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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

Wii U Status

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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Hi Everyone!

First of all the team at Gears for Breakfast would like to say a big thank you for all your continued support for our game. We are confident that we can reach all the stretch goals with your help so please continue to support us as the costs of producing a game like this are high!

As the Kickstarter campaign is shortly coming to an end we feel that it is necessary to clarify the Wii U situation as we know some of you are waiting to hear confirmation before backing us. We have been contacted by several companies who have expressed an interest in helping us bring the game onto the Wii U platform. However we are still in early talks with them and therefore we cannot give you a definite answer as these negotiations take months to sort out. We would like to add that people from Nintendo of America have shown an interest in our game due to your massive support!

Keep in mind that there are several hurdles we must overcome before the game can be put on the Wii U. Firstly we must obtain a license for the Unreal Engine, and it's been known to cost $500,000 and up, then we must apply to Nintendo to get access to their development kits which are necessary to port the game over to the Wii U. This is why we are talking to publishers as hopefully they can give us access to their development kit as well as licenses in return for a share of the games income.

We want to express that we really want the game to be on the Wii U or other additional platforms however it would not be fair to commit ourselves to this promise until further negotiations have taken place. In the meantime we are continuing to work hard on producing a game that you will all come to enjoy and love!

Gears for Breakfast

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    1. Xaftz on


      Ah thanks for clearing that up and saving them some time having to re-type it out xP

    2. Lycandar


      I was thinking the same thing :P

      Here's their reply to the message I sent:

      "Hi Lycander!

      We hope to be able to provide backers with the ability to switch their PC version with a Wii U version if we do get on the Nintendo eShop! It's difficult to say at the moment how exactly that will work, because we have no idea how the eShop works, but we'll make sure to keep you updated!

      If we are able to provide the above switch, then your physical box will contain a Nintendo eShop code instead of the regular Steam code :D

      Hope this answered your question, regards!
      Jonas Kaerlev, Director of A Hat in Time

    3. Xaftz on

      2 things:
      If I chose the physical copy of the game, and IF this is able to go on Wii U, will we able to choose whether PC or Wii U?

      And also, nice name for the gif lol.

    4. Missing avatar

      Douglas A Leyendecker on

      I'd prefer if this took a back seat to development, and I do mean back seat. I understand people play console games and this is the kind of games that defined consoles. But having a controller for your PC is just as good, especially if it means more time and money went into actually making the game, rather than dealing with Box Corp or Electronic Farts to get it on a console. The deal will cost money, and likely there won't be a deal with a publisher that doesn't leave Gears with the short end of the stick, that being said it will increase income if it lands there because more people are likely to buy it off the console if they don't PC game. (Also I understand the irony of EA and WiiU being used in the same sentence, that's why I said it.)

    5. Thomas Frank on

      If it comes out for the Wii U... well, then I'll own it for two systems :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Zachary Anzalone on

      I feel as though a Wii U version would be wonderful! If it comes out for Wii U, then I would definately want the physical copy to be Wii U rather than Mac, but if it is not obtainable I would still be content with the Mac version of the game. Hope you all get it out for Wii U, though! That would be quite the story to tell!

    7. RubberGardener on

      So, have we found out if the wii u version will be a reward to backers if it actually happens?

    8. thelittlelaughingman on

      @Timothy Pew The Wii U allows self publishing too. Self Publishing doesn't negate the need for licences and dev kits.

    9. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      Wouldn't it make more sense to be on PlayStation where you can self-publish _and_ there is likely to be an install base larger than Atari Jaguar's?

    10. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      I wouldn't mind having a Wii U, and after E3's SMASH reveals I'll /need/ one, so if this can satisfactorily hop on, it'll (the Wii U) be all the stronger.

    11. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Anjos on


      Thats just for the PC/Mac/Ios version of the license!(they already have that one) For a console version, they have to use the full UE3 engine license, which is much more expensive.

    12. Karl Goodman on

      I dont know much of the stuff, but I did watch some of the shows at the E3. Sony announced their support for indie developers who can self publish on the PS4. Maybe you can look there?…

    13. Jared Butowsky on

      "We would like to add that people from Nintendo of America have shown an interest in our game due to your massive support!"

