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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

Chapter 2 Peek, Physical box! Hat Kid's Spaceship!

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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Chapter 2 Peek w/ Commentary

As promised, here's Jonas walking through parts of Chapter 2: The Subcon Forest and talking about some of the choices! Please excuse his poor English and accent!

Physical Copy Box!

If you're at the $50 pledge reward tier (and above!), you'll get a physical box with your copy! We're finally able to show you what the box looks like, so here it is!

All the goodies from the previous reward tiers will also be inside the box!! It's a box full 'o goodies :D

Hat Kid's Spaceship HUB!

As part of our ultimate $200,000 stretch goal, we'll add a giant HUB world to the game, Hat Kid's spaceship! This is the world in-between levels! Luigi Lucarelli, our concept artist, just finished the sketch for the HUB, we hope you all like it!

Coming up next...

Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll be able to show the Hat Kid figurine! Sit tight!!

Soul Saga

On a final note, please check out our friend Mike Gale / Disastercake who is running his own Kickstarter campaign for his game: Soul Saga!!

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    1. Mitchell Hall on

      Does the box set come with an actual physical copy of the game or is it just a download copy that it give you?

    2. Missing avatar

      Walt on

      Please please please, include a DRM FREE DISC BASED COPY of the game in the box, and you'll have my 72 dollars.

    3. Kia Skretteberg on

      I just don't understand why it would be called "physical copy of the game" if there's no actual physical copy of the game..

    4. Kia Skretteberg on

      So I'm still confused, how many copies of the game do you get with the box? Is it just 2 digital copies? Is it one physical CD copy? Is it one and one? Because I want 2 copies of the game total but I would also like a physical copy of the game and I'm torn between the two so I'm hoping I don't have to choose.

    5. Samantha Lienhard on

      I wish there were actual physical CD copies; that would make it even more awesome than it already is!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sam McMahon on

      Oops, nevermind, somehow I missed that you already answered that in the FAQ.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sam McMahon on

      I'm also a little confused about what comes in the box. The pledge tier description makes it sound like you get a physical copy of the game, but your message below makes it sound like you don't. I'm thinking about jumping up to that tier but I'd like to be sure what comes with it.

    8. Isabella de Oliveira Campos on

      So let me understand. What exactly comes inside the Physical Copy Box ? Do I get a physical copy of the game in CD inside the box to install and play on my computer ? I am really attempted to raise my pledge.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gavin Pugh on

      The box... it looks like an N64 box. :,D I am so happy!

      And, again, I suggest re-prioritizing the hub world! It looks amazing, and I think the game will suffer without it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Fischetti on

      Upped my pledge to $50, that box is brilliant. I hope it's not made of the same material as N64 game boxes, that stuff was flimsy. Also, please do not require any sort of DRM! I can't stand DRM.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rafael Mallare on

      What a coincidence, I actually found SoulSaga the other day. Already pledged :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Berkovitz on

      If I am at the $70 tier or above, will I get a physical copy and box for the game? Does this tier or any above it give me a digital copy as well?

      I' d like to have the physical copy as well as a digital one-preferably for the Wii U version whenever it comes to the platform.

      What do I need to do in order to receive both?

      Which Tier allows me to do this?

      Please help clarify.


    13. Lik Chan on

      N64 box design??? LOVE IT

    14. Benjamin Lu on

      omgomgomgomgomg if there's some universe where we can get the game printed on N64 cartridges...

    15. Colin Seifer on

      What are the dimensions of the box?

    16. Missing avatar

      Will on


      Not sure if you saw my question: Will the physical copy of the game be DRM-free?

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Little on

      Oh wow. Now I am even more psyched to get my box. It looks beautiful!

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam White on

      It's Chibi from the Twitterverse. Still hoping to show off that mighty-fine prototype! I know it's unlikely, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'd love to be a part of this project both fundamental and developmental! :D

    19. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Carlos: The box does not come with additional copies, sorry for the misunderstanding! Its just a box with all your goodies :>

    20. Missing avatar

      Proto on

      I guess I must pledge 50 + 22 dollars then instead of 25 + 2.

    21. thisguy on

      Does the boxed copy come with one physical and two digital?

    22. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Nathaniel: It's unlikely we'll sell the physical copy after release! So now's your chance to get a box :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Amelia Wheeler on

      Just wondering but do you plan on selling a physical copy of the game later on or will the physical copy only be for those who pledged said amount here?

    24. Jeremias Rodriguez on

      the subcon forest and the ship is amazing by the way

    25. Jeremias Rodriguez on

      i already donated 70 dollars so i'm set

    26. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Will the boxed copy of the game still have DRM?

    27. Colin Seifer on

      Subcon forest and the box art look awesome, getting more excited for this game by the day! Also, as for the hub world, I've gotta agree with Jonas. Even if it's not to the scale of Grunty's Lair, a hub world is a must for platformers. It serves as the backbone of the game, and provides players a place to return to between missions. Even Super Mario Galaxy had the comet, much smaller than most hub worlds, but necessary.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jonas N Kristensen on

      Again i still think the hub itself is a nobrainer in such games.. Even if the stretchgoal is not made you NEED to make it reality ;_ ;

    29. thisguy on

      I may have to up my pledge to 50 bucks now -_- It looks amazing.

    30. Justin Holmes on

      Wow guys, glad you put Soul Saga in the spotlight. That game looks great!

    31. Ozymil on

      You guys really know how to make the collector in me buckle. Guess I'll be upping from $25 to $50.

      (Does the $50 tier include two virtual copies?)

    32. Missing avatar

      Proto on

      Is the physical box Kickstarter exclusive?

    33. Missing avatar

      Tyler Nguyen on

      OMG! So hype. Seriously can't wait for this game to be finished. Also just now realize that I need to pledge more to get this crazy awesome box. If this game were made into a series I'd probably have to loyally buy all of them. Keep up the good work and I'm gonna keep on looking for more money to pledge with.

    34. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Leon: Yes! It also applies to above $50 :D

    35. Leon Fletcher on

      Also, love the N64 Game Box throwback :D

    36. Leon Fletcher on

      I'm guessing the box will be for anything above $50 and just not purely for $50 tier, right?

    37. Joseph Hussain on

      Ah! I love the box so much! So many memories. Shame I didn't back that tier, but oh well. Keep on being awesome guys!