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An indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5. You are a dark age lord trying to replace the crumbling Roman Empire. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine.
An indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5. You are a dark age lord trying to replace the crumbling Roman Empire. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine.
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AtG on Mac, Linux and iOS! Plus: Playable Romans!

Posted by Jon Shafer (Creator)

At long last, the update many of you have been waiting for!

After a couple of weeks of work, Jonathan and I have successfully run At the Gates on both Mac and Linux! Our initial testing also shows that making an iOS version should be possible, so we're committing to release AtG on that platform as well.

There are still a few minor kinks to work out in the Mac and Linux versions, but we expect that they'll be available at the same time as on Windows. As a thank you for everyone's generous support so far we'll be providing a free version of each to everyone who contributes at the base $25 tier or above! As Apple only provides developers with a small number of free codes to distribute, we unfortunately can't make the same promise with the iOS version. However, if we're able to find a convenient way to provide a copy to supporters we'll be sure to do so!

The iOS version of AtG will require quite a bit more work than the Mac and Linux ones, so we can't say for sure when that launch date will be. It should hopefully be not too long after the PC release though. For similar reasons, we can't say which specific devices will be supported (trying to get AtG to fit on a phone screen might be tricky!), but if you have a recent iPad you should be safe.

We'd also like to bring AtG to Android, but we won't have enough time to do a proper evaluation prior to the end of the Kickstarter campaign. We'll keep you posted though!


New Stretch Goal: Playable Romans!

Along with the exciting news about AtG's wider release, we're also announcing our two final stretch goals:

At $125,000 we'll be adding additional map generation options to the game. Right now we're planning on shipping with a single random continents script, but should this goal be hit we'll be making it possible to adjust the percent of land or water, the shapes of the landmasses, the quantity and density of resource deposits, and more. This stretch goal will also mean we include a map of the earth to go along with the map of Europe we're already planning on delivering.

And finally, if we manage to get all the way up to $200,000, we will develop an "expansion" for AtG which makes the Roman factions playable. Many of the core mechanics will remain similar, but we'll be re-tooling the game experience specifically for the declining, non-nomadic empire. As the Romans, your focus is very much on using your diplomatic might to try and manipulate the barbarian tribes which surround you. There will also be a replacement for the Romanization system that allows you to obtain goodies more technologically advanced than the barbarians could dream of!

Everyone who contributes at the $30 tier or above will receive this expansion for free.


We hope you're all as happy to hear this news as we are to share it! Thanks again for your support!

- Jon


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    1. Jon Shafer Creator on

      @Christopher Larkins:

      Yep. If we hit the $200k stretch goal it's basically a commitment to making the expansion. Should we not hit it there's still a chance we go that route one day, but it will depend on how the base version of the game does and what other projects we have in the pipeline. We have some savings built up to help fund the base version of AtG, but after that we'll have to be a bit more cautious and make sure there's always enough money to keep the lights on!

      - Jon

    2. Jon Shafer Creator on

      @Jason Smith:

      That is definitely a possibility. I've actually been thinking about two versions - one that you pay for once and get everything, and another that is basically a demo where you can pay to unlock other features. Given how far off we are though I honestly couldn't say what we'll end up with!

      - Jon

    3. Jon Shafer Creator on


      Honestly I couldn't say right now. It will probably depend on how much effort we have to put in to create it. If creating the mobile version only takes us a few weeks then that's obviously a different story than if it's 6 months.

      That having been said, we WILL be looking into ways to provide free copies to backers, but none of the options I've researched have been terribly promising. One group that was funded through Kickstarter spoke with Apple and was given permission to provide a free copy to their supporters, but I've also heard from several other sources that they WEREN'T allowed to do so. Given the uncertainties involved, I feel it's safer to just not make promises and hopefully work something out later.

      - Jon

    4. Jon Shafer Creator on

      @Peter Jacob:

      I love the concept of the Ouya, but AtG won't be coming to any other controller-ed console. I really just don't think big complex strategy games work very well in that format, because it takes so long to perform even very basic actions. Mobile devices are a much better fit, because it's fairly easy to get adequate precision with a finger. Now, getting ENOUGH precision will be a challenge, but I believe it's at least possible, which I can't say the same for a controller.

