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Active electronics give a very fine point tip; it even works with gloves on. For iOS or Android. Less than 1/2 the size of most stylus.
Active electronics give a very fine point tip; it even works with gloves on. For iOS or Android. Less than 1/2 the size of most stylus.
Active electronics give a very fine point tip; it even works with gloves on. For iOS or Android. Less than 1/2 the size of most stylus.
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    1. Steven Landau

      I hereby invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    2. Missing avatar

      Thierry Sayegh on

      never received anything...nor a reply to my numerous messages

    3. Mo Zapata on

      The Nota was the product that gave Hex3 my trust. The Yufu is the product that absolutely destroyed my trust. I never received the Yufu.

    4. Gwen.

      No news, no stylus. :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Thierry Sayegh on

      love the fact that i NEVER received my product...

    6. Missing avatar

      Thierry Sayegh on

      where the heck is my stylus?

    7. Brendan Quinn on

      Ok, You take my money don't send me a product (faulty or not) then don't reply to my emails or messages, Since you are unable to offer any apology or solution i would like a full refund

    8. Missing avatar

      Rodney N on

      I gave up using mine after a week. My wife never bothered to unpack hers after she realised how disastrous the product ended up being. Lesson learnt.

    9. Jakob Tilander on

      Yeeeeah, it was pretty much not worth the time or money spent.

    10. Virtually Real on

      Mine stopped working a while back...sent an email to support but heard nothing in reply. Instead I still get emails offering discounts on their new products. What a shame they don't have the decency to reply to their kickstarter backers who have a faulty unit.

    11. Missing avatar

      Bart Baetens on

      Hex3 are great selling products, but they fail to deliver support. I sent several messages to the support department of Hex3 and to Jon directly. Jon replied once and the support department replied once to tell me to sent my details I have used on Kickstarter (by using my email address they should have found that details themselves. I bought 7 devices, so they should be able to find my details). I'm stuck with a broken Nota stylus that switches off every 2 seconds for more than a month now and Hex3 is not giving support at all.

    12. Chelly on

      Hi there. I haven't got my stylus yet. It has been a long time. Can somebody tell me who I need to talk to to get it?

    13. Missing avatar

      Bart Baetens on

      Hi Jon,

      I received all nota stylus pens in good order. One of them switches off after 2 seconds all the time. I raised a support call, but that isn't answered. Can you advise what could be a next step?

      Regards, Bart

    14. Brendan Quinn on

      Hi I still have yet to recive anything can someone please get back I have already used the customer service link

    15. Missing avatar

      hkg on

      Hi Jon - after using it for a bit some experience sharing.
      - battery life seems good (even though I got the pen switched on a number of times, due to the way I put it in my bag)
      - with a fresh tip the pen works decently well, the only challenge seems the straight lines as mentioned before
      - though once the rubber tip comes off once, the experience becomes less good. IE, I keep on losing (and finding) the rubber tip. The using experience becomes less good, as the tip seems to come off more and more easily when using the pen on the ipad when writing and drawing

    16. Missing avatar

      Sophia on

      I liked it at first simply because it worked on Android. After having it for a while the tips fell off and the performance is truly horrible. I bought two and now they just sit in my junk drawer. I backed the Apex stylus here on Kickstarter and that wine works quite nicely. I use it all the time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Antonio Soto Miranda on

      Don´t working.Bad design. Anybody can to make a website or blog with information about bad or scam projects crowfunding my pledge will be first. Many projects KS - IDGG need demand in courts. Lost money, in few years crowfunding don´t exist if KS - IDGG respond with money back. Legal assistance is necessary.

    18. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Bonita, you don't get the run around at all - you got an email within 5 minutes.

      Customer service link is here: , we cannot offer customer service through this comments section.

    19. Bonita Cannon on

      I have not received my stylus. I have emailed several times and I get the run around. Not happy..Not at all!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil Witchell on

      All of my tips fell off in the first week. The Nota stopped working after 3 weeks.
      I have had no response from their customer (lack of) service dept, despite numerous emails.
      They have lost a customer for life. The product promised so much but failed to deliver in every aspect.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nobuhiko Inoue on

      I use "nota" really and am not a success.
      Performance is too bad.

