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Fits NERF blasters, or use our grip. iPhone, Android, WP7 compatible. Free Single, Team & multi player laser tag & arcade games.
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AppTag Factory Update

Posted by Jon Atherton (Creator)

Huge production run ongoing in the factory - we have 4 full lines and shipments will be leaving to our distribution centers very soon. Plus your friends can buy online, and in many shops worldwide. 

See the photos below.

Our fantastic games are uplaoded to the AppSore, Android is complete and will be when I get back to Australia next week. 

NEW GAME: Also, we are teaming up with another Kickstarter project who will be supporting AppTag - if you want to see it released - take a look at their App project on Kickstarter! We'll be backing it ourselves! But it would be great if you take a look too. Another Massive Multiplayer Reality Game!

Urban Zombie is a location-based augmented reality iPhone game (FPS) that lets players fight the zombie apocalypse in their neighborhood. more info here

Story: A 21st Century plague is running rampant in your neighborhood. Hoards of the living dead have been sighted in urban areas. The infected ones are everywhere you go. It’s your job to cleanse your city of the Zombie infestation. Before they infect you! 

Gameplay: Players launch the app on their iPhone, check in to any location, and start hunting. The iPhone's camera reveals the zombies all around, enabling real-time action in real space. Players can keep up with stats and leaderboards of friends and other players, and even build up their own zombie army to fight for them against competing players. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Evans on

      Woohoo! Shipping details have been submitted, app has been downloaded, now I just have to wait for the delivery :D

    2. Anna Adam on

      How much longer?! How much longer?!

    3. Missing avatar

      wan314 on

      Jon, glad you've shouted out the Urban Zombie. I'd like to see this game funded and it definately needs more support.

    4. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      no there are 8 games in total - that ship free. See trailers here:
      these guys I mentioned above are working on another that might get funded with kickstarter - separate to us.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason W.


    6. Missing avatar

      Jason W.

      So we gave 1 game so far?

    7. Gareth Goddard on

      So when are we going to be asked for our delivery addresses and details?