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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

SpilBar showcase, shirt winners, VGA's stream, Buttons!

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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A Hat in Time showcased at the Danish SpilBar event!

Last week we had the opportunity to showcase the prototype at a local game event here in Denmark called SpilBar (can roughly be translated to "Game Bar"). It's a bi-monthly gathering of game developers from all over Scandinavia, coming together to learn and talk about games!

Thanks to Anchel Labena ( and his camera work, we've been able to put together a small video from the event!

Shirt Winners!

A few weeks ago we asked which T-shirt designs you wanted for the T-shirt tiers! For the glow shirts, there was a consensus about which design to use, but for the regular shirt there were a lot of discussion between two specific designs! At the end of the day, we had to pick one, and so the shirt designs are the following:

Thank you everyone who pledged for the shirts! If you were part of the 50% hoping for the 'Hat Kid' design, we're terribly sorry! We'll be doing our best to try to make the other designs available for separate purchase after Kickstarter.

Video Games AWESOME's Livestream!

Earlier today Video Games AWESOME livestreamed the A Hat in Time prototype! We were able to be there and answer questions! The recorded stream will likely be uploaded on YouTube this or next week (we'll make sure to let you know)! Needless to say, we had a blast, and our everlasting thanks go to Fraser and Becky for making this possible!!

Also, those costumes? TOO AWESOME!

Merch: Buttons!

Here are the buttons available in the $25 reward tier! They're also identical to the pins Hat Kid can attach to herself in the game, to provide her with more combat abilities! These buttons are specifically the Electro Pins!

Coming up next...

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Jonas will be showing you around parts of the Subcon Forest! We'll also be showcasing more of the merchs (sorry we couldn't show it all today)!

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    1. Samantha Blackmon on

      Can you possibly make the t-shirts available as an add-on?

    2. Shikigami3k on

      The game's looking awesome...the shirts are awesome...the pins are awesome (and remind me of TWEWY)...the cosplays are awesome... in this post!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Overgaard on

      Dang, I should have known that you were attending SpilBar. It would have been really great to meet you in person and try out the game. Maybe next time : )

      I'm happy to see that the Mafia shirt won, and Snatcher is cool too. I like the buttons as well ; )

      Looking forward to the VGA stream and nice costumes they're wearing : D Are they always dressing up as game characters or is this a special occasion?

    4. Isabella de Oliveira Campos on

      Woooww !! So these are the shiny buttons I am already getting ? Totally worth it !! You know, each day I am more tempted to raise my pledge. I still need to gather courage to ask my father for his credit card borrowed again.

    5. Rose Weitz on

      Wow! I wish the electro pin design had been on a shirt!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kyle Guinto on

      Good job Fwash Fwash!

    7. Agent Gold on

      My gosh, the face on those pins... Someone please hide me I want to be safe

    8. Justin Holmes on

      Nice! Gotta like those T-shirt winners. This last-week torrent of Hat in Time news is the best.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Berkovitz on

      Hat Kid Figurine-please show it tomorrow!

      Also, which hat won?

      Put the video up on YouTube before the Kickstarter ends. Get the word and video out to everyone so that they can pass it along and or help contribute.

      Why not post the Hat in Time livestream video here on the front page?

      Kwing's KNEWS, SMOSH, etc anyone?

      What more can we do to help A Hat in Time reach its goals and or go past them?

    10. Bennett Billard on

      It's amazing that Becky made those costumes in 1 day! It was fun to watch, despite the Turbo Chat issue.

    11. Missing avatar

      Devon Sturm

      As always, keep it up guys!

    12. Michael Beyl on

      Both shirts and the pin looks amazing, will the pins be of that one design? I am just curious, I am still have happy with how polished the game looked today during the stream. Congrats on getting this game backed and can't wait for the final copy.