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Jorno is a unique folding bluetooth keyboard that works with iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Go mobile and get productive with Jorno.
Created by

Scott Starrett

1,177 backers pledged $104,609 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Alan Smith about 15 hours ago

      Got mine yesterday. I have to admit that it is well done. Things that are well designed and executed warm my little engineer's heart.

      I brought it into work today to show other engineers and they have all agreed with me that the design is wonderfully done and is elegant. My favorite part is open it - turns on, close it - turns off. As it should be....

      And the stand as case instead of clunky on the keyboard is a great idea!

    2. Creator Tom Schmidt about 16 hours ago

      Got it yesterday, and yes waiting so long was horribly frustrating but the one that never shipped was Jorno 1.0 & they really started over instead of shipping crap & this is clearly Jorno 2.0. It's really, really good. Elegant how it turns on & off. Smooth hinges. Like any mobile keyboard there's an adjustment to typing on it, but for the size of it it is amazing. Great work! Best mobile keyboard I've ever used by far.

    3. Creator Jon Austin about 16 hours ago

      For what it's worth, mine arrived yesterday. My initial impression is that it's well-made, pairs easily with several devices and is easy to type on. I am pleased the person behind this project delivered on my pledge, but that feeling is offset to a large degree with the length of time it took and - more importantly - the lack of communication and the sense that we were misled in several respects.

    4. Creator Marc Abel about 16 hours ago

      Like Rushputin below, I received a tracking ID a week ago, but the FedEx website still says "label created". FedEx customer service tells me no package was ever given to them, so I wonder if I have to wait another 2.5 years. Glad to see some folks got their device, though.

    5. Creator Xeiran about 18 hours ago

      Glad, even amazed, to have finally received *something*. Disappointed it took 2.5 years to get here, so late that it's practically pointless now with comparable (and considerably cheaper) products already on the market 6-9 months. Even that would be acceptable if it was the promised size, but it isn't; trifold design offers no real space savings over a bifold design so the unit is comparable in size to its cheaper competitors. Build quality is nice although the metal housing is an anodized space grey color, not black or white (keys are the correct color tho). I won't quibble on the downsized keys, the prototype's keys would have been even smaller and we all knew that coming into the project. Abysmal progress reporting, arguably worst in the history of either Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but a fantastic way to illustrate the perils of venture capitalism - and as said, we all at least got *something* and it works pretty well, even if it is not really what we expected.

    6. Creator Rushputin about 19 hours ago

      Got a Tracking ID, but it's sat at 'Label Created' for a week, now.

    7. Creator jeffisme 1 day ago

      I got mine, and it works, although I don't care for the location of the delete key. The thing is one of the biggest selling points in the video is how easily it fit into Scott's pocket. Well, after trying it myself, all I can say is his pocket must be very big.

    8. Creator Raymond 2 days ago

      Scott, you have my thanks for making good on delivery, I just received my Jorno. I had to compare it to my iGo Stowaway bifold bluetooth keyboard from circa 2006? The verdict, its a mixed bag.
      The Good: Decent build quality, with lots of attention to magnetic activation and a well thought cradle/keyboard protector. The keyboard is actually pleasant to type on even if the keys are a bit on the tiny side.
      The Bad: Bluetooth 3 is delivered rather than BT 4 with Low Power support (longer lasting standby devices), caveat this was noted years ago in an earlier comment question. Tri-fold fails to offer any benefit over bifold for space savings. This is probably the saddest part, the tri-fold should've offered about a half-inch of space savings compared to the iGo Stowaway. Instead, its larger in every dimension (though it is mechanically superior). Finally, lets note that Scott chose not to engage in dialogue with us, his backers. We have no reason given, only the fact that he failed to uphold the kickstarter spirit. I'll be taking this lesson to heart when backing future projects.
      The meh: I now have a second bluetooth keyboard that arrived about 2 years after I really had a use for it, and the delivered product does not meet expectations in any way. So now I have another gadget for the never get used gadget bin.

    9. Creator Stuart Frankel 2 days ago

      A few thoughts on a comparison with Flyshark.

