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Lead a barbarian kingdom to glory during the final days of the Roman Empire. An empire builder by Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5.
Lead a barbarian kingdom to glory during the final days of the Roman Empire. An empire builder by Jon Shafer, designer of Civ 5.
3,009 backers pledged $106,283 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Jon Shafer on April 11

      Apologies for the late response - the next big update should be posted here in a couple weeks.

      - Jon

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      saluk on April 11

      Yeah any updates for 2016?

    3. stephane.p on April 2

      Update? Thx

    4. Missing avatar

      BeeTHLe BeTHLeHeM on March 22

      Looking forward for some update about the game. Since I have to wait the game release at least your videos and insights on game design can help with the wait!

    5. Barbar on February 20

      Any updates? Some Screen shots? :) I always love getting updates on this game

    6. Christian Weisskopf on February 9

      I really enjoyed the previous updates and gameplay videos. Any news? How's the Milestone Schedule progressing?

    7. Missing avatar

      David Korus on January 15

      As a game-dev, I appreciate your dedication to shipping when it's done instead of shooting for a ship date. Really looking forward to seeing the final product Jon!

    8. Niels on November 24

      Ok, prompt delivery. Thank you. And I'm amazed at your level of dedication.

    9. Niels on November 23

      Thanks for updating us here. (Maybe you should still post a real update every couple of months though, not everyone checks the comments.)
      So, what about that schedule?

    10. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on November 6

      nevermind my question, u answered below had to scroll down :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on November 6

      thx for the updates, any reason u use the comments in stead of the real updates we get via mail?

    12. Creator Jon Shafer on November 4

      November 4 Update …

      We've been busy getting a complete, finalized project schedule nailed down over the past couple weeks, and should have it ready to go to the presses soon. As such, the next big project update which will detail exactly that should be posted next week, so stay tuned!

      - Jon

    13. Creator Jon Shafer on October 27, 2015

      October 27 Update …

      Finished writing a script which automates the process of building and deployment of new game versions - what used to be 19 tedious and error-prone steps now only requires a single click!

      - Jon

    14. Creator Jon Shafer on October 24, 2015

      I was recently a featured guest for the Game Designer's Vault (, a site dedicated to the discipline and game development generally. My bio page there ( includes a brief career recap along with recommendations for design-related blogs and podcasts I've found informative. If you're a current/aspiring game designer or simply interested in the craft I definitely recommend stopping by the site and checking out all the other great content it has to offer.

      - Jon

    15. Creator Jon Shafer on October 20, 2015

      October 20 Update:

      Weekly Challenge #1 (titled "Fame & Fecundity") has begun! In this inaugural game whoever owns the most clans on turn 100 will be declared the winner. Everyone who enters a challenge can earn forum 'badges', and each winner receives a cool reward, and the top prize this time around is an autographed box copy! Additional details for this challenge specifically along with the whole concept generally can be found in a new subforum for the private alpha test group.

      While challenges are only available to members of the private alpha right now our goal is to build them into a major post-release feature. Monthly challenges have long been popular within the Civ community, but a lack of in-game support has always limited their audience. Another feature that should help AtG stand out on this front is built-in support for goals and rules differing from challenge to challenge. This was originally envisioned as only a design tool, but it turned out to be a plus for players as well because it pushes you to try out new strategies that you might otherwise have never given a shot.

      (Oh, and I should probably also mention that sound effects finally work on Mac and Linux as of the latest build! Found a nasty threading bug in a third party audio library… #$@%!)

      - Jon

    16. Creator Jon Shafer on October 16, 2015

      October 16 Progress Update:

      Just posted a new alpha build featuring 'weekly challenge' games, ala Spelunky!

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Feyka on October 8, 2015

      Yes please post a copy on here . I don't have the time or interest to chase down everyone's personal sites and then remember all the logins.

    18. Creator Jon Shafer on October 7, 2015

      Yeah, that's a good call. I hate getting spammed with tons of tiny, uninteresting updates by projects I've backed and so I try to avoid 'spamming' people, but even so I do recognize plenty of people feel the exact opposite way. To that end we've been providing much more concise and frequent updates on the Conifer Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and official forums - doing so here is something that had never occurred to me but probably does makes sense given that not everyone cares for those other channels.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      - Jon

    19. Barbar on October 7, 2015

      But would be nice to get a bit more regular updates, even if just to say "Hello, I am still around." :)

    20. Barbar on September 19, 2015

      I agree with Mike. I will rather wait a few years and get a kick ass game. :)

    21. Creator Jon Shafer on July 29, 2015

      I sincerely appreciate that Mike, and thanks again for your patience everyone! We're very fortunate that our supporters and fans - you guys - have been so supportive and understanding throughout this process. Most Kickstarter-funded video game projects run late thanks to the near-impossibility of projecting how long it will take to "create fun", and the communities surrounding some have transformed from "frustrated" to "extremely hostile". And although that is unfortunately it's is honestly something I completely understand and can't fault them for, as after all 100% of the onus here is on the creators to actually, you know, follow through on their promises.

      I definitely dropped the ball when coming up with those projected release dates back when we launched the Kickstarter, and that's a mistake I've learned from and won't make again. I know an extended delay like this can be frustrating, but one of my core beliefs is that once a "great but late game" is finally released it becomes merely a "great game", whereas a "bad game" is simply "bad" regardless of what date it was released.

      It's been a long journey with AtG, but I'm now confident we're most of the way down the path and it will indeed end up becoming one of those "great games". From here just a lot of polish and the blood, sweat, and tears it'll take to make it happen. And no more big changes are coming, I promise!

      - Jon

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike ks on July 18, 2015

      Jon Shafer I supported at the alpha level and I just wanted to tell you to not be concerned with a final release date. Just make sure the cake is baked well :) Unlike other bad examples who would have just pushed out some mess long ago and moved on; you seem to be taking your time and doing it right with no lame excuses.

