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Shipping for the second time as a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE with new metal shipping containers, updated artwork, and a final expansion!
Shipping for the second time as a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE with new metal shipping containers, updated artwork, and a final expansion!
2,385 backers pledged $181,631 to help bring this project to life.
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Import/Export was originally launched on Kickstarter in January of 2017, after which it quickly sold out. This new definitive edition includes brand new artwork, components, and all of the content from the original game plus more!

I/E is an economic role selection game, with unique powers on every card that lead to a specialized engine which varies with every play. See below for reviews and how to play.

*Note all reviews feature the original edition of the game. Click the images below to be taken to the review. All quotes were taken from real reviews on BoardGameGeek.

*Note the videos below show the original version of the game, however the gameplay is the same in the new Definitive Edition.

*If you're a retailer and would like to purchase copies, please send me a message.

We'll be doing stretch goals a little bit differently this time around! The following are the stretch goals we can unlock, and the number of cumulative challenge points needed to unlock each one. Below that is a list of challenges, and how many points each is worth. 

How to unlock points: If we complete any of the tasks below, we will receive the points listed which count toward unlocking the above stretch goals! Links to relevant sources listed here: Board Game Geek Page / Twitter Post / Facebook Post / Instagram Post

This project is about the global shipping network, and the relentless importing and exporting of goods that connect us all. We are a society beyond our borders, and as such I want to honor equality between everyone with this shipping model. I’ve reduced shipping by 20%-30% across the board to allow everyone easier access to the game. Because of this, every backer will pay the same shipping, regardless of location. Thank you for your support to bring this game to the world. Let's get as many flag stickers and stretch goals as possible!

If you backed the previous Import/Export campaign, and you also pledge for a copy of the new Definitive Edition, as a special thank you you can receive a 20% off discount code redeemable on my website! To take advantage of this offer, you must email me at after the campaign has ended and I will send back your coupon code which will be valid for up to 1 year. 

Risks and challenges

On my ninth Kickstarter, I am prepared to tackle the worst problems should they come up. I have years of experience dealing with manufacturing, fulfillment, and customer service, should any delays present themselves I will communicate the problem and solution quickly to everyone. The biggest risk factors will be delays in manufacturing and freight shipment, so I've buffered in a few extra months for delivery.

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    *This is the only chance to get the game; there won't be extra copies produced!

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