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Help fund the publication of the fourth book in Goats: The Infinite Pendergast Cycle
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Shipping: Round #2

Posted by Jonathan Rosenberg (Creator)

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that the following tiers will begin shipping today:

  • The Artist's Editon  
  • The Thumb Drive  
  • The Ultimate Answer  
  • The Executive Producer  
  • The Action Edition

They should all be en route to you within a day or two, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

One piece of bad news: we are mostly out of stock of Goats Volumes 2 and 3. I'm hoping to reprint them eventually but will need to do another Kickstarter before I can afford two more print runs. I DIDmanage to find some extra copies but we're still short 10 copies of #2 and 27 copies of #3. The following tiers are supposed to receive the full set of books:

  • Just The Books 
  • Complete Edition
  • Classic Edition
  • Handmade Edition
  • Super Handmade
  • Super Duper Handmade
  • Peculiar Edition
  • Cameo Edition
  • Goats Cameo Edition

We're going to do our best to offer alternate selections for the folks we don't have books for. If you're okay with an alternate selection, or waiting until we reprint (no guarantees on how long that will take), let me know as soon as you can. Otherwise we'll contact those affected by the problem and work with you to find a good solution. 

Thanks, everyone! I hope you enjoy your long-overdue rewards.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Griffiths on

      Hello Jonathan. I, too, chose The Infinite Pendergast Edition. What are my odds of getting a full set?

    2. Jeffrey J Chaves on

      Just got my package today and fully satisfied with alit all; Volume 4, good Hitler, and all the swag! Good things come to those that wait! Good Campaign Jonathan! #whatsNext

    3. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Seth, I'm working out the rest of the story now. I don't want to just jump in without a plan, and my ideas have evolved a bit from where they were five years ago. I think it's fair to say I'll be ready to start drawing again in the fall.

    4. Missing avatar

      Seth Ascher on

      Any updates on the plan for finishing the Goats story? I know that was part of your original goal, but life has (understandably) taken different turns since then. I'd still love to see where it was going, even if in a form different than your original plan.

    5. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Thank you Robynne! Someone will be contacting you and your fellow compatriots to find out what other goodies we can send you instead.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robynne Blume on

      I also already own books #2 and #3, so I don't need copies sent to me that would be better sent to another backer.

    7. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Mike.

      Adriano, we have enough copies to fulfill most of the orders for the full set. I'll do my best to make sure you're one of those people.

    8. Adriano Antonini on

      Dear Jonathan,

      what about "The Infinite Pendergast Edition"? I specifically selected that tier to have the full set, there's little point in it for me if the set is incomplete. So how does it look like?


    9. Mike McHugh on

      what Rich said :)

    10. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Thanks, John.

    11. John May on

      I'm a Handmade Edition backer and I already have books #2 & #3.

    12. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Rich. We'll be in touch about an alternate reward choice.

    13. Jonathan Rosenberg 2-time creator on

      Tim, I must have missed that somehow! Surveys are en route now.

    14. Richard Kempter


      I'm a Super Handmade pledger and already have books #2 & #3. Please take mine and send them to another pledger if that helps.

      @Tim, look on the Campaign section and see if there is a light blue "your response" on your pledge level. If yes then you did the survey. If it's not there contact Jon somehow.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Preston on

      As a Thumb Driver backer, should I have gotten a survey at some point to give you my address? I'm not sure I ever did.