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Jenn and Matt, best friends since college, decide to have a child together, by having sex—even though Matt is gay and Jenn is straight.
Jenn and Matt, best friends since college, decide to have a child together, by having sex—even though Matt is gay and Jenn is straight.
134 backers pledged $16,209 to help bring this project to life.

Gayby NYC Extended, LA coming up, Gotham Award finalist, info on a great project and thank you!

Gayby had a great opening week run in NYC. So much so that we were extended by Cinema Village now through October 25th. If you haven't had a chance to come out and see the film please come this weekend. I will be doing Q&A's following the 9:20pm screening tonight Friday the 19th and after the 5:10pm and 9:20pm screenings tomorrow Saturday the 20th.

We open in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Noho 7 on October 26th for a week long run. Theater info below:

And we are a finalist for the Gotham Award audience prize!  Gayby, along with 30 other films that won audience awards across the US, will be voted on through October 31st.  If we make the top 5 we get to go the the Gotham Awards which would be awesome.  Please vote!  Just hit login and signup and vote!

And lastly I'd like to draw your attention to a project by a great friend of Gayby.  Our Associate Producer Townes Coates.  It's a documentary called Queer City.  It looks worthwhile and necessary.  All the info and the place to donate can be found here:

Their team includes some wonderful people you may know: Director/Producer Draper Shreeve (KIDS OF PENZANCE), Executive Producer Henry Chalfant (STYLE WARS, FROM MAMBO TO HIP-HOP), Producer Townes Coates, and Associate Producers Christopher Bram, Anna South, and Robert Woodworth. 

Please help them if you can!

PS All the kickstarter gifts have gone out.  If anyone didn't receive anything please let me know

Thank you all once more for supporting our project.  It means the world to us!

Jonathan and the Gayby Posse

Gayby premiere

Today we finally get to share the finished film with an audience. Thank you all so much for helping to make that happen!

Jonathan Lisecki and the whole Gayby Crew. 

And now... Gayby is up for indieWIRE's Project of the MONTH - 18 hours of voting left

Dear Generous and Wonderful People,

Starting earlier today, Wednesday the 5th at 1pm EST, and for 24 hours only, Gayby is up for indieWIRE's "Project of the Month".  We won "Project of the Week" by a nice margin but now we are up against projects that all won their week.  Not only would winning this bring more attention to our project but it also includes a consultation with the Sundance Institute as a prize.  

If (and sadly only if) you have a facebook account you can vote.  You vote via facebook's own poll app which take a nanosecond to use.  It's not a spammy application but if you hate facebook apps like we sometimes all do just delete it after the voting period is over tomorrow at 1pm.

Now if you are not on facebook congratulations for having free time but please just tell someone else to vote if you are near them and they have an account.

Here is the link:

May the best GAYBY win!

Thank you, 


Gayby is up for indieWIRE's Project of the Week - via a 24 hour poll

Hey Everyone,

Gayby is up for a vote on facebook to be indieWIRE’s project of the week.  It’s us versus three other projects of the day.  If you have a facebook account you can vote.  It’s only a 24 hour poll.  Vote if you can.  We get some kind of nice prize.  If you’re not on facebook just tell someone else.  Here is the link:

Here is the link to the story on indieWIRE:

Thank you, 

Jonathan and the Gayby team

Gratitude in my Cattitude

Thank you all so much for helping us make well over our goal.  The fact that this project has 134 backers and 622 facebook likes fills me with glee and not the teenage singing kind.  I will be getting all the prizes sorted out in the next few weeks. Feel free to bug me if you just can't live without your best gay shorts dvd or some such and I will move you to the head of the list.  

Jonathan and the Gayby posse 

and the kitties