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Lessons on persistence from a father of a child with a very rare disorder who stops at nothing to help his daughter and help others. Read more

Tenafly, NJ Nonfiction
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Lessons on persistence from a father of a child with a very rare disorder who stops at nothing to help his daughter and help others.

Tenafly, NJ Nonfiction
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About this project

DRIVEN -the book

A father's relentless crusade to help his daughter & help change the world

In Driven, I will share life lessons to be applied to overcome virtually any obstacle, transforming problems into challenges to be solved. I will share my stories and stories of other like minded "Driven" people.

If you back this project, there are some awesome rewards  --------------->  Please take a look, or just humor me and tell me you read through everything.

ATTENTION - 4/25 DEADLINE - Over $15,000 has been pledged for Driven! Thanks for your interest in helping see this project through completion by reaching $18,007 by Wed. 4/25 at 10am!  Only $2700 more to go!!

Jon Stewart wouldn't have me on his show so we brought Moses to smite The Daily Show during Passover with plagues - the first was "wild beasts" - we brought a petting zoo and while we were in the neighborhood, Moses delighted 40 kids at the local PAL center we discovered down the street.  The next week the plague was frogs.  The kids were in awe of Kermit and Moses and lined up for photos in his Lamborghini - and then we smote once again!!

Very funny videos - filmed on location, outside The Daily Show studios - the Daily Show staff got very cranky in Occupy II - enjoy!

"Occupy The Daily Show I" with Moses and his Mule

"Occupy The Daily Show II" with Moses, Kermit + Lamborghini

The Driven theme song - "I Won't Back Down" (thanks Tom Petty)


While Passover is only one week, the bible says plagues lasted for a year. Have us on, Jon, or more plagues will soon be ye upon!  We promise! Coming back to The Daily Show soon - stay tuned!


Please note that this is a FOR profit project. Fundraising is not allowed on Kickstarter. If you are looking for Jon's foundation, please visit Drive4Rebecca.

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  Don't forget why you are here - pick a most awesome rewards so I can keep on entertaining you and generations to come. ------------------------->

What is Driven?

What would you do if you heard any of the following?

Don't have any hope for your daughter Rebecca to live a productive life;  we don't want to work with you anymore to open a new school; she doesn't belong in this camp; Rebecca is not eligible to participate in a program that holds the greatest promise for her life (and your son can't have M&Ms on the side with his Blizzard at Dairy Queen).

Would you feel defeated and give up hope? Would you accept plain vanilla ice cream?

Jon Singer didn't.  He met all of these challenges head on and won.  Jon is a tireless advocate who has fought many times on behalf of his clients, his children (including making sure his son could get his M&Ms on the side) and others.

About Driven

Words used to describe me by various people in my life have included “resourceful,” “creative,” “politely persistent” and “incredibly impatient” (some of my friends and family members would probably add “annoying” to this short list and Michey is convinced I am crazy.) My greatest achievements over the years have come about when I have been able to apply these capabilities all at once especially with the help of others (and a little crazy has probably been helpful too!).

The Goal

Raise $18,007 by April 25th 2012 for design, copy editing, proofreading, marketing, promotion and publication of the E-book and paperback version by the end of the year (while having fun!).

My real super secret goal is to raise $118,000 - I wouldn't be opposed to a seven figure Amanda Knox or Fifty Shades kind of deal.  I'm just saying.

But Shhh ... just don't tell anyone - let's keep this between you and me!

Pick a fabulous reward now!  Remember the old adage, "he who hesitates, doesn't" - did I just make that up? (c) Jon Singer --------------->

From The Author

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in Driven are real. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.

The views expressed in this book are those of the author and do not represent the views of his wife or children and therefore nothing should be held against them.  It's all Jon's fault. Period.

In 1997 a family was told that their beautiful baby girl was one of 30 individuals in the world with an extremely rare genetic disorder that had no name.  Although little was known about her condition at the time, the doctor said "if you have any hopes of her having similar intelligence to either of you, it is doubtful, and she may never walk.” Imagine the impact of this cruel and callous statement on these emotionally fragile parents, and how it could have killed whatever hopes and dreams they had for the future.

That little girl however was my sweet daughter Rebecca and, fortunately, the experience only strengthened my resolve to prove that doctor wrong. 

Ironically, almost 14 years later to the day, in the same hospital where we heard those painful and incredibly insensitive words, there is new found hope for Rebecca in an exciting clinical trial that has just begun at the Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center (read more about it in the rewards section above). 

Today, with some assistance, Rebecca roller blades, skis, can ride a horse and a bicycle, and sometimes breaks out into a little jog -  and Rebecca is learning new skills every day at a wonderful school we helped establish called REED Academy.  See what Rebecca can do today (video)

Read Miracle on 99th Street, a chapter from Driven with the dramatic story about the challenges that were overcome so that Rebecca could participate in a very exciting clinical trial.

Thanks for your interest in our story.

Jon Singer

Driving women crazy (in his family) since 1964

Pick your reward now!  While they may be getting more interesting, they're not getting cheaper (and I'm not getting any younger)  ---------->

What, Me Driven?