      It's official: Nintendoes what Valve doesn't.

    14. M.Stein on

      Well, actually the license is stated to cost $99 on their website, and there is even a question/answer on their FAQ about crowdfunded games based on the UDK.

    15. M.Stein on

      $500,000 for a UDK license seems too much even for Epic, please contact them directly to get the actual pricing, they have already refuted a few rumours about these kind of gigantic licensing fees.
      If I recall one of their reply, the license itself is pretty cheap, but they will take a percentage of your sales profit when you go past a certain limit.

      It's hard to find reliable third party source for the pricing on the net, as companies usually have to sign a NDA for the pricing they actually get for their license & royalties with Epic.

    16. Devon Mullane on

      It would be wonderful to see this on the WiiU console, I think it would be a rather profound success story.

    17. Kickstarter Account on

      @Mary get a controller for the PC. Obviously I want this on Wii U, PlayStation and Xbox but if the PC is the only thing manageable for now that's fine.

    18. Chris J Capel on

      As long as you guys are on PC with controller support, like Xbox 360 controller, I will be utterly content. Still, it would be a good fit for the eShop.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Berkovitz on

      The reason why they're (Gears For Breakfast) are having trouble getting a deal for Wii U despite all the interest from various publishers is very simple.

      The publishers don't just want a cut of the profits- They want to buy the A Hat In Time IP entirely from Gears for Breakfast. Most likely, their deals involve a buyout, royalties per sale, and Gears gets to the right to be the development team on the game.

      All considered, that's a pretty crappy deal and that's the best case scenario. At worst, the publishers are asking for a complete buyout with minimal involvement from Gears.

      That's why it's taking them awhile- to ensure A Hat in Time gets the treatment it truly deserves rather than taken advantage of.

      Trust me- It will come to Wii U. Don't stop support because of this, instead, please support them even more to ensure this comes to the Wii U.

      It's more support, not less, that will get A Hat in Time onto the Wii U and other platforms.

    20. Isai Oviedo on

      Like I've said before, don't let the Wii U stuff tie you down from making a great game!

    21. Inkdrocket on

      Lets remember that Trine devs had 2 advantages. 1) They already had Trine and Trine 2 sales to get them money. Also they used Unity, which can also be used for Wii u Dev it seems. Not Unreal engine iirc.
      and 2) Trine devs were from Finland - Finland usually gives some money to support entertaiment such as movies, games and sometimes music. Its not much but it can help

    22. Isabella de Oliveira Campos on

      Well, I am already happy and satisfied if it can even be only released successfully to PC. I think the main goal now is at least reaching the last stretch goal of $150,000. I intend in the next days gathering courage and asking my father to lend me his credit cards again so I can donate some more.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rafael Mallare on

      Sony's self-publishing platform seems like it would be great for this game. Maybe you guys could give it a try.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mary B on

      I think the people that are saying that the Wii U is dead are off. No, it's not going to do as well as the Wii, but the same thing was said about the PS3 and 3DS when they launched, and they're doing fine now. I think the PC fans are being unfair to the Wii U fans about this, since it is a clearly Nintendo inspired game, so of course we'd want it on there. And as someone that is mostly a console gamer, I really don't like the setup of a mouse and keyboard as well as I do a controller. I'll still support it either way as my PC can handle both, but I think it's still important to try to get it on the Wii U. I'm sure it will be, though.

    25. Missing avatar

      ashbachj on

      Wow, Epic is pretty horrible. This is fantastic news. Keep us updated on the Wii U as it comes. I'm a Linux user and a Wii U owner so you it'd be great if there was a way I can actually play this game when it's finished :D

    26. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      Francesco Turri: Rest assured that we would never go with a publishing deal that would restrict our ownership of our own IP

    27. Missing avatar

      Airwide on

      From what Ive seen, people seem to be looking forward to this project more than Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. The new Mario looks like a 2D game with a little extra space added. I think a lot of people who were hoping for a Mario 64 exporing type of game were left disappointed. A hat in time looks like the most promising 3D platformer announced for the the console.

