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More Signing, More Shipping and A Plea For Help

Posted by Jonathan Rosenberg (Creator)
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Hey guys! I was up in Easthampton, Massachusetts last week signing and sketching another couple hundred books for you guys. I'll probably have to go one or two more times but I don't know when that's happening. August is shot for travel and September is an awful lot of conventions but I will do my best to get them all done as soon as possible.

So we're getting ready to resume shipping! Many of you have rewards that include a print of a Goats comic. A very large number of you declined to provide an exact date, opting to let us pick or giving a vague description of the strip. 

This may come as a surprise but I don't have a photographic memory of the strip. I was going to try and look all of your requests up but A) there's an awful lot of them and  B) I have no idea how to even begin researching these. If I spent the time figuring these all out I'd have to put SFAM on hiatus for a month.

So, here's the deal:

  • If you left the choice up to me, I'm going to select the same strip for all of you. It'll be a nice one! But I don't have time to do a custom selection for each of you.
  • If you left me a description instead of a date, I can't do the research for you. The Goats website is up: so please feel free to look up your desired strip and let me know which one you want. I'll need this info by Monday.
  • If your strip choice is one of the old black and white strips, let me know which page it's on in the ebook PDFs and I can look up the date for you.
  • If you don't provide this info I'll give my best guess as to which print you want, which is not very good. My guesses are awful. You'll probably get the wrong print.

Please leave your strip choice as a comment on this update or email me at with subject: strip choice. 

Thanks, guys, this will be a BIG help. 


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    1. Perry Lee on

      Good to know. Thanks.

    2. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Perry, I'm fairly sure they send out shipping notifications before packages go out.

    3. Perry Lee on

      Thanks Jon. Any chance of a notification when it ships, or by who? (USPS, FedEx) We could then keep a closer watch for the package. We would gladly pay extra for tracking.

    4. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Perry, I've reminded Make That Thing once again. Hopefully this time's the charm. I'll check up on them in a week or two and see where they're at. Sorry for the delay.

    5. Perry Lee on

      It has been another month,and still nothing.
      Perry Lee

    6. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      That's fine, Stewart.

    7. Stewart Fritz on

      Hi, Jon- I tried to send this yesterday but the Kickstarter page wasn't cooperating. Back when I filled in my info, I couldn't see the Goats archives so I put in my favorite SFAM strip (2013/07/08/wild-wild-life/). Is that still OK?

    8. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      March 13th 1998 please (my coffee cup broke)

    9. Beanbag Amerika

      Okay, how about #847, May 12th, 2008.

    10. David Moore on

      I can't remember if I specified anything on my form (or what), but I'd like October 20, 2004 (Strip #173).

    11. Missing avatar

      Philip MacInnes on

      I'd like a print of the top strip on pg 13 of Goats Silver Book 4 please

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Dowland on

      My favourite strip is August 8th 2006 - the ID is 510.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on

      I'd like a print of the Jan. 8th, 2010 print. it's ID # on the website is 1095.