      Good: Build quality is very good. Jorno lays flatter than Flyshark, and you don't have to put a cloth under it to prevent it from wiggling on the table when you type. Much easier pairing than Flyshark. The latter has a hard-to-press button on top. The indicator lights in general are better on the Jorno: easier to see and interpret. The stand is good, although bulky. Flyshark has none, you have to find something to prop up your phone on. The magnetic Turning the thing on and off by opening it is very nice (the Flyshark has a fiddly switch you have to remember to flip).The keyboard layout is nicer on the Jorno, especially the cursor keys. Flyshark put the right-arrow key as the 2nd-most right key on the bottom row, rather than the right-most key, and this is a constant stumbling block. Jorno has both left and right WIN and ALT keys, which are useful for some foreign-language keyboards. Of course, Jorno has a dedicated row of number keys; Flyshark uses combos with the Fn key.Typing numbers on the Jorno is much easier. On the other hand ....

      Bad: The Jorno is huge. Flyshark is roughly as big as my phone. Jorno is roughly as big as my liver. I do bring both most places I go, but I can't fit my liver in my pocket. In spite of Jorno's size, the keys are smaller: the Flyshark keys are full size; the Jorno's maybe about 15% smaller. It's not too difficult to get used to the smaller keys (about the same, I'd say, as the difference between the keyboard on a piano and a harpsichord), but there's definitely a bit of an adjustment period. The small keys are in spite of the fact the the widths of the Jorn and the Flyshark, when they're both opened up, are the same. Not including a manual (could have been printed on a single not-very-large sheet of paper) was silly.

      Ugly: Scott finally updated the website to reflect the new machine. For some reason, the people pictured on the site are professional models rather than Scott. Since he's at least as good looking as the models, there must be another reason. Maybe he means to symbolize that he doesn't stand behind his product?

    10. Creator Scott Amendola 2 days ago

      Used mine for the last 3 week while on the road. Kicked serious butt. Nice work Scott.

    11. Creator Bill Dorn 2 days ago

      GREAT JOB Scott...The product is easy to pair, works with my iPad, my iPhone and my Surface. Can't wait to see what is have my support in whatever you tackle!

    12. Creator Colleen Girard 2 days ago

      I just received my Jorno keyboard today and I am very pleased with the quality of the keyboard. It may take a bit to get used to the keys, but I am typing this review with the keyboard without too much difficulty. I did have to break down and actually go to the website to look at the instructions because it wasn't readily obvious how to do the bluetooth pairing. It took a couple of tries, but I was able to successfully pair it with my iPhone5 and with my iPad 3.

      Thanks for sticking with this long project and doing redesign work as needed to make sure it functions well. I've only been using it for a short time, but already I think this will be very useful. I had already given up on ever getting the keyboard, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I got the email a couple of weeks ago asking me to verify my shipping address. Thank you!

    13. Creator Jack Beckman 2 days ago

      Dexter sums up what I wanted to say perfectly. I am at least happy we got *something* useful - I have had Kickstarters and IndieGoGo campaigns that did nothing but rip me off. So thanks Scott for at least getting us a usable, and what certainly appears to be well-made, device, rather than just taking the money and running, or putting out a useless pile of junk that dies in a few minutes (*cough* Meteor watch *cough*).

    14. Creator Tom Diffley 2 days ago

      Received my Jorno today - good quality, paired with iPhone 5s A-OK and works well.

      Just happy to receive it - one less Kickstarter-backed project unfulfilled now fulfilled.

      Thanks for preserving to deliver.

    15. Creator Craig Constantine 3 days ago

      wow. WOW. _W_O_W_ Holy cr*p this thing is awesome!

      This project took FOREVER, but you clearly went back to the drawing board and hit this one OUT OF THE PARK. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jorno.

    16. Creator Dexter Craig 3 days ago

      I also received mine today, much to my surprise. While it's not what I'd expected and whether or not it's a knock-off, rebrand, or the orignal that's being ripped off by others, it's a nice piece of equipment. The keys are smaller than I'd like, but they're not impossible to work with. (I'm typing this message using the Jorno.) I've touch-typed for 35 years and still manage about 80 words per minute on a computer keyboard, but I doubt I'll ever be that fast on this keyboard; it's just too damn small. BUT, and this is an important "but," it's considerably faster and more accurate than using the touch-screen interface on an iPad or particularly on an iPhone.

      Is it what I wanted? Mostly.

      Was the Kickstarter project handled well? Absolutely not.

      Am I angry at Scott Starrett for how he handled the project? Indeed, I am.

      Am I pleased that he sent something -- anything -- out to backers? Indeed, I am.

