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In a bid to reclaim their self-respect, a group of friends band together & resolve to seek revenge against the men who've wronged them.

Ugly Girls -- Revenge is About to Get a Makeover

Ugly Girls is a feature-length comedy about three friends who come together to seek revenge after they are each mocked and ridiculed by a group of the most prominent men on their college campus. 

The script is written, the film is cast, and pre-production is in full swing. However, we need your help to ensure this film is the best it possibly can be. We're lucky enough to have access to most of our own equipment. This includes, but is not limited to: a camera, basic sound equipment, and all of the editing software you could ask for. However, we're still in dire need of lightning, more advanced sound equipment, dolly tracks, and even better lenses. We'll need color correction and sound editing, among other areas of post-production. We want to send this to as many film festivals as possible so we need all this and more to ensure it's of the best possible quality.

So I bet you're wondering how can you help? You can donate. Every little bit helps: $25, $10, $5, or even $1. And if you can't make a donation don't worry. Times are tough. We get it... we're college students. But just because you can't donate doesn't mean you can't help.If you like what we're doing and want to see more then share our Kickstarter page (Or our Facebook).This business is about cooperation. Working together allows us to grow, evolve, and learn. Sometimes a good word can do more than a stack of money ever could.

We're really excited for the chance to share this story with you. Your support will not only make this project happen, but it will also make it the very best that it can be. 

Thank you so much.

- Jonothon & Skyler

Say hello to our cast: Andrea Erkelens (Lexie), Ericka Winterrowd (Jane), Chelsea Sorenson (Anna), Ethan Perry (Charlie), David Kim (Logan), and Matt Mercurio (Brent). 

Directed by Skyler Scott Kern
Written by Jonothon Mitchell & Rob Ward
Original Music by Leonardo Mockridge 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Some movies take a year or more to produce, from start to finish, with hundreds of people working on its production. We have five months and about ten people on crew. Numerous hours will be put into this even to the sacrifice of time and sleep (and grades.)

For that reason our biggest challenge is time.

Over the course of our previous projects, like our web series Bro-ing Pains, we have run into issues with scheduling. Being on such a small budget, the creation of this film obviously isn't anyone's day job (though sometimes it certainly feels like it is) and we've had to face that head on when past shoots that have had to be moved or re-scheduled because we are all adults & students with day-to-day lives and conflicts arise.

In the past we've had time taken up by color correction, sound editing, and editing of the project due to the fact we were forced to edit it ourselves. This has caused production delays as well as the delay of release. With the proper funding we can reach out to professionals who will be able to take some of that burden off the two out of five people in the crew who know how to edit so that they can instead focus on bringing this idea to life, and on time at that.

We've assembled a dedicated cast and crew that will push through these scheduling conflicts and ensure that the end result is a film that we are all proud of. Many of us would like to work in this industry in some capacity and we realize what it necessary of us to make that happen. That makes us as capable to overcome this challenge as anyone else.

Some movies have huge budgets. Ours is $1,000. It doesn't mean the quality won't be as rewarding. Without the proper equipment that may be the case, but we have faith that with the necessary help we can create something really wonderful. We believe in this project which is why we've dedicated the better part of the next five months to creating to it.

We hope to finish this film and prepare it for release by the end of 2013. We want to submit it to festivals and possibly find distribution. These are things that could very well happen, but only if the product is the best it can possibly be. And with your support it will be.

We thank you so much for all you do not only for us, but for all artists here on Kickstarter. As a creator or a donor you make so much possible. And that's something really special. Thank you again.


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