      - Jon

    5. Jon Shafer Creator on


      We haven't looked at the Surface yet, so I couldn't say. It's basically in the same boat as Android, where we'll evaluate it and see how much time and money it would require. We don't want to bite off more than we can chew, because if it doesn't work out that would be very bad for ALL versions of the game!

      - Jon

    6. Christopher Larkins on

      So what if the 200k mark is not hit will xpacs depend on sales, reception?

    7. Jason Smith on

      @Xander: Thats a good thought.

      iOS market is very awkward to get into. One strategy is to release the app for free with limited content with IAP to unlock the full game. That might be a viable strategy for ATG. Say, one playable faction for free, the rest unlocked via IAP? Its hard to get exposure for niche genres on the app store and unfortunately, exposure is the only way to be successful on the app store.

      I wouldn't blame them if they didn't want to bother with that and just release it as a premium title. It just won't get any exposure on the app store that way. Of course, trying to bring in new players in a very casual ecosystem might not be very viable anyway. So getting backers to rebuy it on iOS may be the only way to make it worth their time XD

    8. Xander Mol on

      @Jon: I by the way completely understand if you will be unable to provide the iOS version for free for Kickstarter backers. I know from experience that, especially for international backers as me, Apple makes it impossible for Kickstarter projects to do this.
      I supported Alien Frontiers for iPad on Kickstarter, and this project ended up by paying me a refund for the purchase price via Paypal as there was no way Apple supported them to give the app to me. So do not even consider promissing this, certainly not to international backers. It will be a nightmare.

      I am happy to support ATG and pay for the iOS version.

      Only option might be giving away in app purchases, as there seem to be ways to achieve that without Apple blocking that. At least the Pinball Arcade Kickstarters that I supported did find a way to to that coupling the in-app purchases to the Kickstarter registrated e-mail. But for me this would be nice, but not a must if it distracts to much from delivering a great experience on all platforms.

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Hi Jon, this is all great news, thank you. I have been following your updates with great interest - I have to say they are pretty great.

      Just one question: if the iOS version is released as a paid app and you are understandably unable to supply free versions to backers then do you have a price point in mind?

    10. NeverMind on

      I'll be happy to play iPad version of ATG. Hope, boxed copy tier is enough to get iOS version for free)

    11. Jon Shafer Creator on


      The gameplay won't be changed in any way. We're simply bringing the PC version to iOS with new controls and interface elements. This will mean the game is going to be far more complex than what people are used to from mobile, but that's a trade-off we're willing to make.

      - Jon

    12. Alexspeed on

      I am not happy about the IOS part, this will lead to dumbing down the whole game to lower standards and take time away from the PC Version, which is the only one i really care about. Not sure if i should keep backing at all.

    13. Peter Jacob on

      Will there be an OUYA version?

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Hall on

      Awesome re Roman expansion.
      I really hope we can get to $200k this time round, but it seems a long way to go.

      Here's hoping.
      Also, I would be interested in an Android version for tablet - phone display is likely to be too small for effective use anyway.

    15. Jörn Huxhorn

      Finally! Instapledge at $30!

      Now lets reach those $200k. :)

    16. Jason Smith on

      I'm glad iOS support made it in. It's fun to play strategy games on tablets but there are few good options out there.

    17. Jan Pohlmann on

      Great news, I'm sure that'll attract quite a few new backers! As for the Romans, I reckon you will first finish the vanilla game and then turn to the expansion? Seems like an elegant way of providing these kinds of additional features without pushing back the release date, so well done!

    18. Missing avatar

      Erik N on

      yeah this is great news, I'm sure a lot of people will be thrilled with the mac version

    19. Bryant Drew Jones on

      Thank you for the Mac version! :)

    20. Ace Gopher on

      Awesome news! I've bumped my pledge to the Alpha testing level so I can help out with testing on Linux.

    21. Xander Mol on

      Absolutely thrilled with the iOS support! Would have increased my pledge if I would not already be at as high a tier as I can financially justify right now.

    22. Missing avatar


      Will you also make the windows version work with touch screens? I'd love to play this on my surface.