      So despite the time lag, I consider the money that I invested well spent and I have faith that the final product will be a gem. Kudos to your continued hard work and positive attitude!

    23. Creator Jon Shafer on June 13, 2015

      No worries, sir. I've certainly had plenty of email-related 'adventures' over the past couple years, some of which were definitely not my fault and others that... well, it's less clear! Hehe.

      - Jon

    24. Missing avatar

      Andy Davidson on June 12, 2015

      Brilliant thx seems to be working , feel slightly stupid , perhaps I have missed out but don't remember getting an email but heh ho ;0

    25. Creator Jon Shafer on June 11, 2015

      I have good news for you: the private 'beta' (though the game is still technically in alpha) is actually available right now. We're using Humble for distribution and they should have sent you an email (to the address associated with your Kickstarter account back when you backed AtG) with information about how to get the game back when it became available, but in case something happened to it you can have them send you another one via the 'Humble Key Re-Sender' (

      - Jon

    26. Missing avatar

      Andy Davidson on June 11, 2015

      Thx for the reply, another question I was looking through my various Kickstarter projects that I had backed and I had completely forgot that I had the 'Invitation to Private Beta' reward is there and ETA for this

    27. Creator Jon Shafer on May 24, 2015

      Yep, a big update talking about the UI will be posted in the next couple weeks.

      - Jon

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy Davidson on May 24, 2015

      Any updates arriving soon?

    29. Arthur Cormode on February 1, 2015

      The newest video was very entertaining. This game is looking better and better. :)

    30. Creator Jon Shafer on November 22, 2014

      We do indeed. The AtG pre-order/purchase page can be found here:

      Thanks much sir! Every little bit helps, and gives us the security of knowing we can take our time polishing the game.

      - Jon

    31. Missing avatar

      Andy Davidson on November 22, 2014

      Jon , just out of interest , I notice that quite a few of the other KS projects I support are able to keep a steady stream of revenue rolling after the successful completion of the funding , have you been able to do this (apologies if you have already discussed this somewhere ) , is there anywhere I can point my friends and colleagues at as I have unearthed a few surprise CIV5 stalwarts who I am sure would like to support ATG

    32. Creator Jon Shafer on October 26, 2014

      Thanks guys!

      @ quagmire

      We're aiming for late 2015. I know that's still a long way off, but we're not going to the same mistake as many other strategy developers and release AtG before it's balanced, polished, and features a truly competitive AI. We COULD release a game like that in just a few months, but I feel like most people would prefer an amazing game in a year to a mediocre game now.

      As always, thanks everyone for your continued support and patience. I promise it will be rewarded!

      - Jon

    33. Missing avatar

      quagmire on October 26, 2014

      I've gotten half a million updates, but I'd really like just one: Game ready, enjoy.
      What's the ETA on final release?

    34. Missing avatar

      Andy Davidson on October 20, 2014

      Really enjoyed the video, the game play looks great and the graphic art is really nice , in a weird way the figure art has a feel of the cover art for Airfix models (e.g. Airfix Ancient Britons) I sure that is not deliberate but it has a nice historic feel to it

      Keep up the good work , the time you are investing is reaping rewards

    35. Niels on October 15, 2014

      Mid October now, any update on that video?

    36. Creator Jon Shafer on September 18, 2014

      A new 15+ minute gameplay video should be up in early-to-mid October. That's a bit later than I was initially hoping, but some 'real life' stuff ate up last week and the early part of this week. No worries though - aside from that small delay everything is back on track again.

      - Jon

    37. Creator Jon Shafer on August 14, 2014

      Actually putting the finishing touches on a new update that will be posted later today!

      - Jon

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian K. on August 14, 2014

      Anything new happening?

    39. Creator Jon Shafer on May 14, 2014

      An update (and a big milestone!) Are actually coming up in only a few days. Just putting the finishing touches on things...

      - Jon

    40. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on May 14, 2014

      a may update would be cool :) maybe some footage of early gameplay or perhaps a little broadcast on

    41. Creator Jon Shafer on January 27, 2014

      Afraid not, but I'll be posting a update regarding diplomacy in February.

      - Jon

    42. Niels on January 27, 2014

      Is there a January update coming?

    43. Creator Jon Shafer on November 27, 2013

      Sorry for the wait - I'll be posting a new update next week.

      - Jon

    44. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on November 26, 2013

      how is the alpha testing going fellas :) anyone streaming, or do we have an NDA in play :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on October 6, 2013

      thx for the update, i guess it just showed up in the app as its part of humble network then. Glad to hear it will all work out, humble is a great site. Good choice! Hope the play testing is coming along nicely! Im getting a bit bored of beta testing rome2 atm hrhr :D

    46. Creator Jon Shafer on October 3, 2013

      I worked with Humble a few months ago to import our database of AtG Kickstarter and PayPal backers. Steam keys will be added to the Humble page, but you won't see them up there yet. I have no idea why it would show up for Android though, I'll ask about that.

      - Jon

    47. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on October 2, 2013

      well curiosity got the best of me, now in my humble account i checked on my pc , it shows the following : This page is claimed by you. Thanks for purchasing Jon Shafer's At the Gates ($25 Tier)! Thanks for pre-ordering! When At the Gates is ready, you'll be able to get it right here on your download page. Pretty impressive humble bundle knows i backed, i dont recall linking accounts or anything

      Does this mean i cant claim it on steam anymore ? Hope not :(

    48. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on October 2, 2013

      something very strange, in my humble bundle android app i downloaded due to a mobile bundle i bought, at the gates showed up to claim in the humble app for android in the claim games tab. No idea what claiming does, don't own the app that long, just fyi.

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