    22. Clive Gringras on

      This is not even funny: I can tell no difference when the Nota is turned on compared with when it is turned off. Saves on batteries, I guess.

    23. Missing avatar

      Di&Kai on

      I am disappointed with the wavy lines and tips falling off. I am also disappointed with the response from company when I asked for support. I hope their other product I backed works out better. next time I will wait to see if the product works.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rodney N on

      @Shadi Omar
      I get the impression that most people have given up on the Nota, and it wouldn't surprise me that once stock runs low that Hex3 (the company that makes this plus other stylus) will pull the product.
      I can see why you'd prefer a refund, I honestly don't use mine any more. It's not worth the problems that are associated with it.

    25. Missing avatar

      shadi omar on

      Hi Guys, I am really disappointed I had to write this comment. the nota guys have a very lousy and poor support and backup processes and really disappointing after service.

      I have bee following up with these guys for more than a month and a half and getting very poor responses. I am not interested in this product (which until now I didn't even receive) and have been trying for ages to get someone to respond to me to get this refunded, I even contacted Jon Atheron through direct messaging but no reponse.

      can you help me here Jon??

    26. Lars Heiberg on

      Hi, Jon Atherton
      I am still waiting to receive my nota !!
      Are you guys still shipping them out??
      Or did something go wrong with mine?
      I live in Copenhagen Denmark

    27. Sarah Baskerville

      So. So. Disappointed in this product. It's just incapable in drawing a straight line no matter what apps I try :(

    28. denise on

      also if the app has the Jaja-X or something similar support try to turn it on.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bailey Mah on


      Thanks for the reply, I maybe tempted now to take it out of the box and try it on the apps that I have.

    30. RichL on

      Well this has been a disappointment. It simply does not work consistently to an acceptable level. Not going to lose any sleep about it, you win some, you lose some. Don't have enough confidence in the creator to back any future projects though.

    31. denise on


      My kid use it with iPad Air bring to school and it does work although some apps are better than others

    32. Missing avatar

      Bailey Mah on

      Received it a while ago, had actually ordered 2 of them. After reading all the comments, I'm afraid to even take it out if the box to try it! I have an iPad Air, and so far haven't read anyone with any success in using it.

    33. Benjamin Samson

      At this stage we have heard from a lot of people who love the Nota and are actively using it. Unfortunately - and as can be seen in our comments - there's a few people who are not so thrilled. -- Jon, are you really that oblivious to the huge number of people complaining about the Nota? I think you have your figures wrong. There isn't a lot of people loving the Nota, and I highly suspect that those who do are either not using it to draw straight lines and circles, or are your friends/partners/family whom you asked to say something good abt it. So in that sense, they're not a lot.

      It's also silly for you to assume that people would back your other projects after what you did or did not do to the Nota backers.

    34. Missing avatar

      hkg on

      Hi guys, am still missing a yaya from my order. Did send email and direct messages but no response......

      What do you suggest as the best way to get in touch?

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Wragg on

      I pretty much agree with Haiku Oezu below. The device, while it looks good, and talks a good game, is not even close to a useful product. It makes it very difficult to put faith in further offerings by the same person. So I won't. It strikes me that the developers must have known how poorly it worked, but decided to just get the pain over, ship a useless product, ignore the complaints, and move on. This is one of the painful lessons of crowd funding.

      For other projects I have backed (20+), I am mildly to very happy with the products. But there have been many lessons, for both backers and creators. The single thing that sticks out most to me is the value of frequent, honest, and open updates. I feel there was a significant lack of openness regarding the actual performance, in the field, of the Nota.

    36. denise on

      Well what do you know. Mine's rubber tip falls out as well!

      TBH ApexGlider I received few dats ago works far better and far smaller tip.

    37. Eric Stecho on

      They refused to send me a replacement tip for one that was obviously defective; the rubber separated from the metal in the first day. I have backed the Jaja, Nota, and Yufu, but after this I doubt I'll back another HEX3 product.

    38. Shany on

      Yeah not the best indeed...
      If Apple didn't make one, no one else should even dare make one.

    39. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Survey slipped me by and I have not yet received my Nota... after seeing all this comments, I guess I am a bit relieved that I didn't have to go through all these horrible experiences that you guys have had.

