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I'm making my dream record! Join me on my journey by pledging your support & receive some super sweet rewards in return!!
I'm making my dream record! Join me on my journey by pledging your support & receive some super sweet rewards in return!!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karen Waters on

      So who else never got their perks for this? 😒

    2. Lyndsay Henderson on

      This still burns me when I think of how jordis screwed us all. Sad. She had potential.

    3. Daina on

      "The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

    4. Daina on

      I think if more people reported her to the FTC, maybe she'd start replying to emails and stop posting food pics on Instagram.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt T on

      Daina- nothing on my end. She even specifically asked some of us to email her, which we did, and then...... (surprise!) nothing.... makes one wonder if that facebook post was somehow just for show to deflect this --->

    6. Daina on

      Has anyone heard anything since she posted that message on Facebook? I never received a reply to my email.

    7. Missing avatar

      Katherine S on

      Interesting that facebook gets an update and kickstarter is ignored. Again.

      Feb 9
      "Deep breath.
      This post is long overdue....
      To my Kickstarter supporters:
      Hello everyone, my name is Jordis Unga and I fucked up. Really bad. I let people down and disappointed them and I am sorry. I have spent the last 2 years hiding, living in the shame and embarrassment of my mistakes and hating myself for it every day.
      I was overwhelmed and alone and I shut down. Nobody can even talk to me about it because I melt down still at just the thought of the mess I made.
      I really need to and want to make this right to everyone. The record is up for free on soundcloud. I've set up an email for anyone who needs rewards please send me your current address.
      I'm working on some new music and that will be yours too. I know many of you are really upset with me...I want you to know that my intentions were never bad. It got too big and I couldn't handle it. I tried and I failed and I'm so sorry.
      Again...send missing rewards and current addresses to
      Happy new year everyone
      Deep breath..."

    8. Missing avatar

      Caitlin on

      Totally disappointed! I really liked her voice and personality. Still no signed copy of cd, if it wasn't for us there would be no album yet! Bummed about it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Caitlin on

      Totally disappointed! Was so excited to help her because I liked her voice so much and her personality. Still no signed copy of cd, if it wasn't for us there would be no album yet bummer

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt T on

      I see she's back on Facebook. I have half a mind to post something about us forgotten Kickstarter "fans" (well, former fans)... Kinda get a little irked with all the fb comments she gets from fans saying "oh I love you" blah blah blah and have no idea just what type of person she truly is...

    11. Deb Swartz on

      I haven't received anything either, would really like my pledge back , or the cd, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    12. Jen Rowland on

      She's back posting on Facebook. I love her voice and her talent, but just feel so burned and betrayed by her and all of this.

    13. Daina on

      WTF Jordis?! Issue refunds if you're going to not give us our rewards. Lord knows I could really use my pledge money back.

    14. Missing avatar

      Katherine S on

      Interesting Forbes article. I've long since written Jordis Unga off, but I hope that we'll see more investigation into kickstarter campaigns that take the money and run.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rocio Arismendez on

      I just tweeted that Forbes article to her. What a shame. Just a shame.

    16. Jodiko on

      I haven't received anything either. I am so disappointed in her for letting all her fans down. I could care less about the $$ but can't believe she would just drop off the radar & not give a shit!

    17. Missing avatar

      Angela Pratt on

      Yeah I really liked Jordis when she was on Rockstar and I thought it was cool she was on The Voice. What I don't like is that I believed in her and genuinely wanted to but her album. Not so much anymore.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kerri Dudrow on

      I just saw the Forbes article. Ha! I no longer care about receiving her crappy CD (wish I could have my money back) but I would love some karmic justice. She is a fraud and I hope "what goes around comes around."

    19. Missing avatar

      Kristine Klotz on

      Still waiting for my signed CD, what a let down....

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sabato on

      We all should have known, she's been failing at everything she's doing so , not so surprised she would dupe us!!

