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Fits NERF blasters, or use our grip. iPhone, Android, WP7 compatible. Free Single, Team & multi player laser tag & arcade games.
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AppTag Shipping!

Posted by Jon Atherton (Creator)

The day has finally arrived!

I hope you are happy with AppTag - it has taken a lot of work from a lot of people to make this happen - I think AppTag is fantastic a lot better than I envisaged, I hope you agree!

We're all set with stock in our Hong Kong and USA distribution centers! And product is *starting* to leave today - expect an email from our distribution partner soon. Some deliveries destined for USA will be sent from our Hong Kong center, so they will take a 7 to 10 days.

SUPPORT & HELP: if you have a question - GO HERE:

Apps are available on both Google Play and iOS. Swarm is coming soon - see attached pics for a sneak peak! Search for APPTAG - one word

There are still a couple of bugs in the Apps, we're doing updates for both Android and iOS - expect them soon. iOS is running a lot more smoothly than Android at the minute.

Why? For our Android Apps - we have tested on most popular phones. BUT - there are 1392 devices that *should* support our AppTag app, there are then 4 to 8 possible versions of Android that might run on each one, and we can't buy most of these devices - even if we wanted to.

For just a small amount of testing we need to spend in the order of 10-20 hours on each device - even at a billable cost of around $50 per hour - that comes to at least $2.7m if we tested them all. And then we'd have to fix any bugs and test again...

I'm not making excuses, we support Android and we have Apps available, I'm just saying - if your exact phone doesn't work - it might need a little work from us to get it perfect.

So in short - be gentle on the reviews - if your phone doesn't work - PLEASE email me or get in touch on our customer service site! Your 5 star reviews are most welcome of course. :-)

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    1. Missing avatar

      rpearl on

      Hi guys,
      For reasons I can't fathom I never received my shipment of apptags - my address is correct on my shipping notification and my tracking number is reporting it as having arrived and then having been sent back.

      Can you please advise as to how to remedy this situation.

    2. Gavin Maxwell on

      Just got my shipping notification! w00t!

    3. Gavin Maxwell on

      The other option for people is to just buy an iPhone and know it will work great.. :)

    4. Gavin Maxwell on

      Oh yeah baby!! Rock on!!