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Finally, more signings

Posted by Jonathan Rosenberg (Creator)
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Quick update: looks like I'll be heading up to Massachusetts to sign more books on Friday. I'll also be bringing a whole mess of books home with me to continue signing in the interrim between visits. Hopefully we should have the next batch out the door next week. 

As far as the missing $79 tier goes, it looks like MTT was waiting on responses from people about substituting book titles since we're very low on certain volumes. I'll talk to them when I'm up there and make sure that gets taken care of.

Thanks guys! I'd write more but I gotta make a comic right now.

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    1. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      I don't think they had to contact everyone, just a select few. But I think they were waiting to compile all the responses until shipping the whole tier at once. I'll make sure shipping starts on the packages that are good to go.

    2. Shane Phillips on

      I double checked my email, but I don't see anything from Make That Thing at any point, regarding the $79 tier or anything else.