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Lessons on persistence from a father of a child with a very rare disorder who stops at nothing to help his daughter and help others.
Lessons on persistence from a father of a child with a very rare disorder who stops at nothing to help his daughter and help others.
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Occupy Wall Streeters behind Occupy The Daily Show

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[09:44] == Jon___ [43559073@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #occupywallst
[09:45] <@cloeee> proletariat: u referring to the mile high club
[09:45] <@cloeee> or sumpthin
[09:45] <krshna> In the late 2000s, Offer began appearing on television commercials for the products "ShamWow!", a super-absorbent towel, and the Slap Chop, a kitchen utensil.
[09:45] <krshna> who could forget the slap chop
[09:47] == hfp [585342c3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #occupywallst
[09:47] <Jon___> I don't know what you guys are talking about but please join us tomorrow, Mon. 4/9, and Occupy The Daily Show - go to dogs are welcome too!
[09:48] <@anarchabot> Jon___: [Несовместимый браузер | Facebook]
[09:52] <Jon___> Huh?  
[09:53] <@cloeee> dogs rule
[09:53] <@cloeee> :)
[09:53] == Gennadius [] has joined #occupywallst
[09:53] <Gennadius> happy easter
[09:54] <@cloeee> u too, Gennadius
[09:54] <hfp> awww bless :)
[09:54] <Jon___> Happy Easter - and it's still Passover.  Help us smite Comedy Central with plagues this week - "wild beasts" tomorow - that's why we want dogs.  
[09:54] <krshna> how many onions can the great pyramid of cheops  chop?
[09:55] <hfp> hehe
[09:55] <krshna> who could forget the slap chop
[09:55] <krshna> if it llok s like a slap chop
[09:56] <krshna> if it look s like a slap chop
[09:56] <krshna> if it chops like a slap chop
[09:56] <krshna> then it is a slap chop
[09:56] <@anarchabot> hfp: [ Kno - Rhythm Of The Rain (f. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji) - YouTube ]
[09:56] <krshna> but wait!
[09:56] <krshna> this slapchop is a nuclear slap chop!
[09:57] <Jon___> We won't have a slapchop but we will have gift cards, tshirts, hats and other prizes tomorrow as we Occupy The Daily Show
[09:57] <hfp> great initiatve Jon___
[09:57] <Gennadius> occupy the daily show?what?
[09:58] <Jon___> Thank you - please join us - amazing videos on about my daughter and the incredible clinical trial she is participating in at Mount Sinai in NYC
[09:58] <@anarchabot> Jon___: [Driven: to help his daughter and help change the world by Jon Singer — Kickstarter]
[09:58] <@cloeee> jon, so tell us about 'Driven''
[09:59] <@cloeee> lookin at ur fb page....nice.
[10:00] <Jon___> Thanks - my daughter has a very rare genetic disorder - only 700 affected individuals in the world - over the years I have had to fight to overcome many obstacles including most recently to get her back in to the Mount Sinai clinical trial after she was rejected - hence the book project Driven was born.
[10:01] <Jon___> Daily Show takes on serious topics with a sense of humor - that's how I cope and it's a great match.  But they didn't think so.
[10:02] <hfp> you're a very strong man Jon___
[10:02] <Jon___> Manly yes, but I like it too (Michey typing, Jon's wife)
[10:03] <JonathanD> I would like you better, Jon___, if you didn't get me hilighted every 30 seconds, but I do still respect you looking out for your family.
[10:03] <JonathanD> :)
[10:03] <Gennadius> wow, great cause. your daughter is very fortunate to have such a supportive and devoted
[10:04] <Gennadius> family
[10:04] <Jon___> Tell that to my wife.  Her book is called Driven Crazy.
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[10:07] == robwerks [~Robwerks@] has joined #occupywallst
[10:07] == mode/#occupywallst [+o robwerks] by usoevil
[10:08] <Gennadius> genetic medicine is making a lot of progress. i'm not sure if it's similar, but i watched a pbs documentary about paralyzed twins with an incurable genetic disease, and they basically became healthy after they were given pills to supply the enzyme they couldn't make naturally
[10:08] <@cloeee> mornin, rob.
[10:08] <@robwerks> howdy
[10:09] <@robwerks> United States Police Departments Being Trained By Mossad, Treat Citizens Like Terrorists
[10:09] <Gennadius> it really surprised me. i had no idea genetic diseases could even be treated
[10:10] <Jon___> From our Kickstarter page:  Rebecca Singer, the author's daughter, has been selected as the first to participate). Mice, whose cells were genetically altered to simulate an extremely rare disorder, were given a growth hormone - within two weeks their cells returned to normal! What works with mice doesn't necessarily translate to humans (9 cancers cured in mice have yet to be cured in people) but it's exciting to know that there is hope for our daughter, for the 700+
[10:11] <Gennadius> that sounds very promising. god bless your family, and i wish you the best. it's good to know that even though so few people suffer from the condition, people are still willing to work for a cure
[10:11] <@robwerks> too bad they won't pay attention to the cure for cancer we already have
[10:12] <hfp> either way it's important we stop these bastards who are causing similar things. Because they think they are saving the frigging planet.
[10:12] <Jon___> It's really unbelievable to me that anyone cares about something so rare and we are eternally grateful to the amazing researchers at The Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai - keep your fingers crossed!


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