battery disconnects since there is no "off" switch. I suspect that the BlueTooth goes to "sleep" after a period of inactivity. I think the design choice was the better of the options. Others have noted that the BlueTooth 3 standard used by the Jorno is not as battery conscious as is the modern BlueTooth 4 standard which has been out for well over a year. I didn't have any problems pairing the device to my smartphone. I've heard from two others that I gave them to that it was a bit challenging but I don't have any additional information. I have not had the keyboards nor put them to sufficient use to have an opinion on battery life. However, if it lasts for a month of "normal" use I'll be satisfied with the battery capacity. My biggest complaint is I funded the pocket-fitting, fold into thirds (yes, a 5-part keyboard that folded to 1/3 the size) while this keyboard with its center and two hinged wings actually only folds to 1/2 the size of the unfolded keyboard (25% folds on the left and 25% folds on the right covering what is the 50% of the keyboard that is the bottom). It does not fit in pockets (maybe cargo pockets, not mine and for mine... I'm talking about a standard man's shirt pocket), it does not fit in small purse compartments, it does not fit in my briefcase where I intended to fit it, etc. Opened, its a "good" size for a travel device; closed, its too big. I specifically underwrote this project because of that diminutive folded size. Folded, however, it is thinner by about 30% than what I was led to believe the original design predicted. Finally, and I'm sure its just me, but I do NOT like the wrap-a-round keyboard stand/case. It adds size and weight (my criteria for backing this in the first place was small and light), and while the case works well enough as a stand, I preferred the much smaller footprint and compactness of the original prototype. I also do not put my smartphone or iPad in a case, and I've had no negative repercussions from doing that. I do appreciate there are those who like a protective case... but that is not what was advertised nor drew my support for this project.

      My impression is this is a rebranded knock-off of a pretty good keyboard that I chose not to buy nor sponsor. There are others who have written who have compared pictures of the released Jorno to other available keyboards... I do not have sufficient information to be certain. However, there is nothing in this keyboard, including its use of BT3, that was not available 2 1/2 years ago. And I believe based on the few keyboards I have bought, used, or tested at retail stores, that there are equally good folding bluetooth keyboards to the currently shipping Jorno at about 50%-80% of the price of what I paid for the Jorno and the $79 selling price advertised at


      While I've never asked, I'm reminded that the original Jorno design was to be available in several "standard" colors. If a keyboard is being made to one's specifications (as opposed to a rebrand of what already comes off the line) wouldn't it seem that at least the color options could have been accommodated?

      I was able to talk to Scott and he was affable and generous with his time. I signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to not share anything he shared or about his company and I will live up to that agreement. However, nothing I've said here would have been different without our discussion nor is there anything from our discussion that would have changed what I've chosen to share here. I did not make Scott sign an NDA so I can share what I told him. I told him that there was nothing "right" about this process, his failure to communicate throughout the process was rude and unprofessional, and that whatever advise he was given that guided him along the way was poor advice and he should have recognized it as such. I also shared that I never understood the problem with the hinges that he claimed on this site required the redesign to something I did not want when in fact there were two reviews three years ago of prototype units at the annual CE Show indicating that the keyboard was solid, the hinges worked well, and the key travel was good from the perspective of a touch typist. I offered to buy the recently issued Jorno patent from Scott for my $750. I have the substitute keyboards, I do not have the patent. And, there was one question I put forward to which I never received an answer. I shared with Scott that I anticipated the keyboard he intended to send me would be a rebrand of what was commercially available over a year ago.