If 20 years ago a fortune teller told me "one day you and your wife are going to have a daughter with significant special needs, drive cross-country, twice, to launch initiatives to help her and help many other children and families, raise over $1,000,000, help open a new school, write three books sharing your experiences, and stop at nothing to get your daughter included in an exciting clinical trial" I would have said, "I'm not having kids.”

20 years later, and having lived to tell about it, I am writing my third book entitled “Driven.”

Praise for Jon Singer

“The only reason I agreed to see you was that if you called one more time I would have jumped out the window”   Lloyd Tulp, Jon’s first boss

“I am writing the real story – ‘DRIVEN CRAZY’”  Michey Singer, Jon's wife

“He has an answer for everything. He should have been a lawyer. Or a doctor would have been okay too”   Rhoda Singer, Jon's Mom

Read about Sylvester Stallone's invitation to help with Driven

Learn More

Learn about my foundation, Drive4Rebecca, and my first book, The Special Needs Parent Handbook at My most recent and very short book, The Great Babysitter Hiring Guide, is available for the Kindle.

Watch these videos about an amazing technology (similar what is used to create movies like “Avatar”) that will measure any improvements in Rebecca's gait during the clinical trial.

Video of Rebecca going into Seaver Autism Center for the final tests to see if she's eligible to participate in the groundbreaking clinical trial.

Incredible news - Rebecca's in - time to celebrate!

New video describing the fascinating voice recording technology that will help determine if Rebecca is making any pre-speech vocalizations(to learn more about the clinical trial, please see the top of the rewards section).

New hope for the future at Seaver Autism Center 

Are You Driven? 

Do you have a story of overcoming obstacles and beating the odds?  Share your story on

The ten stories with the most votes will be included in the eBook version and the author will include up to five stories in the paperback book. 

You story may be featured in Driven.

Thank you for your consideration of participating in Driven!  We're excited and we will add new updates as the story continues to unfold.

Keep checking back at:


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    1) PDF of chapters as they are completed &
    2) Updates from a groundbreaking clinical trial that has just begun at Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC (Rebecca Singer, the author's daughter, has been selected as the first to participate).

    Mice, whose cells were genetically altered to simulate an extremely rare disorder, were given a growth hormone - within two weeks their cells returned to normal! What works with mice doesn't necessarily translate to humans (9 cancers cured in mice have yet to be cured in people) but it's exciting to know that there is hope for our daughter, for the 700+ other individuals affected by Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, and that this research may lead to advances in autism research. And YOU will be on the front line of receiving updates as the clinical trial proceeds

    tune in!

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    Everything for $15 backers plus the complete e-book version. The author welcomes input on the chapters as they are written and will consider making revisions based upon your comments (but don't count on it).

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    A very special Blue Moon reward for the local NJ crowd! Everything for $50 backers plus you and your significant other, your best friend, your mother, a chimp (bring anyone), are invited to the exclusive New Jersey book launch party at the fabulous Blue Moon of Englewood.

    Enjoy a mucho delicioso feast, party with our DJ like it's 1999 (whatever that means), see your friends or meet new ones, meet Jon and talk about the book. You can make fun of him, up close and personal, if he "drives" you crazy too!

    Date of the party will coincide with the publication of Driven which will be towards the end of the year. If you end up having a conflict with the chosen date you will receive a VIP dinner for two at any Blue Moon location.

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    Everything for $200 backers plus an invitation to an exclusive book launch party in the fall at a cool NYC location to be announced, and a personal thank you note from my mom (she never thought I would amount to anything so your participation will make her very proud).

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    Everything you have read so far plus 1) you and your guest get Driven on THE RIDE, a super-sized, technologically amped up vehicle that travels the streets of New York. With stadium-style, sideways seating and massive windows, Riders have front row seats to the big city. Talk with the author about Driven while enjoying the sites and sounds of NYC. And then 2) a fireside chat (brick oven fire that is) about Driven with the author at the world famous John's Pizza in Times Square. Finally, 3) downshift into luxurious relaxation for the night at Chambers - one of the best kept secrets in NYC in one of the best locations, just off Fifth Avenue on 56th Street. Chambers is home to momofuku's ma peche and a midtown outpost of christina tosi's bakery, momofuku milk bar. Explore the exciting neighborhood, get pampered, and enjoy a complimentary breakfast at milk bar. Take a few moments while you are there to review one or more stories about being Driven for the E-book and receive a special Contributing Editor acknowledgement of your participation.

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    A very special and exclusive reward (drum roll, please) - everything you have read so far plus a VIP lunch at Nobu New York, the flagship restaurant of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, partner of restaurateur Drew Nieporent and Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro. Enjoy special selections from the chef, review and give input on final draft of book, and ask one truth or dare question of the author.

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    Everything you have heard so far plus an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Driven from Michey. Get the real scoop of what happens when Jon doesn't get six hours of sleep and gets really really cranky and drives her absolutely bonkers. Skype, Facetime or phone call with Michey. This will take a while so set aside plenty of time - she really needs to vent.

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    Everything already mentioned except for the $1,800 reward (sorry, only one lucky person gets to hear Michey's side of the story - c'mon now, how much abuse can a guy take?). For $3,600 you will join Jon and Rebecca for a two-hour walk on a sunny weekend day to hear all the juicy details left out of the book to protect the not so innocent -and mostly to keep Michey from hitting Jon over the head with the book many times after it comes out in hardcover.

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