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We're using VR cameras to film the last 4 northern white rhinoceros on earth before the species goes extinct
We're using VR cameras to film the last 4 northern white rhinoceros on earth before the species goes extinct
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    1. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Hey Victoria, if you filled out the backer report, chances are the reward ended up in your SPAM folder. DM us in the next week or so, and we'll give you a replacement link.

    2. Missing avatar

      Victoria Warren on

      I don't recall getting anything in April?

    3. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Anna: we just saw that (thanks to an American iPlayer workaround). The Al Jazeera one is nice as well:
      Everywhere else:…

    4. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Thanks for the email update. Was just reading it when you appeared on the TV on BBC Click. Congratulations project so far!

    5. Reinhard Mitschang on

      ok, I watched the film now and I really like the scenes where you parted the scenery and meshed two differend regions. But I'm a little bit disappointed about the content. Basically everything I can learn from the film has already been told here. It feels much more like a trailer or teaser, than a documentary.

    6. Reinhard Mitschang on

      very happy to wake up and find the mail with the download-link in my inbox :-) but I'm somewhat confused about two things:
      1st: why is the low res version 100 MB bigger than the 4k full version?
      2nd: why are the instructions for watching the film with cardboard so confusing? On Android you just get a VR videoplayer (AAA VR Cinema is free and works just fine), download the video (the 4k full Version works) open it with the player and done. Or did you forget to mention, that the instructions are for iPhone?

      looking forward to watch the film after work :-)

    7. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Jongsma + O'Neill: if you really want your backer's feedback on this question, you should really make an update about it or write an email. I don't know, how many of my fellow backers watch the comments-section here...

    8. Reinhard Mitschang on

      great :-D
      I wouldn't prefer one over the other, as I plan to watch it on an Android-device only and already have a good VR-Videoplayer installed.

    9. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Hey Reinhard, the plan is to give users the ability to download the app, which is currently being finished, before its official release. It includes extra material (a slideshow, and a special interview with one of the subjects), but that raises a good point: would donors rather just have an mp4 version next week the day before the fest opens? Let us know what you all think.

    10. Reinhard Mitschang on's little more than a week until the TRIBECA festival...are we still going to see the movie before everyone else, or did you mean something different, when you wrote "ADVANCED RELEASE DOWNLOAD"?

    11. Caroline Nelson on

      Hi, Looking forward to receiving the VR film. Do you have a date when we can download it yet? Thanks

    12. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Hey Trystan, sounds like a browser issue. I'd suggest reaching out to VRideo to see about their recommended browsers and specs:
      They're good folks, and tend to respond quickly.
      Hope they help you out, and thanks for backing.

    13. Trystan Vel

      Hello, will your movie run on a Windows 10 OS? Unfortunately I could not run the demo.

    14. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Hey Tarek, we love hearing from you on any platform.

    15. Tarek Zaki on

      Not sure if this is the right place for such comments. But I finally got to catch up with your projects, and your dedication and passion is inspiring. I couldn't help it! Looking forward to having my Empire copy!! Best of luck guys!

    16. Shawn MacDonell on

      Looking forward to the post; always interested in supporting VR-enabling ventures. Keep up the efforts, and good luck!

    17. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Kathleen: I just sent you a message with a possible solution. Really happy to have your support.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Fraser on

      I have a Question. I just pledged your $60 package. I would also like to pledge an additional $60 to give to my Son-in Law for Christmas but I would want his name in the credits you mention yet obviously I cannot put his with my credit card number. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks and what a wonderful project! My daughter has a kickstarter which she just began Monday so I am just discovering the program. Kathleen Fraser

    19. Teo Choong Ching

      I am a big fan of British photojournalist Tim Hetherington. Thanks for sharing this novel idea. All the best

    20. Jongsma + O'Neill Creator on

      Shawn: you know your VR! And you've inspired us: the reasons behind our decision to go monoscopic will be the topic of an upcoming tumblr post. We may not be able to get it together until after Kenya, but follow us here to stay updated:

    21. Shawn MacDonell on

      The Ark is shot in standard 360 deg. video feed; not stereoscopic 3D-enabled video, correct?

      Would stereoscopic 3D 360 deg. video be a potential stretch goal to add on? I feel it's more imperative to enable a truly 3D environment for the digital/virtual preservation of these animals, if at all possible.

    22. Trystan Vel

      Can i watch this and get the full effect with the Oculus Rift DK2