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telling the stories of the hurting and needy and offering hope for them...and us...

When I traveled to Haiti this Spring I was blown away at the devastation and poverty.  Almost 800,000 homeless, living in tents that the U.N. told them not to let their kids take naps in because they might die from the heat.  Parentless children on the streets.  Overcrowded schools.  No sewage system.  It was the worst thing I had ever seen.  I was struck with hopelessness. And then...I began talking to a man on my last day there...and he said something to me that I'll never forget.  "Don't worry.  Because now the eyes of the world are on Haiti.  They have heard our story and they won't let us fail."  That's when it hit me. Tell the story.

Stories have a way of getting deep inside us, turning us inside out, motivating us, pushing us, asking us to dream bigger, hope higher, and cry loudly.  Everyone has a story...but not everyone is able to tell it.  We decided to tell those stories.

The big plan is to have a different writer (we have 5 signed on already) write a short story about a woman who is hurting, or in need, or facing some sort of hardship.  14 women, from 14 countries.  There will be some information about the country and region before each story.  The story will include pictures.  There will also be a "call to action" or "how to get involved" at the end of each story that is linked directly to this particular country, region, or person.  

We need the funds to take this book from an idea, of stories and a reality that has the potential to impact lives.  Because the thing about stories can never unhear them.   

How this works.  If you have never used kickstarter before, a project is only funded if it has enough pledges.  If not, then you never pay your pledge.  Making a pledge is as simple as purchasing a book off of Amazon.  In fact when you pledge it is run through Amazon.  

Every $5.oo helps.  If every friend on our facebook page just pledged $10.00 we would be funded.  I know it's difficult to try something new but PLEASE...we need your help!


jonathan almanzar


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