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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

2 New Kirkhope tunes! Greenlight!

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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(Fanart by

We just hit $230,000! That means two additional Grant Kirkhope tunes, as well as more game content! And what kind of content, you ask? Well...

We've been brainstorming some additional enemies! While we can't reveal our plans in this regard yet, rest assured that we're working hard on providing as much variety as possible with the funding!

We'd also like you to please consider voting for us on Steam Greenlight!

Steam only allows a certain number of games onto their platform, and there is fierce competition! We need all the help we can get!

Last time we asked you to vote, we were #25 on Steam Greenlight... we're now #23! But there is still a long way to top 10! So please ask your friends to also consider upvoting if they like the game!

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    1. Isabella de Oliveira Campos on

      Great idea Malintendo. Maybe a machine gun of meatballs ? Hehehehe.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ashley Watson on

      Will the tunes created by Grant Kirkhope be included in the soundtrack as well? I really hope so! I'm looking forward to all of this!

    3. Nevan Lowe on

      Oh, you know what would be funny? IF when the last 24 hours start, you made an update that says "Dawn of the Final Day -24 Hours Remain-". That would be AWESOME!

    4. Nevan Lowe on

      Lets try and get one more song! Bring the total to 5!

    5. Missing avatar

      Wan Mohd Nazli Wan Muhamad Saidin on

      So a new kirkhope tune has secured, make it a total of 4!

    6. Samantha Knutson on

      I think it would be interesting to see some rare enemies, like, hidden in certain places or inside a crate or something, and when you defeated them they'd have a chance of dropping an accessory. A bit annoying to the player to have to farm it potentially, but i think it'd be nice from a collectable standpoint, i dunno. ^^'

    7. Schmole on

      Am not overly familiar with Greenlight - voted ages ago, but where's this ranking that's referred to? Can't find it myself after a bit of trawling around on the site ^^;;

    8. Malintendo on

      @ Isabella - I'm not sure if machine guns would be appropriate in this kind of game, but seeing as they are mafia cooks they could probably make some spoof weapons with kitchen wares or even food. Some may walk around with large sausages, fish, or a cartoony leg of red meat and try to attack you with that. Slapstick humor like throwing pies might work too for a ranged weapons - either that, or meat grinders that automatically shoots links of sausages at Hat Kid.

      Where most of the game will revolve around exploration and collecting I hope they put quite a bit of effort into the writing. I don't mean that it needs to be an epic story, but the characters need to have charm and humor. I'm already very impressed with the mafia jokes and stuff like the toilet of doom (Dingpot's evil younger brother), and I hope they will keep the theme throughout the rest of the game.

    9. Isabella de Oliveira Campos on

      To tell the truth the thing I am most anxious about are the additional enemies. I always thought we should focus on the gameplay and the challenges of the game. I would love more mafiosos besides the ones that already exist, for example !! Maybe some even handling machine guns and other weapons and more NPCs, it would be awesome !! But I trust 100%¨on you Jonas to make the game we all are dreaming about. The dollar in my country fell a lot these last days, so I am going to increase my pledge considerably.

    10. Arturo Moncada Torres on

      I like the thin mafia guy. Think it could really work with the mafia guy we all know. Not so much with the small one :S .

      Any time we will see a glimpse of the enemies of the other episodes? I wouldn't want to see mafia guys in all the episodes! XD

      Anyway, congrats! I am sure Mr. Kirkhope will have plenty of coming work!

    11. Eric P. Schmidt Jr. on

      were now #22 for steam greenlight... KEEP IT UP GUYZ.

    12. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Theodore: Haha, that was a really fun read for the team, much appreciated :D!!

    13. Tyler R Wheatley on

      I think it's sad, a game like this, which actually does what it says on the label has trouble getting green lit, and yet The WarZ is full of false advertisement yet it got tossed on Steam.

    14. Theodore Trevor on

      I've started a TVTropes page for A Hat in Time, but I think it still needs work. Does anyone else want to contribute?
      By the way, I checked, and there are pages for other indie games still in development, so this shouldn't be a problem.

    15. Scott Seaward on

      @Gavin i can't tell if the 3rd one is supposed to be Wario or Donkey Kong in that case

    16. Jeremias Rodriguez on

      this game from the humble beginnings when i first voted for it, it has became more and more beautiful, i love this, i can't wait for the release. :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Lars Leferink on

      i really hope this get voted greenlight

    18. Missing avatar

      Gavin Pugh on

      Hmmmmm... Tall skinny Italian.... short fat italian.... Mario & Luigi?

    19. Steven Robinson on

      Congrats guys, I've voted on Greenlight even though I technically won't be buying it. I'm so excited to get to play this, even the prototype build looks amazing, it's incredible what you've achieved on essentially 0 budget so far.

    20. Missing avatar

      Nathan Malinoski on

      Voting for something on Steam Greenlight when I've got a pledge for its Kickstarter almost seems dis ingenuous; Greelight asks you "Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?" Honestly? No, I wouldn't, because I'm buying it directly from the developer on Kickstarter. If I wasn't participating in the Kickstarter, and I couldn't buy it directly from the dev (I do enjoy devs that use the Humble Store), then yes, I would buy it on Steam.

      Still, I continue to vote Yes on Greenlight for games I own or am backing, simply because I believe those devs deserve a spot on one of the most prominent game distribution services.

    21. Andreas Nordvall on

      I am so excited about this gaaaaaaaaaaame weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! <3

    22. Missing avatar

      Ricky Govea on

      Absolutely love the fanart! Congratulations Gears for Breakfest, now get to work! :P

    23. Justin Holmes on

      I greenlighted the game months ago. C'mon everyone! Get on Steam and vote!

    24. TheChosenOne on

      Hopefully also better voiceacting for the mafiaguys too. ;p

    25. John on

      Wish there was an edit button, but hopefully we can get a few more tunes.

    26. John on

      Awesome, I like the different types of bad guys.

    27. Epona Badger on

      New Mafia guys?!! :D