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Accurate, intuitive sketching on the iPad. Edit line thickness, brush styles, color. Two Button menu control. No wires, it just works.
Accurate, intuitive sketching on the iPad. Edit line thickness, brush styles, color. Two Button menu control. No wires, it just works.
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SketchDock Early Birds

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Hi Folks,

The Super Early Bird rewards for our latest Kickstarter - Sketchdock - are nearly gone, if you haven't already, please tap here to take a look!

Together with the JaJa, the SketchDock transforms your iPhone into a Multitouch Trackpad, Graphics Tablet, Media Control or Numberpad,. You can draw with pressure sensitivity direct to Photoshop.



JaJa Stylus & iOS7

iOS7 Please Check Your Settings

If have just updated to iOS7 which includes some extra privacy settings. 

The JaJa and AppTag both use high frequency sound to communicate with the microphone of the iPad. iOS 7 might need some settings changes to make them work. 

On your iPad please go to Settings/Privacy/Microphone and switch it on for all Apps that use the JaJa or AppTag.


Check Out AppTag2 - Updated With Bluetooth 4 - Delivery in time for Holidays:
Our Latest Kickstarter

New Kickstarter Stylus - Early Birds Available


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JaJa Stylus - New Rubber Tip Announced

Hi JaJa Backer,

I hope you are enjoying your "updated" JaJa Stylus with your new Teflon Tips, I'm writing to let you know that we have another new tip coming soon, you might like it. :-)

Click here for a sneak preview of the JaJa Rubber Tip in our pressure sensitive stylus shootout video

The Teflon coated, polished stainless steel tip delivers the ultimate in precision, perfect for writing notes and fine detail in artwork and sketching - we're really happy to say that nearly everybody loves the new Teflon tips.
You can buy the JaJa Teflon Tips here 

There are a few JaJa users who prefer to use a thick screen protector and whilst the Teflon tips usually work great, some screen protectors block it. For those people we have created a new fine "rubber" tip which pops on like a cap and replaces the Teflon tip. It will be available later this year and be up for preorder soon. The "rubber" tip will also be more robust if your stylus rattles around in your backpack!

We have also updated the already massive list of Apps that support JaJa (pdf) with a pleasing number of ANDROID Apps which are coming soon - finally!! :-) The JaJa now has more App support than ANY other stylus.

Take a look at our PRESSURE SENSITIVE STYLUS REVIEW VIDEO below for a sneak preview of the new "rubber" tip, and a comparison between it and our competitors. Read more on the HEX3 blog about how and why we made this video.

Pressure Sensitive Stylus Review - HEX3 JaJa vs Pogo Connect vs Jot Touch

The Teflon Tips

Hi All,

By now you should have your Precision Teflon Tips, there are a couple of orders bouncing around in the postal system still - but I think they are all under control.

Here's a post I have put up about the Teflon and manufacturing process, so you can understand what we have created and why!

Click Here for JaJa Precision Teflon Tips Review

We have some amazing Stylus products coming your way on Kickstarter - standby! :-)