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Accurate, intuitive sketching on the iPad. Edit line thickness, brush styles, color. Two Button menu control. No wires, it just works.
Accurate, intuitive sketching on the iPad. Edit line thickness, brush styles, color. Two Button menu control. No wires, it just works.
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    1. paul on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount!

    2. Benni Klomfass on

      never got the additional tips that should have shipped with the 2 (4 additional)...

      anyone ever/still used/s his jaja?

    3. Missing avatar

      Imran Ansari on

      got the Teflon tips last week, have a functional stylus now :), liking it!

    4. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      The coupon code is entered in the checkout process.
      If you sent messages rather than comments - they would pop up in your email...

    5. Missing avatar

      Imran Ansari on

      sorry just saw your response, not sure what happened with the teflon tips order then, I had emailed about it couple of times for which I got no response.

      If I can still order the teflon tips that would be great, (I still have the free replacement code, but I dont see a way to use it on the website anymore), otherwise JaJa is collecting dust on my shelf.

      just emailed again.


    6. williamli on

      Just wondering how everyone find the new Teflon tips? I found them worst than the original plastic tips. Here is a clip of me testing both tips:

    7. Moe on

      I was really looking forward to this product and was super excited when I finally got it, but... all of that turned kind of sour when I realized I couldn't use it on my Android tablet, so it's been gathering dust on my desk. I was really excited again when I saw that it finally has Android app support, so I went to go check out the list, but the few apps that were listed for Android aren't that great. My limited experience with Infinite Painter alone was nothing short of horrible (ran about as smoothly as chunky milk and crashed constantly). These aren't problems with your product, I was just really hoping that Sketchbook would have Android support by now, too. I'd be amazed if you could manage support with LayerPaint, as well. I don't regret supporting this product as I feel this sort of product needs to exist, and the JaJa is very well made ( my only complaint is the one time I did attempt to use it, the beeping actually hurt my ears a little, but I could use an MP3 player and ear plugs to get around that). I just hope the Android App list keeps growing. I'm currently using a Samsung Note 10.1, which has pressure sensitivity already and can use a wacom tablet pc pen, but having other options in case I lose the tablet pc pen (the S Pen is a bit of a pain to use by comparison) would be awesome.

      If you can, try to get things going with LayerPaint or Sketchbook for Android.

    8. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Imran, we have no emails from you.

      Your stylus was sent way back in October, and you have not ordered anything since.
      What's the problem?

    9. Missing avatar

      Imran Ansari on

      no response on
      given up on these guys
      stay away from JaJa!

    10. williamli on

      I have emailed twice last week. Still waiting for response.

    11. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      William, Please email for assistance, we do not monitor the Kickstarter messages as frequently as the email address.

    12. williamli on

      Do the originally backers get these free teflon tips? I have ordered about 20 Jajas at the start.

    13. Missing avatar

      asdf asfd on

      I got the 2nd order and I've used the tips pretty regularly for the past few days. I really like them!

      These make writing on my tablet easy. I put the tip in the stylus and could just write basically like I do with a pen. There was a tiny adjustment period where I was learning how to keep the tip flat on the screen, but now that's second nature and it just works smoothly. SO much better than other stylii I've used. I'm looking forward to using these for all my note-taking needs. It just works.

      Things to note:
      I don't have a screen protector.
      Haven't tried using the pressure sensitivity, I've only been able to find 1 app in the Play Store. Is there a list of Android apps somewhere? The only list I found on the hex3 site seemed to iOS.

    14. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Apologies, the second one will apparently dispatch from the LA warehouse in 00:38:35.

    15. Missing avatar

      asdf asfd on

      Wow, that was a quick response! :) I just sent Hex3 an email through the Contact Us function on the Hex3 site, but I'll can send you the shipping emails I got. I'll forward them to you shortly. Thanks so much for being on the ball with this.

    16. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      asdf - please email me your shipping details, so I can check on the order?

    17. Missing avatar

      asdf asfd on

      I got one pack today, but it looks like there was a mixup and the other package hasn't been sent yet (I ordered 2 packs). I'm going to test them out tonight.

      Try checking on the tracking link in the email telling you the tips shipped to see how far they have to go before delivery.

    18. Missing avatar

      Damian Scisci on

      So at this point, their support site is no longer up on getsatisfaction. Has anyone actually gotten these new tips? Mine have shipped, but I'm waiting. We all must have been in the last shipment as I've yet to see anyone comment on these new tips.

    19. Missing avatar


      I did never got the "PLUS Pack of replacement jaja stylus nibs, 4 in the pack" - Estimated delivery: Apr 2012

    20. Missing avatar

      asdf asfd on

      Woo, my tips are shipping! :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Dickinson on

      In addition to having shipping delays, the discount promo code offered to the initial investors doesn't work. Sounds like I'm better off not flushing any more cash down the jana hole.

    22. Missing avatar

      rmillevoi on

      I am still waiting delivery. Why you do not reply to my e mail.
      It is incredible. I want to be refund.

