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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

More stretch goals: Mumble, New Game +, HUB! Also, coming up next...

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the enthusiasm! We're happy to bring you three new additional stretch goals we hope to make a reality: New Game +, Banjo-Kazooie style voice mumble and Hat Kid's Spaceship HUB!

New Game + ($165,000)

At this stretch goal, we'll allow you to replay the game after completion as a 'new game +'! You will be able to play as the multiplayer partner Timmy in singleplayer, and the game will be much more difficult! This feature might be especially interesting for those who thought the initial game was too easy, or strive for a challenge!! This mode will also be available in multiplayer!

B-K Style Voice Mumble Option ($180,000)

If you've played Banjo-Kazooie, you're familiar with this one! At this stretch goal, we'll bring together all the voice actors in a recording session and have them do various clips for use in this gibberish-language!
This would then allow you to pick the following voice options in the game: Full voice acting, mumble, off!

Here's a quick test implementation to showcase how it might be in the game (major thanks to Kyle, the voice actor of Mafia of Cooks for helping out to showcase the feature!):

Hat Kid's Spaceship HUB ($200,000)

A HUB world is the term for a game's main level, from which the player can then select which world to go to.
Initially for A Hat in Time we wanted to skip this step and cut straight to the chase, which were the worlds themselves. While we do have a love of Peach's Castle and Grunty's Lair, we never thought we would be able to fit in anything of that magnitude with our tiny budget! ...but now there's hope!

Hat Kid is a time traveler... she has a spaceship! We'd love to make her spaceship the main HUB for the game if we hit this stretch goal!

Coming up next...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll show you some footage of our trip to the Danish game development event  SpilBar, as well as reveal the winning t-shirts! Oh, and we'll be showcasing some of the merchandise too!

In addition, Video Games Awesome will be livestreaming the game if everything goes as planned! We'll make sure to put up the exact time on our Facebook page! We'll post it on Twitter too!

Wednesday Jonas will be briefly showing you around the Subcon Forest and talk about some of the choices made for this section of the game!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Francis Caracas on

      Awesome! Every goal was met. I'm looking forward to this game's release

    2. Missing avatar

      Gavin Pugh on

      I would like to add my voice to the crowd suggesting that the hub world be given I higher priority. When I think about SM64, BK, DK64, Psyconauts, I love the hub world. Those games would be significantly worse without them.

      I'm really excited for this game, but I'd be even more excited if it had an overworld :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Braga on

      Awesome, thanks a lot for that! Can't wait!

      So excited about this game and Shovel Knight :)

    4. Isai Oviedo on

      Guys...stretch goal or not, this hubworld needs to happen, I'd prefer it over another chapter, even!

    5. Lars Ivar | AoUA on

      Go for it, GfB! Sounds totally awesome all of it. I'm quite confident we'll get to all the stretch goals - we're two thirds of the way there already, and we have one third of the time left. Remember that a large portion of backers for such a successful kickstarter don't commit their funds until they get the 48 hours left email notice (the one you get if you click Remind me/star the project).

    6. Missing avatar

      Theo Schultz on

      A Hub world needs to happen! Half the experience of Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie was finding and unlocking the various chapters from the HUB world as well as other mysteries and secrets. It'd be a shame if this game didn't have one too.

    7. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      Woops, meant redesign the puzzles*

    8. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Guilherme and Stuart:
      You'll be able to play as the co-op partner Timmy regardless of whether New Game + is reached, we just hadn't mentioned it here before and thought it would be appropriate to bring up now

      For New Game + we have to design a huge chunk of the puzzles, as well as making enemy patterns more complex (so it isn't just a matter of giving enemies more HP). It takes time and requires additional models and animations, etc. It's an expensive process because it's almost double work on major parts of the project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Firstly I would like to congratulate you guys on your success with Kickstarter I was super excited when I heard about this project and doubly so when i saw that it had been funded and that also most of the stretch goals had been met.
      Now if you do read this I want you to know that I am not needlessly hating, I am a student myself and am very aware, and I believe most of your backers are as well, of the huge costs needed to develop a game. But still the latest update kind of surprised me, I was thrilled with all the new ideas for stretch goals but when I saw the amount needed for some of these things I was kind of surprised along with the fact that the possibility to play as the boy character will now only be available if we reach the Game + stretch goal. Now maybe I'm wrong and you do actually need that much for these features but my little theory on the matter, which might be completely bollocks, is that some of that money will be used to fund the process of developing for the Wii-U (licensing and such...) which I would totally understand. If I am even partly right it isn't cool to be making us think that we are funding one part of the game when it is actually meant for another thing. I might be completely wrong though. All that to say that I think we would like some clearing up on these new expenses.

