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Help fund the publication of the fourth book in Goats: The Infinite Pendergast Cycle
Help fund the publication of the fourth book in Goats: The Infinite Pendergast Cycle
906 backers pledged $55,348 to help bring this project to life.

The Money Fountain

Just one last update as we head into the final 24 hours of the Goats Kickstarter.

You guys are unstoppable. We just hit $47k, which means you'll all be getting free black-and-white Goats ebooks (the silver "classic" books) and brand-new stickers for those of you receiving mailed reward packages. Care to go for $50k? ;)

I'm starting to figure out just how much work I have ahead of me (hint: a lot), securing quotes for USB drives and such, prepping book files, designing things that need designing. I should probably get some acrylic paints too, I have something like 13 paintings to paint! And a minicomic to draw, and a website to build... this stuff should keep me busy for a while.

Oh, and did I mention I'll be going to Australia to hand-deliver some books? Crazy.

This Kickstarter has been one of the best experiences of my comicking career, and I recommend it to anyone thinking about giving it a go. And I have all of you to thank for it. So thank you! Thank you for making all of this possible. I started this thing looking to see if there was any interest in the return of Goats and you spoke LOUDLY. It feels good, lemme tell you. Thank you thank you thank you again.

I'll be sending out the surveys to get your preferences and info in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Christian Destremps on

      I think another update is called for. It's been a while.

    2. Andrew on

      Vietnamese food in Perth = awesome, I'm going back there after Easter from the UK. People don't realise that Australia is within touching distance of SE Asia; the Torres Strait between Aus and Papua New Guinea is only 93 miles wide. Also it's megadiverse, ranging from desert to alpine to rainforest environments. The more you know!

    3. Fergus Maximus

      And I'm sure there are plenty of other Goats fans here in Oz too! Where are you headed? Maybe we could organise a reader gathering (although it's a stupidly big country and most of us live around the edges)?

    4. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Most of the money will be going to pay for production and shipping costs for the rewards, but yeah, this should give us a bit of a cushion. Australia is going to be fun! I'll try to stay for a few days, I have to get back to take care of babies but Amy will probably let me go for a long weekend.

    5. Auros Harman on

      So you've raised, what, the median annual income, all in one swell foop? Hopefully it will keep you stocked on diapers and Gerber and whatever else babies need, while you struggle to meet your fans' newly raised expectations.

      If you're flying all the way to Oz, you really should stay a while. They have awesome wildlife, and better Thai food than we have in the US. :-)