      I also communicated by email several times with Kickstarter to obtain answers to a couple of questions I've posed to Scott and Kickstarter. As you might guess, it took several emails to get Kickstarter to provide any sort of a responsive answer and not legalistic obfuscation and avoidance (yes I know they owe me nothing, that they don't promise sponsors will deliver anything, etc., etc., etc.). In short, Kickstarter confirmed that once a project is funded (achieved its contribution goal) that they will NOT allow the sponsor to delete/modify his/her project description/pictures. So, while everyone knows that Scott is NOT delivering the pictured and described device, it is Kickstarter's policy that would have precluded Scott's substituting a valid description or picture for the misleading information available today if that had been his desire. On the other hand, I was not able to get Kickstarter to confirm or deny if Scott was permitted to ADD description and pictures without modifying the original, even if on an "update" "page" for his (and other projects) that may have had a significant design change. Clearly, Scott is able to write and post comments pointing out the changes in the comments which in my opinion he did way too little, much, much too late and never at the right times. I have clearly told Kickstarter that I think they need to review their policy and find a suitable change that does not present inaccurate information to people when they review the site. I was not able to ascertain if Kickstarter ever communicated with Scott about this project in light of the many comments and concerns shared on the site. I could almost understand if they did not since involving themselves in the progress of a project could bring liability issues with it unless they stayed on top of every project. I believe they need to provide more information about what they will not and can not do and what their options are in the event of a failed project for those who search for it. I would like to think their business model would at least include talking to a sponsor upon a certain level of commentary and if the project is not expected to deliver the advertised product that Kickstarter would provide some indication of abandonment or significant change. At a minimum, KickStarter could share a summary of their communications with a sponsor resulting from site comments (i.e., we wrote to Scott at his provided email address on MMM DD, YYYY and requested that he post an update and revised schedule on this site no later than MMM DD, YYYY; or perhaps, the sponsor has advised us that they have abandoned the project; or even, the sponsor has not acknowledged our communications of MMM DD, YYYY.).

    33. Creator Tim Wentford on March 31

      Anyone outside the US get a tracking number?

    34. Creator John J. Irvine on March 31

      Just to be fair, amongst all of this praise, do realize that you didn't get a "Jorno," you got the following keyboard with "Jorno" screened onto it with an additional case. It's clear that this wasn't something designed or built by Scott, and the reviews for it on Amazon go back at least four months ago.®-Ultra-slim-Smartphone-Rechargeable/dp/B00QT8WQ86/ref=sr_1_1…

      I'm not saying we didn't get a decent keyboard out of the deal, but we definitely didn't get what we thought we were ordering, and we paid more than twice as much for it. Shrug. Live and learn.

    35. Creator Leon Chia on March 31

      Still waiting for shipment/ notification here in Singapore. No word on either.

    36. Creator Skeam Riaj on March 30

      Received my Jorno & am very impressed. Sleek & elegant design. Easy to pair and operate. It's going to take a lil practice for my big hands to get use to the small keyboard, but what an amazing product. Definitely worth the wait.

    37. Creator Rushputin on March 30

      You know it doesn't count unless you actually ship it, right? Now that you've printed the label, you put it on a box that hopefully has the thing you're supposed to be shipping in it, and then you give that to FedEx.

      Just printing a shipping label doesn't count as fulfillment.

    38. Creator Stuart Frankel on March 29

      Roger Sinasohn - you are awesome. How did you find those photoshop jobs?

      Anyway, they do seem appropriate. It looks like the original Jorno design, patented, didn't work out, so the Jorno we now have is a rebrand. So the photoshops are the perfect symbol.

      It could have been worse. Other campaigns for electronics have failed in the production stage, typically because of inexperience, and left their supporters with nothing. Here's one example:

      At least Scott was able to dig up a decent keyboard to send us, at only $20 or $30 more than we would have paid if we'd bought it ourselves elsewhere. Incidentally, selling rebranded items as original designs is strictly against Kickstarter's rules, but there's ample evidence that this was not Scott's original intention, and there's nothing to be done about it now, anyway.

    39. Creator Simon Gadd on March 29

      When should I expect to receive my jorno in the UK? I've still not received an email notification

    40. Creator William Jennings on March 28

      Got Mine. Works. Seems well built, but time will tell. Stand is 'design nice' but counterintuitive and not clear how it will hold up over time. But, product, end of story.