    23. Missing avatar

      rmillevoi on

      Still not yet received and no answer to my emails. Am I the only one. Never again a kickstarter project.Thanks for replying

    24. Missing avatar

      Imran Ansari on

      it just didn't work for me, requires too much pressure and skips while drawing.

      not sure what's else to do at this point.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Parent on

      Well Jon, have you given up on fulfilling your obligation to supply the tips? I don't use my jaja because it does not work well. It always skips when drawing. It's nice looking, feels good in the hand, nice packaging, but in the end it does not work well. I was hoping the replacement tips would solve the problems but they never arrived. Would be nice to hear from you regarding your plans to resolve this or admit abandonment.

    26. John McCormick on

      @Jacob I don't believe we will ever see these.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jacob Bevis on

      Has anyone received the pack of replacement jaja stylus nibs? That's if you ordered them. I haven't got mine and the last time Jon mentioned these as far as I can see is Oct 25 (I could be wrong and If I am please disregard).

    28. John McCormick on

      Well just threw mine out last week. I kept the nib since I never received the others I paid for. I couldn't open the Jaja to replace the battery no matter what I tried. Just tossed it. Not really working well as a pressure sensitive stylus anyway so no great loss.

    29. Missing avatar

      Watussi on

      When will these ship. Still haven't received mine. It looks like some people got them. Are they testing them?

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      hey Jon, i love the stylus and the design, the feel the look its all really good. I do suggest that the second generation "nibs" be tested out for conductivity. After thinking my pen just wasnt working i tried upping the sound output and downloading a new version of the apps but it just wouldnt keep contact with the screen. i finally just wrapped a small piece of tinfoil to the edge of the nib and it works perfectly now! so for anyone who has the same issue as me could try that to see if it works.

    31. Vincent on

      I need my stylus to be replaced. it drains even a new battery even if i don't put it on... i hd to use three batteries for the three times i used it.

      please tell me the procedure to send it back for replacement.

      thank you

    32. Alejandro Tearney on

      Hello Jon, I was wondering why if I live in Australia my Jaja was shipped from the states? I have been tracking it and it is now somewhere in L.A. I can't wait to use it but all I can see for now is that is doing a tour of the states.

    33. Gwen.

      Whis is this working for everyone except me? I have change the battery for a new one and it's style the same. No Change in the line. :-(

    34. Benni Klomfass on

      i just had to say that this was the best bang for the buck project i've backed as the pirce for 2 was lower than for one retail priced one - so i got 1 for free and thats great

      i'll try it and maybe post a review if i'll have the time to do so

    35. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Christopher - where are you located?

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Has anyone else still not received their shipping email? I have tried messaging Jon a couple of times but no replies so far.

    37. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Thanks guys,
      I look forward to seeing what you can do with it. I'm sorry it took so long to actually get to you - it sure dd take a slow boat - what country are you in Joshua?

    38. AUUG on

      Received my Jaja pen today and tried it out in sketchbook pro on an ipad 2.

      Works great!

      Congratulations on successfully completing this project!

    39. Artem Gerasimov on

      @Jon Atherton Hi Jon! I got my JaJa. This is a very cool thing! And her work is like a miracle! Thank you very much! I am hoping and waiting for this invention. And this support, as you have, I have not seen in more than one project. You are able to infect the idea!))) I wish you success and good luck! God bless you! I wish you to be inspired and to inspire others with new ideas :) Thanks again from Backer from Russia)

    40. Ann Wuyts on

      Hi Jon, I've received the pen itself fine, but the package did not include the 'pen cap' pictured on the box. There's an empty space in the box where it should be. So I can't take the pen anywhere without risking damaging the nib system. :((((

      (Pen I chose is Kickstarter Green)

    41. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Hi Caroline,
      I sent an update a few weeks back on the tips - we are finishing development of the new updated tips and will dispatch then.

    42. Caroline on

      The stylus is very sexy, I'm holding it in my hot little hand. Only problem is I didn't get the extra nibs that were part of my they come in a separate parcel?

    43. Donn Pattenden on

      Cheers, Jon. Received the JaJa today. Look forward to trying it out.

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Still not received a shipping email. I really hope I don't have to wait too much longer.

    45. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Yes, it's quite a good feeling to be shipping product :-)

      now I can get onto my favorite thing - and that is developing more! :-)

    46. JP on

      My USPS tracking says processed at Jamaica, NY on the 19th, and it usually takes 7-10 days from the US to New Zealand - so I'm not expecting mine to arrive until next week sometime (looking forward to it!). So I would expect the same ship time to Australia? Although it has been in the USPS system since the 11th (so been sitting in the US faciltiy for ages?).

      Jon - I also hope that you're more relaxed now they have shipped? But I suspect you are still busy! :-)

    47. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Hi Donn,
      The response from our distribution partner is that USPS often does not update tracking for a package once it leaves the US until it is delivered. They assure me that these have all left the US and are on their way. Their suggestion is to wait 5-7 more days because of Aus customs.
      thanks for your patience!

    48. Donn Pattenden on

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your reply. I'm in Sydney. USPS tracking says the envelope was processed in NY on the 20th.

      Hope your life's a bit more relaxed now that JaJa is finished!

    49. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Hi Donn,
      What's it doing in NY? Is it lost or is that your address??

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