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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)
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A Hat in Time has been funded! Thank you all so very much!

Before we went to Kickstarter, we tried another publisher who flat out denied our entire project, it definitely made us worry that nobody would like collect-a-thons anymore. BUT, all of you who have backed this project has proven that the genre is alive in the spirit of nostalgic gamers, and we thank you so much!!

We especially want to thank the gentleman who backed the project with $5,000, we'll work together to create an incredible level that everyone will get to enjoy!

A lot of you are asking why we aren't adding Wii U as a stretch goal, and to be honest, we really want to! But unfortunately, despite the Nintendo eShop's ability to self-publish, our game engine does not support Wii U with the license that we have!
That is why we might need help getting the game on other platforms than Windows and Mac! As you can hear, it is quite a rut we're in, but we'll definitely let you know when we are ready to support Wii U! We really want to make it possible during the Kickstarter period! Rest assured that we'll do everything to get on the Wii U!

Thank you so much once again! Next up is developer commentary and co-op! We really want to see Hat Kid partner up with Timmy, our second player character. Let's make it a reality!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wan Mohd Nazli Wan Muhamad Saidin on

      Nice job guys. I hope we can get one or two extra levels added at the end of this campaign

    2. John Blythe on

      Awesome looking game. Again hope a Wii U version gets the go ahead. As others have said try doing a deal with another studio to publish, I know this has happened with other kickstarter projects.
      Failing that just make sure the PC version has game pad controls and it'll be all good :-)

    3. Anthony Krafft on

      I didn't know this was UDK, but you can probably come in touch with Epic and negotiate, they have absolutely nothing like this to promote their engine and they would probably push the game more than any would think.

      But you know this stuff a lot better than I do.

    4. Missing avatar

      silver on


      i hope the game come on Wii U :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jose Espino on

      I hope this does get on the WiiU!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Aldridge on

      You are going to need more stretch goals.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean McCann on

      Try to shoot for a Playstation Network or XBLA release if Wii U goes off. Im fine with steam though

    8. NorthernDruid on

      Congratulations on the 150% (almost) funding!

      And good luck with the Wii U, hope that comes through.

    9. Karthik SK

      *crossing fingers for the Wii U* Pretty sure you guys will do great in terms of funding. Good Job!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dean Grove on

      @Cameron Ward they won't be able to get a Console UDK License, which costs roughly 500k according to someone else here.

    11. lizard81288 on

      Wow, that was really fast, one of the fastest I have seen. Congrats! Alot of people still want a Wiiu version, so I hope it works out that it will come to the Wiiu

    12. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on

      Maybe you can get it on psn

    13. Missing avatar

      Amelia Wheeler on

      Wow that was fast, Congratulations !

    14. Maxram0 on

      so you guys managed to hit your goal in under 27 hours, that's mighty impressive!

      I assume your troubles with publishing on the WiiU stems from using UDK and Epic Games fee of $500,000 for the full licence so you can publish on console, you guys can always get in contact with other developer studio who published on the WiiU and used Unreal Engine 3 licence, like Frozenbyte, the people behind Trine 2, I think it was self published, so if you guys can strike a deal with them, it might solve the problem.

      best of luck! :)

    15. Michael Beyl on

      Excellent news to hear it was funded, can't wait to see it for myself.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Conlan on

      Yes, Glad this got to its goal.

    17. Missing avatar

      Donovan Bertch on

      It could be Tattoo Timmy!

      But congrats on this! What publisher would be dumb enough to turn away a concept like this right off the bat?

    18. Tanner Bachnick on

      Congrats! And aww man. I was hoping for a name like Tattoo Kid or Cap Boy to fit the theme of the other characters names!

    19. Conor Porteous on

      Well, congratulations on getting funded! Sad news though on the Wii U..hopefully you guys figure something out that'll help bring the game to the platform, or another for that matter!

    20. Ian Hsieh on

      Wow, that's fast!
      It just like 1 or 2 days!