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Fits NERF blasters, or use our grip. iPhone, Android, WP7 compatible. Free Single, Team & multi player laser tag & arcade games.
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AppTag Update

Posted by Jon Atherton (Creator)

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Very short update - we've been in the waiting zone while tooling has been done. It's now complete. Photos soon. Industrial Designers arrived in China today to oversea factory production. Shipping is still about 3-4 weeks away. Updates will only be sent when something new occurs - thanks.

Apps, looking good, Design looking good, yes some other products are out there that are a little bit similar, but here are some ways we are better:
1. Works with Android
2. Up to 65,535 players per game
3. Good AR experience
4. Loads of Apps available including 4 multi player games, more coming.
5. Open SDK for other developers to work with us
6. Retrofit to Nerf, Airsoft, BuzzBee, Military weapons etc.
7. 3mm Milspec polycarbonate
8. Clamp fits all smartphones and iDevices - including the next new iPhone, Androids, Windows, whatever - they all fit - in their cases
9. We don't use the headphone socket, which will move on the Next New iPhone, making it obsolete.
10. No synching, no wires - it just works.


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    1. Gavin Maxwell on

      3-4 weeks... that's (checks calendar) about NOW! Can't wait for the next update Jon! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Trent Nichols on

      When will you be requesting shipping information.... you know so you can ship the BACKERS their devices?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Yurkee on

      So is the Android SDK ready for download its been three months since you said it would be ready?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason W.

      Sweet, exactly what I hope, thanks!

    5. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Sorry, No demo of Android games yet, since we finished iOS first.
      BUT we will be shipping exactly the same games that will interoperate with iOS, and Android will be finished before we ship - probably next week.

      Android delay is just a timing thing, and there are no issues with Android. (Testing for the approximately 5000 Android devices out there is another thing altogether of course :-) )

      I hope to have the games approved in the next 2 weeks by Apple.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason W.

      So, any demo for game running on ANDROID?
      Or its really just mean there is sdk for android but no game yet?

    7. Mercedes (Mandy)

      Fantastic update :) oooh can't wait :)