    21. Dave Sander on

      I'm in the same boat. No signed photo, no CD, no ability to download the album. This is the second Kickstarter campaign that I've contributed to and gotten nothing. So far, I'm 0 for 2.

    22. Jen Rowland on

      I haven't received a thing either. As so many others have said I am so disappointed in her, not because of the money but because I believed in her and loved her artistry as a musician. Can't believe she let all of her fans down.

    23. Missing avatar

      Thi on

      Didn't get a thing, and wasn't able to download the songs either. So disappointed by this whole ordeal

    24. Michelle Dack on

      Never have been able to download the songs and not received the signed CD in the mail. Not happy about this

    25. Braindead Entertainment LLC on

      So if everyone that posts in this comment section is a backer, couldn't there be a way to post the songs so just backers could get them? Maybe that way people would feel less slighted by this whole thing? I will think about posting them somewhere and how this could work so only backers could download. Maybe on a request basis?

    26. karina beck on

      Cover songs? Shit, I never got ANYTHING from this fraudulent campaign. I should call my lawyer...

    27. Braindead Entertainment LLC on

      Did anyone ever receive a download of the cover songs that were talked about? Just curious. Honestly, I was happy with the WAV files I was able to download, they were 24bit 44.1khz which tells me they were never mastered, but I took the liberties for that. I surprised by the genre of music, I was hoping for a couple rock power ballads, but it was decent. I am shocked to see all the comments here, a lot of people feeling cheated. I never got my CD, but having a studio and mastering it myself, I burned my CD. I always thought Jordis would end up to be something special, a little disappointing to see that won't come true given the people ready to give her "her chance" in the music industry for the most part ended up slighted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen J. Martin-Bennet on

      I found a Jordis Unga page on Facebook a few weeks ago, not the music one, but it looks like a personal one that her aunt even comments on. I decided to comment on it about this kickstarter. And guess who is now blocked from that page?
      Just so disappointed in her.

    29. Missing avatar

      Rocio Arismendez on

      As long as you don't go to other social media to turn the heat up on Jordis, she will never respond. I got my underwhelming CD and photos. You're not missing much but you did spend your money on them. You should get them.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mary C on

      I think we all knew very early on that this was a bad investment. It's really a shame. Chalk it up to stupidity, but not ours...hers.

    31. DeeDee Elmore Moats on

      To be honest when I heard the music I wasn't impressed at all. Can't say that I'm even upset that I didn't get a copy. I wasn't even able to download the digital copy. I'll use my future donations for worthy causes by giving to the less fortunate and not the unfortunate. Another reason to stay away from reality TV. It's not reality at all.

    32. David Halpern on

      Con artist, not musical artist.
      Morris gives Kickstarter a bad name, and stole my money

    33. Elizabeth Evangelista on

      I still haven't received the autographed CD for the pledge I made three years ago. I even sent a private message with my updated mailing address, but I never got a response. At this point, I'm not interested in the album any more. :-/

    34. Anita Adkison on

      This was an extremely disappointing investment. I did not receive half of my promised rewards and it's been over two years since i paid my money. As someone who has worked in the music business, i know deadlines are flexible, but the album has been completed and the decision was apparently made not to honor the rewards. This makes the artist look bad and makes people hesitant to pledge to help other artists who are honest in their dealings.

    35. KL on

      Per her "aunty" on Facebook, sounds like Jordis is in Melbourne, Australia now. Glad to know that she's not letting this Kickstarter get in the way of her many vacations.

    36. KL on

      If anyone is looking for another contact route, is the email listed on Amazon payments.

