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Jorno is a unique folding bluetooth keyboard that works with iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Go mobile and get productive with Jorno.
Created by

Scott Starrett

1,177 backers pledged $104,609 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Stuart M about 2 hours ago

      Hello. I have had no notification that my item has even shipped. Could I please have a status update?

    2. Creator Willutzki about 13 hours ago

      Hi, my Jorno got stuck at the customs at Hamburg, Germany. But I was away and when I called customs they told me, it was sent back to you now. May I ask if you can send it again? Best wishes Karsten

    3. Creator Eun-ho, Jang on May 19

      I have not received yet . When can I receive the goods ? @South Korea

    4. Creator Justin Wardill on May 4

      Got mine, while not as Thin as it was originally planned, the build quality is quite nice

    5. Creator Scott Starrett on May 2

      @demure It seems the Escape is hard-wired in the OS, so there is not an easy work around.

    6. Creator demure on May 1

      How do you use the Esc key on android, or even iOS?

      On either, it is a home button, and all combinations I have tried don't get me and Esc...

      I've emailed customer support, with no reply.

    7. Creator günther ottendorferk on May 1

      i received my jorno in vienna i like it !

      it did take very long BUT full respect that you delivered !!! manz thx go

    8. Creator Mitchell Glaser on April 30

      So this is available on Amazon for $37 and appears to be identical:

      What does this mean? Did Jorno just wait for this product to be manufactured then put their trademark on it? Or maybe the other way around?

    9. Creator Ian Howard on April 29

      I got mine!

    10. Creator Tomas Nagaj on April 28

      My Jorno keyboard finally arrived to Czech Republic (EU). Despite being 2 years overdue after the Kickstarter campaign, my reaction is still very positive. The built is superb, the folding mechanism works magically, the case/stand is also great.
      However the top-row layout has a major flaw, at least for me. The top-row keys are not where my fingers are used to find them. "2" key is supposed to be above Q and W. Instead, "1" key is in its place and the whole top-row is shifted 1 key to the right in order to accommodate "Esc" key. It's the only thing I don't like about Jorno J1.
      I wish it was possible to do a DYI tuning to move the number keys to the left and "Esc" to the right edge. Firmware support for such layout tweak would be lovely.

    11. Creator Paul gerits on April 25

      Hi, (typos taken out :-) )
      I received my Jorno and I must say, even-though it took a very long time, the product really surprised me. The design and ease of use are outstanding. It works very well with my iPad and makes working with it easy for making notes in meetings etc. So it was worth the waiting :-)

      Only disappointment I had to pay €28 import duties up on received! Do not know why but there is fore-sure something wrong with the shipment to EU.

    12. Creator Paul gerits on April 25


      I received my Jorno and I must say, even though it took a very long time, the product really surprised me. The design and ease of use are outstanding. I work very well with my iPad and makes working with it easy for making notes in meetings etc. So it was worth the waiting :-)

      Only disappointment I had to pay €28 import duties up on received! Do not know why but there is forester something wrong with the shipment to EU.


    13. Creator Sandy on April 25

      I'm from Singapore and I've received mine ! So good so far ! �

    14. Creator limjyue on April 24

      SEA here. Just got the package. No comments on quality yet, will try a few days first.

    15. Creator Orion Reyes on April 23

      Finally got my Jorno (I'm typing on it) all the way to Alberta, Canada. First impressions? It is very light weight, but i wiggles a lot, as it doesn't sit flat on a flat surface, the hinges are curved and do not stay flat, and it is unbalanced; the left hinge sits higher than the right one. Furthermore, somehow when I paired it, the ctrl key got stucked, this caused the keyboard to unpair everytime I pressed the C key (it pairs by pressing Ctrl-C), I just had to close it and open it, and voila! Worked like a charm. Battery comes fully charged, and the typing speed is great, very responsive. You can configure the Jorno to work with Android, Windows, or iOS (Fn-Q, Fn-W, and Fn-E respectively). Anyways I guess waiting three years for a keyboard that I can buy way cheaper in Amazon was kinda worth it. "Thanks" Scott...

    16. Creator Ben Abraham on April 23

      Has anyone from South east Asia receive their Jorno?

    17. Creator Simon Gadd on April 22

      Received mine in the UK this morning without having to pay any extra customs....

    18. Creator C Smith on April 22

      UK supporters beware, I just had to folk out another $28.50 to get my Jorno from customs.

      So in total its taken 2 years and cost me $127.50. :/

    19. Creator Matt Campitelli on April 21

      I have to tip my hat - Jorno has arrived. Well done for staying the course.

    20. Creator Duncan RAY on April 21

      This morning, April 21, 2015, on checking my mail box I found that a box had been inserted rather t'enferme into it. And what did I discover? My f*****g Jorno!!!

      What a surprise. I am pléiades with the product, despite that the keyboard layout is not that which I originally perked. But I won't complain :).

      After this interminable wait, having finally something corresponding to what I originally sponsored is well worth shutting up and walking away.

      I can finally stop visiting my dentist to try and get the bad taste this product had left in my mouth.

      I hope the rest of is continue to receive what should have been something lots lire simple than what the journey has cost is all.


    21. Creator Mike Passalacqua on April 18

      Awesome Scott. This little guy is so responsive with NO lag time at all. I love it and well worth the wait.

