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Fits NERF blasters, or use our grip. iPhone, Android, WP7 compatible. Free Single, Team & multi player laser tag & arcade games.
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AppTag Update

Posted by Jon Atherton (Creator)

Sorry it has been a while since my last update. I've been very busy making things perfect for you guys! I plan to over deliver - AppTag is going to be awesome!

You can now pre-order our Pressure Sensitive JaJa stylus from: 

Very soon you and your friends will be able to order AppTag units from

AppTag Updates - Perfection?
Firstly we have made a 'few' changes to the AppTag design, well ok... we redesigned it completely. I wanted to deliver the best we could, and that meant a lot of work for the awesome design guys! I don't think you will find a better toy, in fact it is too good to be just called a toy now - this thing will be a family heirloom! 

We have added the following features:
1. Nearly military spec 3mm polycarbonate and metal construction.
2. Metal rail clamp compatible with all toy accessory rails, Airsoft and military weapon weaver rails, easy adjustment knob. 
3. 2 x C batteries for over 100 hours of gameplay.
4. Refined clamp now accepts huge battery pack equipped cases, also super easy to mount phone.
5. Added a reload lever - same as on the HK MP5K - small detail but nice.
6. Enlarged higher power, long range lens.

Anyway - without further ado...  I hope you like! Electronics and tooling is underway,  we have a few more developers on board - so we'll have a nice suite of games by launch day. AppTag will also be available worldwide from retailers in September.


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    1. Derek Hagerman on

      wait is all worth while.

    2. Chris Guerin

      Now that is a sexy bit of kit!

      110% Chris Guerin Approved!

      Makes me REALLY affirm my choice in investing in this project. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

      Awesome job Jon, really.

    3. Anthony

      Very cool. Nice work.

    4. Gavin Maxwell on

      Oh my... that is beautiful!

    5. Aldo Valadez on

      The new design is killa. Can't wait for the sniper rifle. LOL Great job.