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Lessons on persistence from a father of a child with a very rare disorder who stops at nothing to help his daughter and help others.
102 backers pledged $18,008 to help bring this project to life.

Will drive down 5th Ave. wearing only boxer shorts for $18k

Wow, nearly $13k - up from $8k on Sunday!  We're getting close!!

Thanks again for your support. 

Here's something to consider and to pass along to your friends.

Help me reach $18,007 by Wed. 4/25 at 10am, and I will completely embarrass myself (and my family) by driving down 5th Avenue in my Mustang convertible wearing nothing but boxer shorts, leading a caravan of muscle cars.

Does the thought of that makes you queasy?

If we get to $21,800 I'll keep my clothes on!  Don't make NYC nauseous!

Thank you!

Jon "Driven" Singer

P.S.  We are having a Driven party at Blue Moon in Englewood, NJ tonight, Tuesday 4/24  from 5-7 to benefit local schools for kids with special needs. 

We will also be giving away t-shirts and iTunes gift cards in a free raffle.  For every party attending, Drive4Rebecca will donate $20 to benefit 7 local schools.  No need to RSVP.  We would love to see you if you can make it!  And I will be dressed - promise!


    1. Creator Janet Hod on April 24, 2012

      Just to be clearer.......log in, click on "Me", then Driven project (all at top right), and then click on Manage my Pledge.
      Easy shmeezy.
      Just do it.

    2. Creator Janet Hod on April 24, 2012

      Okay, everyone. I increased my pledge to the next level. It's easy. Once you log in, it gives you an option to increase your pledge.....chick chock, nothing to it.
      Let's all help Jon reach his goal!!!!

    3. Creator Janet Hod on April 24, 2012

      How do I increase? Do I just make a new bid?

    4. Creator Janet Hod on April 24, 2012

      You are sooooo close! We should all increase our bids a little...and I bet you would reach goal. I plan on increasing later today......cmon everyone! Let's make this happen!