    41. Creator Justin Wardill on March 27

      Still waiting for anything here

    42. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 27

      And that big photo at the top with the coffee cup and financial reports from 2006? Yeah, you guessed it. Another photoshop job. The original is here:

      The funny thing is he's used it before:…

    43. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 27

      Someone asked why Scott didn't appear in any of the photos of the new Jorno keyboard on his website. I'm not sure why -- my guess is that he's never actually seen one -- but *all* of the photos on his site that feature the new Jorno are stock photos that have been photoshopped to replace a laptop with a Jorno and phone/tablet.

      Here are the sources:……

      Not the end of the world, but not exactly straight-forward and honest. Some might even say sleazy. Note that he's also still got a quote from CNet that is clearly talking about the original, not this one.

      My thoughts on it all is that Scott wrote it off a long time ago and laughed his way to the bank. Then, suddenly, his patent was granted and he got an offer for it (Logitech?). His lawyer said that to maximize the value of the patent, he had to eliminate any potential liabilities so he pulled up Alibaba, sent off an e-mail and a couple of logo images, and -- voila -- everyone gets their "Jorno".

      Maybe I'm a pessimist and maybe I'm way off base, but I've seen nothing (not even a comment) from Scott to deny it, let alone refute it.

    44. Creator Alan Smith on March 26

      Got mine yesterday. I have to admit that it is well done. Things that are well designed and executed warm my little engineer's heart.

      I brought it into work today to show other engineers and they have all agreed with me that the design is wonderfully done and is elegant. My favorite part is open it - turns on, close it - turns off. As it should be....

      And the stand as case instead of clunky on the keyboard is a great idea!

    45. Creator Tom Schmidt on March 26

      Got it yesterday, and yes waiting so long was horribly frustrating but the one that never shipped was Jorno 1.0 & they really started over instead of shipping crap & this is clearly Jorno 2.0. It's really, really good. Elegant how it turns on & off. Smooth hinges. Like any mobile keyboard there's an adjustment to typing on it, but for the size of it it is amazing. Great work! Best mobile keyboard I've ever used by far.

    46. Creator Jon Austin on March 26

      For what it's worth, mine arrived yesterday. My initial impression is that it's well-made, pairs easily with several devices and is easy to type on. I am pleased the person behind this project delivered on my pledge, but that feeling is offset to a large degree with the length of time it took and - more importantly - the lack of communication and the sense that we were misled in several respects.

    47. Creator Marc Abel on March 26

      Like Rushputin below, I received a tracking ID a week ago, but the FedEx website still says "label created". FedEx customer service tells me no package was ever given to them, so I wonder if I have to wait another 2.5 years. Glad to see some folks got their device, though.

    48. Creator Xeiran on March 26

      Glad, even amazed, to have finally received *something*. Disappointed it took 2.5 years to get here, so late that it's practically pointless now with comparable (and considerably cheaper) products already on the market 6-9 months. Even that would be acceptable if it was the promised size, but it isn't; trifold design offers no real space savings over a bifold design so the unit is comparable in size to its cheaper competitors. Build quality is nice although the metal housing is an anodized space grey color, not black or white (keys are the correct color tho). I won't quibble on the downsized keys, the prototype's keys would have been even smaller and we all knew that coming into the project. Abysmal progress reporting, arguably worst in the history of either Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but a fantastic way to illustrate the perils of venture capitalism - and as said, we all at least got *something* and it works pretty well, even if it is not really what we expected.

    49. Creator Rushputin on March 26

      Got a Tracking ID, but it's sat at 'Label Created' for a week, now.

    50. Creator jeffisme on March 25

      I got mine, and it works, although I don't care for the location of the delete key. The thing is one of the biggest selling points in the video is how easily it fit into Scott's pocket. Well, after trying it myself, all I can say is his pocket must be very big.

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