      The possibility of a Wii U is also the only reason Im backing this project. Theres probably more like me, why not capitalize on it? :)

    28. Will Lassen on

      Give the guys at Epic Games a call and explain the situation. I'd be willing to guess they'd give you a UE3 license for substantially less than your estimate.

    29. Brian on

      the pertinent question here is that if you do get wii u support, which tiers get a copy of the game? that way backers know how much they need to have in order to chip in to get a pc and wii u copy.

    30. Missing avatar

      BlackRainbowFT on

      I'd prefer you stay indie and keep full ownership of your IP...

    31. Agent Gold on

      Let's see if I have all of this straight... You have not one but several companies to negotiate with about bringing the game to Wii U who might be able to help with the license. You would need to register with Nintendo to get the Wii U dev kit, and you have people at NOA who are interested, which might help that along. Cost to you is still unknown at this point and would take more negotiation than the Kickstarter has time for.

      While it wouldn't be smart to promise anything or make it a stretch goal, it sounds pretty likely that there will be offers to get it on Wii U. They might be pricey, but the options will most likely be there.

      I know I've seen a lot of people say "if you can promise this will be on Wii U, I will increase my pledge". At this point, I kind of think people who want to see it on Wii U should go for it. We don't know how much it might cost in the end, but we can say pretty safely that they'll have the chance to do it. The more funds they have in their pocket down the line, the better the chance they'll have to make a deal with one of the companies they're talking to. No one can deny that it would DEFINITELY be a leap of faith, but strong pledges from people who want it might help make it happen.

    32. Victoria Åström on

      I think this game, like most platformers, would fit better on a console. Would be nice if you could choose between a PC version and a Wii U version, if things work out of course.

      @Andreas, I actually just bought a Wii U due to some recent E3 infromation. Although I don't know anyone else who owns one, but then I don't know many console gamers at all.

    33. Andreas Aronsson on

      It sounds like a real hassle >_> I didn't know such costs were involved. Is there a big interest in the Wii U version? At least here in Sweden I don't know a single person who has actually bought the console, lots of people have the original Wii, but the Wii U has gone by completely unnoticed by many.

    34. Missing avatar

      Geek2theRight on

      Don't worry about the WiiU. That's ridiculously expensive to get on a system that looks dead already. Try OUYA. The system, complete with developer's kit, will run less than 1/10 of a percent of that Unreal Engine thing once it's available to the public later this summer. Like $500 tops.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lemmiwinkz on

      well i don't care about WiiU, please don't rush things couse of some bossy publishers.
      A good game for PC is better than a rushed game for PC & Wii

    36. Justin Holmes on

      This is obviously frustrating news. I'd love to pledge more, but there's obviously only so much I can spend on a game I could never play, given that my laptop could never hope to run.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ian McCloy on

      Gosh, publishing a game is flippin' expensive. It would be great to see it on the Wii U but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't. I'm really excited for this game either way.

    38. Colman Bell on

      I'm just glad there's still a chance of it appearing there. My Wii U craves for your game like a piranha craves for the uncooked flesh and organs of cows (apparently)!

    39. Tamara Archuleta on

      On a admittedly selfish note I am glad that at least my preferred platform (Mac) is supported on the outset due to support that was put into the UDK for it.

    40. Chris on

      Why don't you try to get in contact with Sony, too? They already helped some independent studios to finance their projects (most famous example is Drinkbox Studios).
      Would be really nice to see it on PSVita, PS3 or PS4. :)

    41. Maxram0 on

      best of luck with all your endeavours!

      as I previously mentioned, the developer Frozenbyte, the people who made Trine 2, self published their game on the WiiU, and they made the game using Unreal engine 3, so it might be worth giving them a shot if publishers are too unfair

    42. Missing avatar

      Nathan Maloy on

      So is there going to be a wiiu code tier before the kick starter ends?

    43. Lycandar

      That's great news, still keeping my fingers crossed :D