      I've backed a few projects on Kickstarter, some handled better than others. But I'm not put off to Kickstarter by how the Jorno finally came to be. This process does reinforce the idea of Kickstarter being a gamble, and one should never gamble what one can't afford to lose.

      Thanks, Scott, for finally sending something out. I hope that you will take lessons from the experience and the genuine (and completely appropriate) anger of many backers, and in whatever projects you endeavor to undertake in the future, apply these lessons. I would love to hear an honest answer from you about all of the concerns raised here, but I also understand that you're facing a hostile crowd and you may not want to engage. It would be educational to us -- and to you, I suspect -- to actually engage us and let us know what happened without resorting to business-school rhetoric.

      Regardless, good luck in your future endeavors.

    17. Creator Eric Root 5 days ago

      Got my keyboard today. Very nice job. Thanks for staying with it until you got it right.

    18. Creator Scot Sheely 5 days ago

      My keyboard arrived today, after I was notified of its shipping 2 days ago. Also, this was several days ahead of time; the expected delivery date was supposed to be on Tuesday, 3 days from now, according to the FedEx traking on it. Was it rush-delivered across country from California to the east coast? Who knows.

      The product is excellent, reasonably sturdy and will function well for its intended purpose. One caveat to note: supporting the keyboard with a book, magazinem box or table works best. This does not work well when used sitting directly in your lap, due to the folding ends of the keyboard.

      The Blutooth portion worked and connected flawlessly when the Jorno connected to my Samsung Galaxy phone and Tab units. Smooth, easy and no probems at all.

      The outer case protective shell / device kick stand is a clever and useful necessity. It snap-locks into place using magnets, and the stand also has a sliding front extension that helps the base unit accomodate a wide variety of devices.

      All in all, THANK you for finally shipping SOMETHING to us, Scott. It is greatly appreciated.

      FYI, this message was composed using my Galaxy Tab and the Jorno, quite possibly and arguably the best wireless portable Blutooth keyboard available!

    19. Creator Scott Howell 5 days ago

      I received my Jorno keyboard today. Let me see if I can say this in as few words as possible. As one who backed this keyboard twice, one who complained about Scott, and one who demanded a refund or some action, and about 2.5 years later I have the keyboard. This is not the keyboard first presented and that is ok. This is not as small as I thought it might be, and that is ok. It seems well constructed, but time will tell and that is to be expected. The case is interesting and offers good protection for the keyboard while traveling. I had no issues pairing with my iPhone 5S and it reconnected without any difficulty. However it would be nice if there were some sort of instructions in the box instead of having to go to Speaking of the manual, for someone with a visual impairment such as myself, I could not read the instructions in the box that stated you would use FN-c to start the pairing mode. I had to get a set of eyes on the situation, so having instructions that are words a part of a picture is not to helpful. The words should be just words and not pictures of words. All that said, the main complain I have had all along is the lack of communication. Admitting failure in my book is perfectly acceptable and something I can understand. When you do not communicate you cannot blame people for thinking the worst. I'm glad this project did finally result in a product, but I can tell you that $129 or even $79 is not a price I would pay for this keyboard today. The space is much to crowded. Finally, this keyboard will take getting used to since the keys are a bit small, but overall the keys seem sturdy.

    20. Creator john kirby 6 days ago

      Holy jesus. I got a fedex tracking notification...

    21. Creator Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper 6 days ago

      I just got my Jorno keyboard today!! I had honestly given up on this ever happening, after 4 years of waiting. I'm still testing out the keyboard and will be blogging about it shortly. But thus far, I am VERY impressed. The quality seems to be pretty darned good and there's some very nice attention to detail and design here in the hinges, folding mechanisms, magnets, and case/stand. I pre-ordered a Jorno keyboard 4 years ago and also backed this Kickstarter. I agree with others that the most-lacking thing all along was consistent and regular communication. And it sure felt like I'd just been suckered into parting with $100 or so with nothing to show for it. But thank you for sticking with this, Scott, and delivering what appears thus far to be a VERY nice folding bluetooth keyboard. This is, by far, the best folding keyboard I've seen, and I've been looking for a LONG TIME. Two enthusiastic and once-again-hopeful thumbs up. =:)

    22. Creator Scott Seidel 7 days ago

      Mine shipped!!!!

    23. Creator Scott Seidel 7 days ago

      Mine shipped!!!!