      I still think your project looks great and I wish you the best of luck in the development process.

    10. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Braga on


      Thank you for providing the link, I hope they confirm it was just a misunderstanding and they were just confirming you can use both characters for new game + like you could if there was no new game +

    11. Mr. Foogy on

      Like the others have said, I would also like you to prioritize making the HUB. New Game plus is uninteresting, and I actually believe it only makes the game worse (feels less immersive and complete). And do you really need 15 000 dollars for the mumbling? Full voice acting was only $15000 above the 6th chapter stretch goal, and I imagine it would be much more expensive to record dialouge than a few mumbling noises.

      With this layout, I don't think all the stretch goals will be met.

    12. Ian on

      @Nattawat Manaso
      Here is the comment in question.…

    13. Nattawat Manaso on

      New game+ feels like Déjà vu for me = =" Might have heard it from another kickstarter though.

      I wonder if someone can confirm Guilherme's statement about:
      "This is just you guys being redundant, right? Because you already said on GAF that if the co-op stretch goal was reached we would definitely be able to play as the multiplayer character in single player, at least after we beat the game once"

      I don't know what GAF is and can't find it with Google.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse King on

      Another thing, if it doesn't make it to the finals, I wonder if Kickstarter allows another "project" to finish the goals? Like the project would be about adding the hub, new game +, etc.

      I would feel relieved if it's possible and the guy does it if we needed the money for it. :)

    15. 6y6n096nk on

      I think that the achievement is difficult because the remainder days are short..

    16. Missing avatar

      Jesse King on

      A HUB is the greatest.. Funny though I sent a message about a yeah a hub would be great to the Youtube channel, then the next day I saw this. xD

      But I don't like how it's going to be another stretched goal because 200,000 is too far and won't reach most likely.. So I'm very sad. :( In fact, I was worried the Grant Kirkhope one wasn't going to reach also. Looks like it might but just to about 159,000 in only 10 days..

      Please if this doesn't reach, I would love for you guys to find another way to make it, I wouldn't mind if the game got delayed for it. Like some say, HUB worlds or just world is a big part of collectable games.

    17. Missing avatar

      saulw103 on

      While it would be awesome for Banjo-Kazooie style voice acting, I think it would be more important to have a HUB world. I'm just worried that it won't be reached....

    18. Shikigami3k on

      Add me to the list of people that would like priority be given to the HUB 'Peach's Castle'-style overworld. Mumble style voicing is an awesome addition too, as is new game+, but I can't see this type of game without an overworld HUB of sorts.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lee on

      I feel like these stretch goals are very unreasonable. New Game+ is a throw away feature and could be completely avoided and nobody would care.

      Mumble voices is something you've already demonstrated you can do, and is again a throw away feature (or one you could do on the cheap without the extra funding quite easily along side the voice acting).

      The hub world if it's just simply a room with doors like the concept art suggests, could again be done on the cheap and does not warrant $20,000.

      I mean, if an entire chapter of levels is $25,000-$30,000, a room full of doors is not worth more than a couple hundred bucks.

      If you can't think of worthwhile stretch goals, don't add more stretch goals, and make the really important stretch goals something reasonably attainable.

    20. John on

      Make the hub come before some of the other tiers, As much as I hope it gets there ,I cant see it making it to 200k.

    21. Alex McMillan on

      I would prefer to only have 6 worlds if it meant the Hub could be made, then maybe you could sell the 7th chapter as DLC

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonas N Kristensen on

      Like 15% of the game is removed without the hub and its secrets

    23. Faylyn on

      I really want to see that HUD....I just am not sure that the funding can make it there in 10 days. Like the comments below, please make that more of a priority.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonas N Kristensen on

      Agreed from below :o .. The hub world is basicly very very important and would be such a shame to not have in the main game.. You really need to push that forward in your priority list.. Too good to not do :/ I prefer full voise acting but i like that it will be an option.

