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Fits NERF blasters, or use our grip. iPhone, Android, WP7 compatible. Free Single, Team & multi player laser tag & arcade games.
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AppTag - Screenshots of Apps

Posted by Jon Atherton (Creator)

I have a couple of things to show you today - I have demo versions of the apps working!

Firstly, a huge thanks for your support so far! But we still need your help - AppTag is at 65% funding - please spread the word so that AppTag becomes a reality! The more we raise the more games and apps we'll produce - and you get more fun... We're committed to bringing you an awesome game experience - please forward this email to friends, Tweet, post on Facebook or your blog - it all helps :-)

Apps For AppTag!

First picture below shows a screenshot of our arcade game for single player. You can see an AR marker on the floor in front of the gun. In this game spiders hatch out of the floor and you have to shoot them before they jump onto the front of the gun – you can see the spiders in the shot. The arcade game has multi levels and lots of different AR tricks to make it really fun. 

In the photos you can also clearly see my iPod mounted into our AppTag clamp - This clamp holds any phone in any case - it is super secure. (ignore the small stainless bolt, that is for testing only and won’t be in production.)

Remember, these are NOT finished - so graphics, layout and gameplay is likely to change :-)

Second image below is not quite as clear, but shows the Laser Tag game as it stands at the moment (during color recognition setup). I have lots more gameplay work to do on this one, but it will be ready by the time AppTag hits your hands. 

Think Halo style frag fest in your backyard - or across a whole city!!! Yep - we have developed a way to enable 1000's of people to play one game! It is going to be awesome! Kinda like the hugely popular Humans vs Zombies, but on a global scale :-)

I didn’t have a suitable human target, so if you are wondering - its a plastic dragon :-)

Thanks - and remember to spread the word!



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    1. Dave Michalak on

      Cool. Now there needs to be a way to combine them so you can put ammo caches, traps, and NPC aggressors into your CTF/TDM games....

    2. Jon Atherton 7-time creator on

      Thanks guys! those images in the app are not refined yet , but good idea on the customization! I'll add it to the list. :-)

    3. Chris Guerin

      Looks awesome Jon!

      Will there be customisable aspects in the software level? E.g. Crosshair customisation?

    4. Villecco Media on

      Looks incredible so far Jon! Thanks for the update, I can't wait!!