    24. Creator Gareth on March 19

      Jorno has arrived. Can't say I'm very excited, or that I even have a need for it after all this time. Jorno "unboxing":

    25. Creator Scot Sheely on March 19

      Just received notification that a FedEx delivery due this coming Tuesday s delivering my, Jorno keyboard. Apparently Cervantes Mobile is the subsidiary or parent company now for Jorno.

      This entire time, nearly 3 years, I stuck with you and never demanded my money back, Scott.
      The only thing that I...and really, everyone...ever asked for was for better communication on a frequent basis.

      We would be completely sympathetic to your cause, and even be rooting for you to succeed and overcome design & manufacturing obstacles if we knew about them. For example, I see that the design being shipped is no longer the multi-fold keyboard, but a simpler 3-piece unit. The two outer 'wings' fold out to each side from the main base of the keyboard. Evidently the initial design had too many moving parts and proved to be less feasible a design to bring to market. I get it. Would've been cool to hear the story about how you arrived at the current design. Anyway, I digress.

      I appreciate you finally shipping something to us, Scott. Please communicate better in the future. Thank you.


    26. Creator Angela Chang on March 19

      2.5 years later...just got my Jorno.

    27. Creator Gareth on March 18

      Got a FedEx shipping notification for a package from Cervantes Mobile...

    28. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 13

      @Scott A:
      I would argue that I understand it better than someone who has backed his own CD, one other CD, and Jorno.

      On the other hand, I think everyone can understand that there are times when you've screwed up and you have to hang your head and admit it. We're not talking about blowing up a space shuttle or invading a country based on bad intel, we're talking about trying to make a keyboard.

      It's not that the keyboard wasn't feasible or that he couldn't make it work, the problem is that he took $100k and effectively disappeared with it. For $95k, most people would happily put in 40 hours/week; we were just looking for 15 minutes to post an update.

      Again, I know how hard it can be to say "I screwed up" -- we all do. But if we want to keep our jobs, our self-respect, or the $95k people have given us, sometimes we just have to do it.

    29. Creator Scott Amendola on March 13

      @ Roger

      My bad. You clearly understand all the parameters Scott has been dealing with.
      Good luck.

    30. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 13

      @Scott Amendola:

      So, yeah.

      Again, for 95k, you swallow your pride and keep in touch. That's all it takes. No one, from what I've seen, is demanding that he pony up exactly what he was shooting for. We all understand that things can go wrong and that maybe it won't work out. And, maybe what he's offered would have been more than adequate -- if he had kept the communication going.

      The problem is not that he didn't come through or succeed, it's that he hasn't been honest and up front about it.

    31. Creator Scott Amendola on March 12

      @ Roger Sinasohn:
      With all due respect Roger, you could support 1000 Kickstarter campaigns, but until you attempt to run a campaign yourself, and deal with all the parameters of creating, in this case, a complicated tech product, I don't think you, or any of us who have not done that, really understand what Scott's been dealing with. Again, given a somewhat hostile enviornment, I can see why ANYONE would remain silent. I'm not saying I condone it, or support the silence by any means, but I get it.
      And again, meaning no disrepect, your numbers are impossible. 95K to finish developing a product that one has to deliver is more than ambitious, if not unrealistic. 1177 backers, and some ordered more than one. The cost per unit of the intial run includes all the expenses up to that initial run. More than $15 a unitl, easy. He's no thief. That's luducris.

    32. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 10

      To Bill Dorn

      If you view Scott as a friend, then I urge you to be a good friend and tell him to communicate. For some, yes, the $79 we pledged is a lot of money. For others, it is insignificant. Personally, it's enough that my wife would notice, but not so much that she would do more than shake her head in frustration.

      What *is* significant, however, for everyone, is the way Scott has handled this project. He has shown a massive amount of disrespect for the people who, collectively, handed him $100k of their hard-earned money.

      We all understand the difficulties involved with bringing new tech to market and we, as KS backers, hope to make the projects we back come to fruition but, if not, we understand. What we do not understand and will not stand for is being lied to or ignored or shut out of what we paid to be a part of.

      Is Scott an honest person? I don't know -- all I have to go on is his behaviour in this context, where he asked for -- and received -- a significant amount of money and then disappeared.

      If he truly is an honest and respectable person, let him prove it now. Let him show up and answer every question, apologize to every backer, own up to his failures. Let him turn off his television set, put his love life on hiatus, and definitely not even think about another kickstarter until such time as he has cleaned up this mess. Because if he doesn't, he is showing himself to be nothing more than a common thief.

