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Cartography: A map-making, territory claiming, strategy game. 2 players, ages 10 and up. Adjustable play time starting at 15 min.
Cartography: A map-making, territory claiming, strategy game. 2 players, ages 10 and up. Adjustable play time starting at 15 min.
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Cartography Has Shipped — Birch Production Update

Posted by Jon Adams (Creator)

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It's been exciting getting your feedback as the games are trickling in. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.


Cartography has shipped

All games have shipped out except the premium "birch" games and games destined for the EU. It is my understanding that the EU games will be shipping out after the new year.

Birch production update

We hit a bump with the birch production. The quality wasn't quite as high as the proofs so we are having those remade. As you can see the detail on the left isn't as high as in he proofs on the right.

We expect to receive those early next week and ship them out as soon as possible.

Thanks again,
Jon Adams

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Marcinkowski on

      Thanks, Jon. Sucks to hear, but hopefully won't take too long to get sorted.

    2. Jon Adams Creator on

      I'm still working with the laser manufacturing company. We started production again but the tiles still don't match the proofs. I'll post an update once we get this sorted out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Marcinkowski on

      How's it looking on the birch front, Jon?

    4. Missing avatar

      Santiago on

      OK, thanks. I was missing that bit, so I didn't understand the delay. Cheers!

    5. Jon Adams Creator on

      That is correct. The Games as I understand it are already in the EU and will be shipped very soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Santiago on

      If I understand correctly, the EU packages will be sent from a EU hub, right?

    7. Jon Adams Creator on

      Radka, I don't have an exact date yet. Playford has informed me that it will be soon after the new year.

    8. Radka on

      Jon, why have the games destined for the EU not been shipped yet? And when will they be shipped? "After the new year" can mean 2nd january 2016 or the end of November 2016! I think you could put some more effort into informing the backers, so that they know what they can expect.

    9. Jon Adams Creator on

      Yes that is correct. You should receive two copies and the additional tokens.

      Playford Games will be posting a 4 player guide at some point in the future. In the meantime you might be surprised to hear there aren't any additional rules for four player games, but keep in mind it doesn't matter who is surrounding a group. If a token or group of tokens is completely surrounded it is captured.

    10. Dave Marron

      Mine have arrived!

      But I'm a bit confused - if you pledged for the four-player version, you get two copies of the game?

    11. Jon Adams Creator on

      The EU games were shipped from China separately from the rest of the games. Our fulfillment partner is just a bit delayed. I don't have any details of why, except that there are different customs issues for the EU, but the games should be out to you soon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Santiago on

      Why is EU shipping delayed?