    37. Tami Haas on

      She is a con artist and liar. I contacted Amazon payments as that was how I donated. They did contact her and I received an email saying she was sorry and she working on them. I have never heard back or received the package. I hope no one buys her CD or goes to a show she doesn't deserve any support

    38. Denise Danovich on

      Honestly some of the rewards are a postcard and photo. She does enough running around and such you think she could at least drop a photo in the mail once in a while. Give me a break you know all those funds went somewhere. Or were we all paying for the fancy meals and parties they were having all the time. You all saw the photos she posted. There was always good food and drink available were ever she was. Glad we all supported that. I'm certaining not out partying all the time when I owe someone something

    39. Turk 182 on

      Normally people back a Kickstarter project because they like the PRODUCT. In this case we backed because we liked the PERSON and the art she creates. For this project to fail so miserably we can't help but be soured on the person we came here to support. We gave Jordis a great opportunity and she blew it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Karen Waters on

      Fingers crossed this is the year we will receive our Kickstarter rewards for this project …. lets do this Jordis. Bring us some sunshine.

    41. Missing avatar

      Katherine S on

      Clare you make a good point, there have been many successful kickstarters where the project creator has not only fulfilled their obligations re rewards but also treated their fans/backers respectfully. Unfortunately backing any kickstarter proiect is a risk, it's just a shame there are so many people willing to exploit it.

    42. Clare on

      Came back to see if anything had changed and surprise, it hadn't. So very disappointed.

      To everyone saying they would never donate to a kickstarter again- not all kickstarters are like this, I swear. I have donated many times and have been very happy. Kat Robichaud (another Voice contestant) just sent out her album to her 880 backers and posted a photo of all the packages about to be sent out, it's not always this bad. Most are very good at fulfilling their end- too bad Jordis couldn't give the same courtesy and respect to her fans.

      This is my last comment here, probably. I wish you all the best!

    43. karina beck on

      Still waiting...
      Just saw another project I am interested in backing but I have had such a bad experience with this shit-show that I am hesitant to put faith in someone else. Hope that sits well on your conscience, Jordis...

    44. Missing avatar

      Katherine S on

      @JordisSteals was successful in getting some backers their CDs it seems, but I'd be surprised if she sent more than the bag that she tweeted a picture of. I certainly haven't received anything, not any message to verify address since she collected those about two years prior.

      I thought it hilarious she should claim this all blew up when she went phoneless for one day - it had been going on for months and kickstarter were well aware of it but have no power to compel her to deliver on rewards.

      I've written this project off, as well as any good will or support I had for Jordis. I can't fathom being able to rip off so many people and just walk away, but that says more about her morals than anything else.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rocio Arismendez on

      Went back to Twitter to dig this up....

      @JordisSteals did his/her campaign Aug 6 there abouts. Jordis had to say this on her tweet on Aug 7: "woah...i go phoneless for my birthday and the shit hits the fan!!! the irony of it all is i spent my bday week getting all backer rewards"

      Getting ALL backer rewards... now that's a laugh and a lie for ya. Too bad @JordisSteals was shut down for harassment because he/she said nothing but the truth.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rocio Arismendez on

      Wowww... I haven't been on here in months but came on today hoping that Jordis had vindicated herself in some way. Again I am disappointed.

      It seems that Jordis did just enough after the Twitter campaign by @JordisSteals made her fulfill some of the rewards.

      I am a $350 backer, and I did get the physical CD and autographed pics. By then, I was hardly interested whatsoever. To tell you the truth, I don't know where it is now. The CD was simply horrible. We all got to know Jordis on RockStar with her edgy rock sound. I don't know what the heck to call the music on that CD. I'm not being mean just honest. I am after all a former fan. I didn't get the rest of the rewards for the $350 level.

      For those of you intent on defending her, save yourself some grief. Those who have received nothing from this are in no mood to hear it, and you will subject yourself to their anger and disappointment. At this point in time, there really is no defense.

    47. Sean McKaharay on

      Yeah i don't think we will ever get the physical product in the mail.

    48. Toni on

      I have yet to get anything for backing you so disappointed in this.

    49. Missing avatar

      Gary Fraleigh on

      Sorry for the misspellings in my previous post. Hope you can understand it. 1st sentence should be 'I agree with so many of you'.

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