    33. Creator Bill Dorn on March 9

      To ALL backers.

      I wish that I could tell you that tech is EASY...the truth is that it is not.

      I can also tell you that I have had the good fortune to communicate with Scott over the past couple of years and now regard him as a friend and fellow entrepreneur. I can assure you that he is honest and sincerely wants to be successful in this space; more importantly wants to provide you with the reward you deserve after generously supported this project.

      I too introduced a product on KS, my campaign was unsuccessful but I move forward nonetheless.

      Unless you have tried to work in the tech space, it is nearly impossible to understand the promises made by vendors and manufacturers regarding price, status and timing.

      A magician and mentalist Joseph Dunninger once said "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who don't, no explanation will suffice."

      I am confident, based on what I know, that the Jorno keyboard will exceed your expedctations. I look forward to using mine soon.

    34. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 9

      @Scott Amendola -- I've backed over 80 projects on KS and created one of my own, so let me offer a slightly different perspective than you might have.

      My own project -- a LEGO chess set -- did not exactly go as planned. I got the chess sets and instructions out before christmas, but the t-shirts took longer than I expected. A number of personal setbacks (financial, medical, and so on) kept me from getting things done in a timely manner. I'm just now getting the last of the t-shirts delivered.

      The difference between Scott and I is that I kept the dialogue going with my backers, even when it was difficult to say "I've screwed up, my life kinda sucks right now, but I'm working on it." You can check the updates on my project if you like -- sure, I'm not perfect, but if Scott's performance is the standard you're using, I'm pretty awesome.

      As for what he's offered, he's probably paying less than $10 per keyboard plus another $6 or so for shipping. Call it $17 total. Multiply that by 1100 backers (or so) and you come up with a number a lot less than $20k. Meaning he's walked away with $75k.

      And if, as I suspect, he's planning to sell his patent, he could walk away with a lot more than that. Of course, anyone with any brains (or a half-decent lawyer) would want him to clean up any outstanding liability there might be to make sure they would be buying a clear title.

      So, is Scott a crook? I think so, at least technically. Did he set out to be? Probably not. But he had a responsibility to uphold and he failed at that -- miserably. Is it hard to stand up and publicly say "Hey, I screwed up"? Absolutely. But an honest, adult person would do it anyway. And, yes, a lot of people are pissed. I'm one of them.

    35. Creator Scott Amendola on March 8

      I have to say I'm pretty baffled by these comments. I mean, really? Is he a fraud? A thief? How is that possible?
      I too have been extremely frustrated by Scott, and the whole process here. Yes, the silence was dissapointing and I wrote the whole thing off. And I wrote him messages that weren't responded to, and also added my name to the list. So, sure, the Jorno was super cool/innovative 3 years ago, and we're going to get something that's different. But there's no doubt in my mind we will get something from Scott. I don't think he's a thief or a fraud. I think he's one guy that had an idea, and it just couldn't be realized with the folks he was working with, and he needed a helluva lot more money to do it. But I think his intentions were to develope and deliver soemthing that was super cool. Maybe what we're going to get will be someone elses product with the Jorno name on it? Or maybe he got ripped off during the process and his ideas were stolen. Who knows?
      I mean, it's luducris and silly to think he did it for the money. The numbers can't possibly add up. His part of what he raise is about $95,000. So what people are saying is that he went to china several times, which isn't cheap. Worked with a company to develope the Jorno. Made various protypes. And is about to ship something that no one,including him (I think) is totally happy with. But he is shipping something. I think it's going to be cool, and work well, but hey, I'm an optimist. Getting back to the money: all that, AND he has to ship over 1000 keyboards: the keyboard, printed boxes, instructions, and shipping. If all that costs less than $95,000 I'd be shocked.
      Who cares about the patents, etc. Smoking gun? Really? Come on people. When we all "invested" in this project we took a chance. Again, I wanted my money back too. But hey, at least we're getting something. And maybe it will be cool. I mean, it does look cooler than a lot of stuff out there, but again, me, optimist. And sure, it shouldn't cost $79 by today's standards. But again, we all took a chance, like any of these crowdsourcing projects.
      What I hope is that at some point Scott will give us a more detailed account of the entire process. But with all the accusatory posts, I don't think it will be anytime soon. And frankly, I don't blame him. But I will bet that we'll all see a Jorno arrive.

