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Lead a barbarian kingdom to glory during the final days of the Roman Empire. An empire builder by Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5.
Lead a barbarian kingdom to glory during the final days of the Roman Empire. An empire builder by Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5.
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August 2016 Update


Hey all,

First off, apologies for the lengthy absence - I was dealing with some health problems earlier in the year and just as I was getting back to work I broke my ribs and have been recovering from that over the past several weeks. Needless to say, it's been a tough year! As you might have guessed, this will push back the release of AtG a bit, but development on the game is still very much underway and now returning to full steam. I'm in the middle of updating the schedule and will let you all know what things look like here within the next few weeks.

Speaking of which, to better keep you guys in the loop we'll be hiring someone to handle the communications side of things so that the rest of the team (especially yours truly) can continue to focus on the nitty-gritty details involved with finishing up the game while still ensuring you guys aren't in the dark along the way. So hopefully no more lengthy periods of radio silence from here on out!

As for the game itself we're still knee-deep in AI work but one of the fun things I've started getting back into the swing of things with is unique factions and traits. For those of you in the alpha program I posted a new build last week (v22.1.6) that includes some basic functionality on this front, and a lot more will be coming soon. The goal is for a faction like the Huns to play very differently from a more basic one like the Goths (think completely nomadic, no structures, etc.). To commemorate this feature I'll give you guys a sneak peak at a couple of fun new leaders: Alboin of the Lombards, and Cerdic of the Saxons (both of whom also happen to have names whose modern versions swapped some letters around - hooray for pointless trivia!):

Alboin of the Lombards
Alboin of the Lombards


Cerdic of the Saxons
Cerdic of the Saxons

Alright, back to work. More soon!

- Jon

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    1. Missing avatar

      clayffo on January 10, 2017

      You have to message him directly he doesn't check this more than every 6 months

    2. pharmac on January 8, 2017

      I would like a refund, with Civilization VI already out, my interest in this game is gone. It may be something really special or not. Problem is with the development so drawn out, I have ceased to care. Of the 4 games I have backed on Kickstarter (this, H-Hour: World's Elite, Last Life, and We Happy Few), only one "We Happy Few" delivered on time and has a very playable game.

    3. Missing avatar

      clayffo on January 8, 2017

      For anyone who's no longer interested in waiting I have no problem offering a refund of your contribution via PayPal. (As an aside, if I were a charlatan then I'm obviously not a very good one, having cashed out my retirement to pay for development!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Ellis on January 7, 2017


    5. Missing avatar

      Dean McCraw on January 2, 2017

      Bout time for your yearly update isnt it?

    6. axisandallies on December 13, 2016

      So disappointed. Guess there's no reason to hold out hope on this. What a waste.

    7. Stevepunk on November 13, 2016

      Is this game dead?

    8. Missing avatar

      Wafalumps on October 27, 2016

      Any updates on the state of the game? Really dissapointed in the lack of info after so much silence this year.

    9. Christian Weisskopf on October 25, 2016

      Sooo. Any update on the state of the game/progress?

    10. Missing avatar

      clayffo on September 15, 2016

      So it's been 20 days and no introduction of a community manager on this or your forums. What's the plan?

    11. nik zahn on September 2, 2016

      got it! thanks!

    12. Jon Shafer Creator on September 2, 2016

      Okay, should now be up!

      - Jon

    13. Jon Shafer Creator on September 2, 2016

      Build has been sent to Humble, I'll let you guys know once it's live.

      - Jon

    14. nik zahn on September 2, 2016

      ok cool :) thanks for the info!

    15. Jon Shafer Creator on September 1, 2016

      Sorry Nik - new build should be up on Humble tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

      - Jon

    16. nik zahn on September 1, 2016

      "For those of you in the alpha program I posted a new build last week (v22.1.6).." has anyone got the update yet? my Humble page doesn't seem to have updated since '2016-01-14'

    17. Missing avatar

      Hope on August 26, 2016

      Glad to have you back on the project. I wonder if it is still possible for backers without early access to get their original pledge as a refund when buying the early access version via your website? And are the alpha builds only accessible via Steam or are they downloadable via Humble, too?

    18. Angry Bunny on August 26, 2016

      Albion, Ne

      Albion (Ancient Greek: Ἀλβιών) is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain. Today, it is still sometimes used poetically to refer to the island. The name for Scotland in the Celtic languages is related to Albion: Alba in Scottish Gaelic.

      Albion Online (AO) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany.

      Albion, Maine

      An in Merlin, Albion is the name given to ancient England which King Arthur, his knights and his servant Merlin live. I like to think they live in Albion Nebraska in my state. :P

      There are also, soccer teams, makeup, tables, yada, yada, yada named this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marko Hladnik on August 26, 2016

      Good to hear from you, glad you're back in the saddle. Getting someone to help with communications is a smart move, too. Best of luck!

      As to the names (or characters, rather), these are real historical figures, Leefers. Concerning clan names, I'd be interested to hear about the approach to their generation myself.

    20. Cerberus™ on August 25, 2016

      Yay! I'm glad you've recovered. And that the game is progressing. About those names, what kind of names will you use in the finished game? Just to be sure, I do hope you'll use real historical names?

    21. Seb on August 25, 2016

      I'm glad you're back. I hope health issues are behind you now.

    22. Jon Shafer Creator on August 25, 2016

      Thanks Arthur!

      @ saluk:

      I believe it's actually now related to the (also pseudo-obsolete) name "Albion" that's sometimes associated with England, rather than an actual name for a person. I'm certainly no expert though, so take that with a grain of salt. :)

      - Jon

    23. Arthur Cormode
      on August 25, 2016

      Glad to hear things are progressing once again. I was a little worried that the game was bordering on vapourware territory.
      Anyway, compliments to the artist. She is doing great work. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      saluk on August 25, 2016

      Ok, so Cedric I get. What is the other name's modern version? Alvin? Albert?

      Alboin is pretty bad, it sounds like Albert's groin.

      Nice to see an update, and glad to hear your health is improving.

    25. Jon Shafer Creator on August 25, 2016

      I hear you Jon - that is certainly true for most projects, but I'd argue AtG is different because of the game being mostly procedural rather than asset-based. Most non-strategy games require a lot of artwork and other content (writing, quests, etc.), and finishing up that sort of thing does take a lot of people. With a 4X game most of the work involves gameplay and AI polish, and for that you just need a strong core team who knows the game really well. And fortunately, that's something we already happen to have!

      Of course once we finally wrap this thing up I might have different thoughts (never been one afraid to change my mind), but for now I feel pretty confident about pulling this thing off with the folks we have in place already.

      - Jon

    26. Missing avatar

      Jon Huston on August 25, 2016

      Jon: I've sponsored quite a few kickstarters. I have a concern on this project, that you didn't raise enough funds to do this in a timely fashion. Have you considered a second round of financing? I do realize you can probably finish it with your own resources, but I think you could finish much faster with some more funds in hand. - Jon (my name)