    22. Creator hildy on April 17

      So I just used it and it works great. It has the clicky feel I need in a keyboard.

    23. Creator hildy on April 17

      So far, I think it looks great! Nice quality!

    24. Creator Chris Want on April 16

      Got mine today (also Alberta, Canada). I like the keyboard so far, it's pretty cool. Having said that, I'm still bitter about the delays, the lack of communication, the bait-and-switch, and the fact that similar products are on the market now at lower prices.

    25. Creator Orion Reyes on April 16

      Just received my shipment notification to Alberta, Canada.

    26. Creator Orion Reyes on April 16

      Just received my shipment notification to Alberta, Canada.

    27. Creator Ben Leung on April 16

      Just received shipping notification with tracking number received for one unit delivery to Melbourne, Australia

    28. Creator Simon Mah on April 15

      Hello, could I find out when my unit is shipping?

      Thank you ahead of time.

    29. Creator C Smith on April 15

      No shipping notification yet here for the UK.

    30. Creator Rexi on April 15

      Oh, and almost forgot to mention, Congratulations Scott for getting your product on today 3 years later > :-, And I am still waiting for mine.

    31. Creator Rexi on April 15

      Yet to get mine, or even at least the shipment tracking notification :( Probably Scott hasn't yet got to the shipping of packages to this part of the world

    32. Creator Gareth M on April 14

      2 years late and it's here. It is nicely constructed. Will begin testing shortly.

    33. Creator Thomas James on April 13

      Here i was thinking this project was going to remain a tarnish on my Kickstarter, but received mine this morning. Looks pretty damn nice actually. Testing it out now.

    34. Creator Matt Campitelli on April 11

      No shipping notification here in Melbourne, AU.

    35. Creator Keith Lofvendahl on April 11

      Got mine this week, Fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work Scott to get the design right.

    36. Creator Brian Lowry on April 11

      In Canada, and very happy to (finally!) have my Jorno keyboard -- working great, no issues with pairing, nice & compact.

    37. Creator Stephen on April 10

      I'm in Canada and I received mine a few days ago.

    38. Creator Arry Tanusondjaja on April 9

      Orion - yes, a generic email from - there is no tracking reference, only the date when it was shipped.

    39. Creator Orion Reyes on April 9

      Arry, did you get a shipping notification?

    40. Creator Arry Tanusondjaja on April 9

      I received mine today - in Adelaide, Australia - and after such a long drama with this project, I am glad and relieved that it's all over. Regardless whether it is a badged product or not, it's a nice keyboard that pairs with my iPhone 6+ without any issue.

    41. Creator Ian Kaplan on April 8

      Anyone still waiting on a shipping notification

    42. Creator Ben Leung on April 8

      @Eugene Ware - I'm in Melbourne, Australia too - no shipping notification or receipt of keyboard yet...

    43. Creator David de la O on April 8

      Got mine today. Great build, easily paired to my iPhone. However there is a wobble issue. The entire bottom of the keyboard is not flush to the surface of the desk. Might have to lay it on a cloth or put some felt pads on the ends of the two wings, bummer.

    44. Creator Paul Koerber on April 7

      I received my Jorno today, April 7, in southern California. The shipment notification was sent on March 19 too. I am able to pair it with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

      The two wings are not fully supported underneath but with moderate typing pressure it did not bounce. (No hammering.)

      I also looked at the product on Amazon. It is very similar with a few keyboard layout differences. The Alt and Win key are reversed. The Arrow keys are smaller and all in one row.

      I see that the fold operation for the wings is now just a single fold instead of a double fold. (Watch the campaign video.) I guess that would have made it smaller at the risk of height.

    45. Creator Orion Reyes on April 7

      I'm in Alberta Canada and I haven't received a shipping notification.

    46. Creator Eugene Ware on April 7

      I'm in Melbourne, Australia and am still waiting for my keyboard. Anyone in Australia get theirs yet?

    47. Creator Max Engel on April 4

      So Scott is in violation of the Kickstarter terms by shipping a product that is already available. I contacted the Kickstarter Integrity Team by clicking "Report This Project" on the main project page, and encourage others to do the same.

    48. Creator Fabrizio Sandonato on April 3

      Just received email Notification that mine shipped today 2015/04/03

    49. Creator Aaron Standridge on April 2

      Yeah, mine has the same 3/19 ship date and no activity, but it's very likely that all of the shipping labels (and thus tracking numbers) were generated at once, but that the Jornos are being shipped out daily in groups (presumably in chronological backing order). Maybe there's a limit to how many things you can ship through FedEx per day or they're getting multiple shipments from China every few days or something. Probably takes a while to slap a shipping label on 1200 keyboard boxes, too, especially when you presumably still have a day job.

      Did you also have a comment deleted by Scott for dissension? Maybe he moved us to the back of the line as punishment? :p I kid - it'd be better of course if someone let us know what's up, but I think we've beaten the 'poor communication' horse pretty well by now. I really don't consider this particular delay all that strange yet, though.

      Does seem like the international backers are going last, though. Did anyone overseas get tracking or shipping info yet (or maybe even a keyboard, for that matter)?

    50. Creator Scott Seidel on April 2

      My Jorno was supposed to ship on 3/19. Has not shipped yet? Anybody else not shipped yet?

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