    36. Creator James Mongold on March 8

      Hi Scott and Kickstarter.

      Please respond publicly and separately to my questions of March 2, 2015.

      I (we) await your responses and I, for one, consider your combined silence as collusion, continued conspiracy to commit fraud, and evidence to be used against you. On the other hand, I am willing to listen to any answer that survives without significant evidence to the contrary for 14 days or more on this board (a venue certainly available to and of primary interest to Scott and owned/operated by Kickstarter).

      I hope others will join me and repeat my requests to each for a response to those (and other) questions.

      Jim ($750 or .75% underwriter of a terrific product... but not the ones being sent to me)

    37. Creator Roger Sinasohn on March 7

      I find it interesting that all of this is coming about less than a month after a patent was granted:

      It was filed in 2011 but granted 2/17/2015. I wonder if perhaps he sold the patent back in 2011 and now that it has been granted, he needs to clean up his mess in order to collect? So he's just throwing a bone to backers in order to have a clear title, if you will, on the patent?

    38. Creator Scott Howell on March 7

      For those who think we'll get some sort of keyboard, maybe we should have started a pool two years ago. :) If I ever receive a keyboard, regardless of whether it is some mass produced whatever... Well that alone would be such a shock. I'm still not convinced anything will be headed my way. Maybe once an e-mail with a tracking number arrives in my inbox... Well, I'm sure Kickstarter got its cut and is not interested in hearing anymore about this issue; not that they probably ever cared to begin with.

    39. Creator Duff Douglas on March 6

      I noted in a comment earlier that Scott say they may or may not go after some of these 'knockoff' Jorno imposters.
      That's going to be difficult if the only patent you have on file is for the original 5 panel design that looks nothing like the product we're receiving.

    40. Creator AccordingToMe on March 5

      @Winston J - good catch.... It's just one more thing that points to the fact that these are relabeled keyboards purchased from a wholesaler. Scott must not have been able to find two views of the same keyboard on any one website so he used one photo from several websites and wasn't paying close enough attention to the fact that they are different keyboards.

      Or, maybe it was one of those unscrupulous people who stole his "intellectual property" that snuck in during the middle of the night and substituted pictures on him....yeah, that's probably it LOL

    41. Creator Winston J on March 5

      This final production design of the Jorno keyboard in the pictures shown are all different.
      The Right Shift key , Page Up/Down and Alt keys are in different positions/sizes in the updated pictures. Which one is the actual Jorno keyboard?

    42. Creator AccordingToMe on March 5

      His intentions become quite obvious when you consider that neither website ( and have been updated to reflect the "good news" that the long awaited product has finally arrived. We will probably never know what happened to our money... whether we were scammed from the beginning or if it was spent honestly but things just didn't come together. When you consider that googling whizmo industries returns no results it does make one question if this was a scam from the beginning. I can't believe that an established manufacturer of electronics in Asia would have absolutely nothing about it on the web yet his manufacturing "partner" does appear to be ficticious. What is clear is that he had an obligation and his method of meeting it was to go buy a cheap keyboard and substitute it for what he was supposed to be sending. The fact that he has said nothing recently is very telling. I hope that the publicity of this scam makes the rounds...I can't imagine many hollywood producers who would willingly hire someone with such a lack of personal integrity since he could shaft them just as he did the kickstarter backers. At the end of the day I am of the opinion that Scott is a dishonest person who lacks any degree of a conscience. While our options may be limited, karma can be a real bitch. Karma will eventually come calling..... Watch your back, Scott.

    43. Creator jeffisme on March 5

      This is starting to get interesting. It makes me wonder if he took our money to develop a keyboard and is now foisting one from another company on us, whether we are talking about criminal activity. He raised more than $100,000, and if this is indeed what he did, it's not small claims, it's felony territory.

    44. Creator Jan KOLLER on March 5

      @jon Kirby - I had also given up on the project long ago. The way it's been handled, if repeated by others, could have a chilling effect effect on others. I have taken a chance in other new tech products some of which ended in disappointment but it's risk I entered into freely. This is the first time i feel I have been played.

      His re-design of hinges saga, bumpers where it folds - all not in the final product. This keyboard sells in bulk on alibaba for as low as$6 in bulk.