      Should I just wait for the Nota to be fixed or just ask for a refund at this point?

      @Jon Atherton Have the problems been fixed? What's going to be done about it?

      I know that we funded a project, and "it's not a store" and all the usual stuff that gets bantered about... but a product of this nature needs to be properly tested... it's an ultrafine stylus, when something is ultrafine, you expect it to be accurate.

      I too must second that I hope the YuFu Pro is much much much better from the get-go.

    40. Lars Heiberg on

      Hi, Jon Atherton
      I am still waiting to receive my nota !!
      Are you guys still shipping them out??
      Or did something go wrong with mine?
      I live in Copenhagen Denmark

    41. Tony C. on

      Big time disappointment here....I tried it on a 4th generation ipad, just writing on it, not trying to paint the next Mona Lisa.

      It sucks. I honestly had an easier time using my finger. The delay is horrible. You can't get accuracy....I wanted this to work so bad....

      The only positive is if your looking to type on your phone. Dabbing the individual keys works fine. But I have 10 built in styluses that work just as well for free.

      Major disappointment...

      Sorry...selling mine as we speak.

    42. Missing avatar

      Haiku Oezu on

      I'm afraid I have to add my own voice to the choir of disappointed people.
      I understand the technical challenges of making a fine tip stylus considering how capacitive touchscreens work, but I'm also a firm believer that if you can't do something propertly you shouldn't do it at all.
      The Nota is, simply put, a disaster. The advantage of having a fine tip was supposed to be the fact that you can draw the lines exactly where you want them, but this just does NOT happen. Regardless of the speed of your strokes the lines never even start the tip rests thanks to the sensors getting confused.

      I really, really wanted the Nota to be great, it's to late to withdraw my support for the Yufu (which Hex3's support page says will work better thanks to motion sensors, but I have my doubts).
      So ultimately I blame myself for putting my money down; I really wanted to believe something like this would work despite knowing fully that the inner workings on capacitive touchscreens would make it impossible and it clouded my judgment.

      I'll definitely wait for the reviews to come in and pay the full price for the product next time. Better pay more for a product I know that works rather than gambling on a product that simply does not work.
      I only hope that the promised app updates will make the Nota more tolerable; right now it's absolutely unusable on my iPad Air using Procreate.
      Even Adobe Ideas with line smoothing turned on (which is what Hex3 suggests you use) works badly at best. It definitely is not suited for drawing, which I was lead to believe was the intended purpose of the stylus.

      Again, I really hope the YuFu took lessons from this and will perform much better. I hope not to see another phony "accuracy test" using Adobe Ideas with line smoothing and carefully crafted strokes to give the idea that the stylus is precise.
      It's not illegal by any means but it's very disingenuous and does not reflect the kind of experience you get with the actual product.

    43. Lars Heiberg on

      Hi, I am still waiting to receive my nota !! Are you guys still shipping them out?? Or did something go wrong with mine?


    44. denise on


      at least with this project we did get something that we can hold physically.
      Google Levitatr and see what they say about it. I'm one of unlucky backers of that project.
      Then there's another one, kolstom classic. At least this one's still in production for possible shipping after yer and half...

    45. Missing avatar

      Rodney N on

      My two came in two separate envelopes, by two different delivery people on the same day.

    46. Dragonbait

      Hi Guys,
      I backed for a single pen, but then added a second at the survey.
      I just recieved a package with a single pen, are they sending multiple packages per order, or have they messed up my order?


    47. Missing avatar

      Rodney N on

      @Luis and Simeon
      You can't get a refund. This isn't a shop. You helped fund a product and were rewarded with a unit.
      I'm in the same boat, the Nota doesn't work well, and I've given up trying. The rubber tip on mine just won't stay on for longer than a few seconds.
      My wife hasn't even bothered opening hers after hearing me rant and rave about mine.

    48. Luis Resendiz Salinas on

      I need my refund, disappointment of this pen, it's so hard draw something for example letters, circles , lines, one word everything.

      tested in Ipad mini and Nexus 7

    49. Missing avatar

      Simeon Herbert on

      Looking at everyone else's comments I would rather have a full refund than be insulted further.

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