    25. Captain Q on

      gotta agree on the hub world business, that should be standard for a platformer. i wouldn't mind if you took some money out of the extra chapters just to make sure a great hub world was a guaranteed thing

    26. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Braga on

      "You will be able to play as the multiplayer partner Timmy in singleplayer"

      This is just you guys being redundant, right? Because you already said on GAF that if the co-op stretch goal was reached we would definitely be able to play as the multiplayer character in single player, at least after we beat the game once.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ian Johnson on

      The game is looking better and better with every update! Cannot wait until it is released and I hope the Grant Kirkhope Tune and Voice Mumble goals get reached!

    28. Colin Seifer on

      The game looks amazing so far, but I agree that the hub world should not be a stretch goal. It really is an essential part of games. For time and budget constraints, maybe do a 1 to 3 room hub world if the goal is not met, and expand it if the goal is met.

    29. MJTH on

      Wow, can't wait to see the game in action tomorrow. I do like watching Video Games Awesome live streams/ YouTube videos whenever I have the time. Fan of their work.

    30. Chris J Capel on

      I don't understand why voice mumbling requires so much extra cash, but it's definitely better. I've already stated my discomfort with voice acting in a game like this (Nintendo never does it for example, for good reason) so the voice mumble option would be both a godsend and true to Nintendo platformers.

      As for the hub and New Game Plus modes, they're valid stretch goals and would really add to the depth and fun of the game. If you don't reach them I suggest still finding a way to put them in somehow...

    31. Ian on

      Why is voice mumbling a stretch goal? That sounds like something that should already be in the game.

    32. Onery on

      NEED... TO... HAVE... MUMBLE... ACTORS...!

    33. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      I wish you had gone for the hub as part of the base design or at least an earlier stretch goal, even at the cost of having one or two less levels. It really is essential for this kind of game, I mean all 64 titles had it!

    34. Lars Ivar | AoUA on

      Remember that successful kickstarters tend to have a notable upturn the last few days, and the last 48 hours in particular. I think there is real hope for most of these stretch goals :)

    35. Justin Holmes on

      Let's see how much further we can push that number in the last third, guys and gals!

    36. Maxram0 on

      NEW GAME+!!! MUST HIT $165k minimum!

    37. Epona Badger on

      Eeeep this is going to be so amazing i think i might DIE!! :D

    38. Benjamin Lu on

      Oh man dat voice mumble is soooo good. I... should increase my pledge. ><

    39. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Justin: Woops, thank you for reminding us :D All cleared up!

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle Guinto on

      Maybe this is a bit much, but I think you guys would have a boost in donations if you asked the Game Grumps to help promote this game. Especially since they're actual friends with Grant Kirkhope. Just a friendly suggestion.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kyle Guinto on

      Fwash Fwash will be livestreaming this game?


    42. Missing avatar

      Devon Sturm

      You guys are great! Keep it up!!

    43. Joseph Hussain on

      It's a shame - I don't think we'll be able to reach the NG+ goal in the next 11 days. I love NG+ modes!

    44. Justin Yates on

      Just want to bring to your attention that the stretch goals image and descriptions don't match up. Specifically, the image says that the New Game+ is at $165,000 and the voice mumble at $180,000 while the descriptions have it reversed. Either way, I hope this campaign reaches both.

      I really love your stretch goals. I'm excited for the potential Grant Kirkhope tune and I wasn't excited about the voice mumbles until I heard the sample. I like it a lot better than I expected. Good Luck! :)

    45. Henri Savilampi on

      How about you continue the possibility to pledge after the Kickstarter for, say, another month on your own website directly to PayPal. At the moment it seems that there might not be enough time to hit the 9th goal in 11 days... :/

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Palumbo on

      Er, the image shows New Game+ for 165k and Mumble for 180k, while the text states the opposite, Mumble for 165k and New Game for 180k.


    47. Missing avatar

      Jack Thompson on

      :0 We need to make it to $200,000!