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Help fund the publication of the fourth book in Goats: The Infinite Pendergast Cycle
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Signing Updates

Posted by Jonathan Rosenberg (Creator)
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I don't mean to complain but it is really, really difficult to coordinate a two-day window to get up to Massachusetts when you have three little kids and your wife has a full-time job. I'm sorry for the delays. So extremely sorry, you have no idea. Sorry I was born.

That said! We're shooting for early December for more signing. I will let you know when we set a date. 

If your rewards consist entirely of non-signed items and you haven't received them, please let me know! That is information that could be useful to us both.

Love you!


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    1. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      I'm in touch with MTT about the Infinite Pendergast shipments, it's possible they were overlooked. They're looking into it now to see why they weren't sent out. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Ritchie on

      I also backed the Infinite Pendergast edition and have not received my books.

    3. Shane Phillips on

      Same as the comments below. It was my understanding Infinite Pendergast Edition didn't have anything signed in it, which is why I was asking about it in the comments section last month.

    4. Adriano Antonini on

      Hi there,
      I've got the same problem as Mr Hubbard below: I backed the The Infinite Pendergast Edition tier, but have not received my books yet. Please get in touch to verify the shipping address or providde some info, if possible.

    5. Philhouse

      Don't be sorry, especially not sorry you were born, 'cause then we wouldn't have Goats at all, or SFAM, and I like them muchly.

    6. Richard Kempter

      Don't be sorry Jon, life happens. It's too bad they couldn't bring the books to you to sign unless there are too many to box up in a van.

    7. David Hubbard on

      I backed the The Infinite Pendergast Edition tier, but have not received my books. I figured you wanted to send out the signed stuff first, so I was waiting for you to get those done before wondering where my books were.