      I would have preferred honesty in the order of "Dear supporters I just couldn't make it work - am so sorry. Am sending you a decent keyboard as a consolation"

      It's not that I can't afford the loss, it's how he handled it - he has left his supported feeing cheated, used, and lied to.

    45. Creator john kirby on March 5

      @Jan KOLLER I'm not sure this is the smoking gun we're looking for. I'm no fan of how Scott Starrett handled this project but it at least looks like we're getting *something* shipped soon. It's possible that page is either a prototype of the stuff Scott was working on or a rip-off.

      Also, what's the scandal? That scott never spent the money on development? I guess it could be a pretty good scam if you had insider info on products that were coming out of China and could time it correctly. I guess you could come up with a Kickstarter, ask $80 per widget, knowing that a currently unavailable product was coming in about a year and you could get in on it for $20/widget. So you make $60/widget for doing no work except keeping an eye on what could be hot in 12 months.
      to be honest, I'm pretty surprised something is coming at all. I had written this off months ago.

    46. Creator Stuart Frankel on March 5

      @Jan Koller. You're good! How did you find that?

      If I read the google-translated website correctly (and that's a big "if"), that was a protoype they were describing, and the thing wasn't shipping at that time. It'd be interesting to have somebody who actually knows Chinese to look at the page.

    47. Creator Jan KOLLER on March 5

      BUSTED - This product looks just exactly like one already in production back in October 2014 - the BOW HB066. Take a look at the below Chinese language review dated October 23, 2014.…

    48. Creator Aaron Standridge on March 4

      If anyone is so excited that this is finally shipping that they want mine at cost, let me know; I'll even pay shipping as long as it's somewhat reasonable. Watch me not hold my breath. The Jorno would've been useful two years ago when I expected it.

      I get that Scott is busy with his composing career, but as others have said, this has been handled unnecessarily poorly. Maybe he got in way over his head and had no good way to back out; maybe he just had other stuff to do. Either way, feeding that into a lack of empathy or transparency regarding the project backers is an unfortunate business practice at best.

      While I would accept a refund in lieu of the keyboard (in fact, I would probably accept a *partial* refund bringing it in line cost-wise with the "knockoffs"), I don't foresee that happening, despite Kickstarter's FAQ stating that creators are required "to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill" (if you ordered an alternate layout keyboard, it sounds like you are just plain not getting that). I have yet to decide whether I want to refuse the keyboard on principle, or grudgingly accept it and use it only for resentment-filled tirades.

      At least have the good grace to take "unique" out of the description below the video.

    49. Creator Stuart Frankel on March 3

      @Simon Gadd - I don't know what's going on. Definitely one, and probably two of the Amazon listings are not the original manufacturer. About the third we have no information.

      This is what we know for sure: somebody did a lot of work and designed the keyboard. Then, as often happens in China, that keyboard got shipped under several different brand names. Sometimes there are knockoffs, which are copies typically of inferior quality. , sometimes by the original factory off hours, and sometimes by other factories. As you point out, the timeline makes that unlikely unless the Jorno itself is a knockoff, which I kind of doubt.

      The other possibility, which I think is much more likely, is that all the keyboards come from the same factory. This happens a lot. It could be that Jorno put in all the development work and the other brands are just ripoffs, able to get to market faster than Jorno because they have a much nimbler supply chain, and able to undercut Jorno because they don't have to shoulder the development costs. It could also be that Jorno is just a rebrand of a keyboard that someone else developed. We don't know.

      Scott says that Jorno is the original. IHe does have that one video of the hinge testing. He would be much more believable if he'd been more communicative all along. That's how we know that the Flyshark ripoff is, in fact, a ripoff - we had frequent communications at every step of the process.

      You can believe Scott here or not, as you like. I'm personally agnostic, but this is just a matter of taste.

    50. Creator Simon Gadd on March 3

      @ Stuart Frankel

      Thanks for bringing the fact the first one is now unavailable to my attention. Until very recently it wasn't and as such has many reviews. I looked through a few of these reviews and there is one one from the 28th of December. Just over a month after Scott was still in the 'testing phase??'

      Yet it has taken him until March to tell us he has a product? Let alone ship a product to us to do a review on??

      And you believe this is someone else ripping Jorno off?

      The time line just doesn't work with your fantasy.

      Also out of amusement when Scott was going through this development stage 4 months ago did you feel part of it? Which is the reason of course why kickstater and Scott say we should be backing products like this

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