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Help resurrect the fowl-mouthed killer turkey from the indie cult classic “ThanksKilling”! GOBBLE, GOBBLE, MOTHERF%@#ER!
Help resurrect the fowl-mouthed killer turkey from the indie cult classic “ThanksKilling”! GOBBLE, GOBBLE, MOTHERF%@#ER!
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    1. Michael Domingo on

      @Jordan Downey I hope this is able to be read. But, I was just searching on And I realized that my name isn't on any of the credits as stated in the pledge I made. Is it still possible to have that credit updated on IMDB? Thank you for your time. And once again, congrats! I really enjoyed this movie. And I a glad I helped this become a reality.

    2. Jordan Downey Creator on

      @Jason Mack - To be honest with you, I don't remember the suggestion you're suggesting (can you say that?) The fake TK2 XBox game was, from what I recall, a last minute idea we had when trying to dream up more ridiculous merchandise to be destroyed. Either way, guess we were all on the same page and wouldn't it be cool to actually see it as a game one day?

    3. Jason Mack on

      Got my shit, as Turkie so eloquently called it, today. Thanks guys! Watching it now, and I'm just curiously asking you, Jordan, did my suggestion on a TK game early on after funding have anything to do with the game being burned towards the start?

    4. pumpkinman4ever on

      I received my copy of TK3 in the mail today! Thank you guys, so much!!!

    5. Gaaron O'Rourke Varner on

      Let's do this!! Can't wait to see the sequel.

    6. Jordan Downey Creator on

      Yes, sir, that is my brother Caleb. He now runs the ThanksKilling Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    7. Tom Neudorf on

      Hey Jordan, is that your brother and family in the last scene lol? Must be your brother at least. Looks like you haah

    8. Sean Tiedeman on

      I got my package/DVD in the mail today. Thanks! The DVD art is really cool and the letter from Turkie was funny as hell. Best of luck with the new film.

    9. pumpkinman4ever on

      I finally got my free copy today!!!

    10. Tom Neudorf on

      Can't wait for how much ass TK2 will kick. GGMF's

    11. Jordan Downey Creator on

      Thanks again everyone! This entire campaign far exceeded our expectations! @Jason - Yes! ThanksKilling on xBox sounds great, as does a Monopoly or Hungry Hungry Hippos spin off

    12. Missing avatar

      Outlol on

      Its OVER 9000!!!

    13. Jason Mack on

      Now all we need is a Thankskilling game... THAT would be AWESOME

    14. Michael Domingo on

      Ooooohhhh, the suspense is killing me.... No pun intended.... 4 more hours :) Wooo hoooo!!!!

    15. pumpkinman4ever on

      I'm gonna have a blast this Thanksgiving watching the original classic! GGMF!!

    16. Jason Mack on

      Woot! More turkey is on the way =) Helping the movie out AND getting the dvds, great combo

    17. Toph Kopchak on

      101K CRAZY!!! Can't wait!

    18. James Beckmann on

      this is the kind of stuff that I love to see. independent projects with more determination and imagination than a lot of hollywood films that are being released today. sure there are some quality ones but, let's face it, the people making the film are pretty much having the money given to them. I have so much respect for you, kevin and Jordan. you two truly made something as big as this, from almost nothing. I applaud you two. GOBBLE GOBBLE MUTHERFUCKERS!!!

    19. Jordan Downey Creator on

      All your support means the world to us, thank you all!

    20. Domonic Rini on

      Wow, is really all I can say. This sequel will go down in history as one of the greatest follow ups since. The Exorcist, Rocky, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, just to name a few. This will have such a strong following. I could just feel it in my gravy blood! GGMF!!!!! Maximum Threshold Radio is here to help with the promo machine and whatever else we can do.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Parr on

      Brilliant job guys. I loved the original, and can't wait for the Beaquel. If you get a chance for a theatrical run don't forget Austin, we'd shit bricks to see it on the big screen [:

    22. Missing avatar

      Gwendolyn Bodry on

      AWESOME!!!!!! Way to go guys! I am so excited to see the movie! Can't wait! Congratulations Kevin and Jordan!

    23. Kurt Stewart on

      Kevin and Jordan - way to go guys! You both did tons to make this happen. All the hard work paid off and what great fans you have. Looking forward to Turkey 2 with all the trimmings. The Turkie lives to slaughter on! Keep the giblets flying guys!!

    24. Declan Hayden on

      YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! It. Has. BEGUUUUUUN!!! :happyrarity: :happyfluttershy:
      Take that, ThanksKilling haters! :trololo:

    25. Cal on


    26. Ryan DeNotto on

      Oh my Turkie balls WE did it! Congrats everyone!

    27. pumpkinman4ever on


    28. Missing avatar

      Ryan Orvosh on

      I would make another donation but probably aside from the 10,000 dollar reward there's no pumpkin pie, no cranberry sauce included, just turkey, fuckin' turkey! Why God, Why?!

    29. Jordan Downey Creator on

      @Paul - What a friend you are... He owes you at least happy meal for that

    30. Jordan Downey Creator on

      Thanks Ryan - Couldn't have done it without you!

    31. Jordan Downey Creator on

      @Michael - It's a good idea, and there's always a chance. That being said, the script right now does not call for a lot of extras to be needed. We'll keep you posted!

    32. Daniel Poole on

      The dvds for the $20 are worth it alone!

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    34. Ryan McLelland on

      Less than a thousand to go...way to go guys!

    35. Michael Domingo on

      Any chance you gauys are going to have a call for extras via this site? I'd sure as hell would travel for it.... Well.... depending where it is, of course :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Reps on

      One of my friends doesn't get paid in time to make a pledge, so I'm doing another $50 on top of what I've already put in the kettle here. Must. See. Thankskilling. Sequel.

    37. andrew butler on

      man... i really hope we can get the last 2081 to get it! I would donate it... but im just not that generous.

    38. Mystery Library Productions on

      Good luck on your project!! Our project was just successfully funded so I thought I'd spread the wealth! If you ever want to film in Minnesota, we're always collaborating! We loved the first ThanksKilling.

    39. Declan Hayden on

      Alright, you guys are Project of the Day for KickStarter today! And less than 5k to go!!
      Keep it comin', everybody~!

    40. Missing avatar

      McIntyre Family on

      Just started a new job after being job free for a year so $5.00 was what we could afford for now. Will hopefully try to add more soon. Best of luck and it looks like you are getting close.

    41. Melanie D. Miller on

      8K to go! You can do this guys!

    42. Jesse Gable on

      SOOO CLOOOOOSE!! I keep blogging about it/tweeting/raping facebook newsfeeds...I hope I coaxed a few people into this. Thankskilling 2 needs to happen. Mecha Turkey FTW! Mr. Gable's Reality.

    43. pumpkinman4ever on

      Alright, I pledged $25. I REALLY want that free copy of the original. I love it, and cannot find it anywhere! And of course, I look forward to the beakquel!

    44. Ray Westhead on

      I am hoping this comes through!

    45. Ryan DeNotto on

      We got this 8000 in 8 days!!!

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