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    1. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari: I love these, especially the idea of helping clothes fall in love! What a concept! My very first concept for Coin Laundry was a real time game somewhat like the first idea, where there are two teams and you have to race to move items between machines and watch the other team at the same time to make sure they don't cheat! So it's about bluffing, cheating, and calling out the other team while racing. It was really fun and crazy, but led to some broken washing machines :D haha. I need to test again after I have the durable final versions, and not flimsy 3D printed ones. I think you're onto something with this idea!

      On the second one, I love this theme so much! I'm sure there's something you could do with using the bed sheet as a movement gauge like in Wash Machine, and then rules for what clothes can or can't get close to each other. Beyond just a puzzle it could be fun to add some dexterity element where you launch the clothes around by flicking detergent at them or something. Anyway you should keep on these, I would love to try them if you make more concrete rules :)

    2. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @Marco Herreras: Thanks for the input and encouragement!

    3. Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari

      - a realtime co-op game about making sure that stuff gets washed in time. You need to put clothes in the washer, then pass it around a circle of players (simulating a 'wash cycle') then put clothes into the dryer. If black/white ever go together, clothes get ruined.

      - a game of trying to bring together lovers by mixing their clothes. 2 sets of clothes start off on washing machines on opposite ends of a line. You play mysterious ghostly forces that try to bring these clothes together so that they can start a conversation and fall in love. Maybe initial cards determine what clothes have to be touching. Then later cards determine what you can move, whilst coins allow you to do extra moves, or use extra manipulations.

      Very vague ideas, I know. :-/

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco Herreras

      +1 to grey clothes. This all sounds great!

    5. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @James Olson: This makes perfect sense, I wasn't picturing them being dropped vertically but now that you mention it I'm sure that would bring the difficulty waaaay down.

    6. James Olson

      Oh, one key point I forgot to actually say:
      The cards must be held horizontally for the drop. Dropping a vertical card accurately is easy. Horizontal cards are the trick to making it a proper game.

    7. Tiff

      black looks crisper and will show wear less. I guess I am one of the few who like the black better. either works, so I'll be happy with either choice.

    8. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @James Olson: Yep that should solve it! I just thought of a game about dropping laundry onto Hexakun's head now because of this, haha. Maybe that can be your expansion James.

    9. James Olson

      Yeah of course it can be shared!
      I was thinking that as long as the laundry and obstacles are set up before players know what colour they'll play as, they'll make a fair field or risk being the one at a disadvantage.

    10. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @James Olson: This sounds awesome! I'll give a test run and let you know what I think! As long as it's challenging enough and makes sense, would you be interested in having the rules hosted on my website? You will be credited of course as the designer. I think the harder variant would be great, you would probably just need a fair way to scatter the magazines and newspapers. You could also spread the clothes first, and then drop the magazines and newspapers with a handful of the 21 yen, so that you had no control over what goes where, and pick up the yen after.

      Thanks for posting these!

    11. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @benji t / Naomiooooo: It seems grey is the popular vote, so I'll stick to that for now! Thanks for weighing in on this, up to now everyone has voted for the grey :)

    12. James Olson

      Here's my idea for a Coin Laundry game! It is inspired by FLY, designed by Chris Handy. Naturally I haven't tested this yet, so I'm not sure how long players would take on average, whether to use all the washing machines or a shorter tower (perhaps this is a way to adjust the difficulty?), or whether a full set of laundry fits in a dryer. Edit as necessary!

      DROP DRY || 10 minutes || 2 players || Dexterity

      GOAL: Be the first player to collect all of your laundry.

      Randomly spread out all the laundry across the play area, and stack the washing machines on top of each other to form a tower. Socks should be placed so that each sock is touching its partner.
      Each player takes a full set of same-coloured laundry cards, and shuffles them to form their laundry list. Each player also takes a dryer and keeps it near them.
      Choose a player to go first however you like.

      Players take turns drawing a card from their laundry list, and attempting to drop it onto the matching piece of laundry. Cards must be dropped from a height equal to or higher than the top of the tower.
      If the card touches its target, put that piece of laundry in your dryer, and add the card to your discard pile next to it.
      If the card misses, return the card to the bottom of your deck, and leave the laundry where it is. In either case, that player's turn is over.
      Players alternate taking turns until somebody collects all of their laundry, and both players have had the same number of turns. If only one player has finished their laundry, that player wins!
      In the event that both players finish their laundry in the same round, spread both sheets out again, and players simultaneously drop their sheet cards, using the same height restrictions as before. The winner is the player who drops their card closest to the centre of their sheet.

      Play as above, but players on teams take turns being the active player. In a tiebreaker, teams choose one player to attempt the final drop.

      Distribute detergent bottles, newspapers, and magazines between the laundry during setup. If a player's card touches one of these items, they move that item to a new position on the play area, and end their turn as if they had missed their target.

    13. Naomiooooo on

      grey vote (they have been washed) :) Excited to try these out.

    14. benji t

      Hmmm, i do like the grey too. There's something to be said about having the game "pop" on the table, especially when the components are so cute, and the black clothes unfortunately blend with their shadow. Maybe this is just the effect of the camera not having enough dynamic range, but still... i expect anyone/everyone who buys Coin Laundry to be taking tons of pictures of it haha

    15. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @Aaron Wan: Having both would definitely be too costly, but I am happy to take all of this into consideration! I don't mind the grey color, the material itself is currently the same as sweats, so it feels more like them when you're using the clothes. I'll see if there's something similar material wise, but if everyone seems to favor grey I'm happy to go with that. Let's see what happens when the next round of samples come in!

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron Wan

      I was also going to echo the sentiment that grey looks more on theme. Would having both be too cost inhibitive?

    17. Jeffrey Erikson

      Wow! I *love* seeing the process behind designing all of this! We're a big fan of Tokyo Jidohanbaiki in our house, so I'm thinking Coin Laundry will get a lot of love, too. I'm particularly excited about CLRPG, and I have a feeling Wash Machine is going to see a lot of action around here, too :)

    18. Jordan Draper 6-time creator on

      @Angela M.: You are spot on with the Coin Laundry and Jidohanbaiki crossover, there are already rules to use the vending machine as a unit and you launch the bottles as shots by dropping them in and seeing where they roll :) That's also an interesting perspective on the grey, that they are faded. I hadn't thought of that!

    19. Trudi

      By the way, personally, I like the grey clothes set better than the black. Looks like they'd been laundried quite a lot, which certainly fits the theme.

    20. Trudi

      Haha, can't wait to learn more about the RPG. What a funny idea! Also looking forward to the skirmish game. This reminds me of commercials back in the 80ies, where soda machines fought each other. You maybe could do a nice crossover between coin laundry and jidoanbaiki :)