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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
9,169 backers pledged $296,360 to help bring this project to life.

ACTION REQUIRED: Update your shipping address in the next 48 hours! LAST CHANCE!

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)

Hi backers!

Kickstarter merch is finally ready to go out in the very near future, and since there was an unexpected delay, we've re-opened shipping address changing for the next 48 hours. Please double-check your shipping address is correct, so we can get your Kickstarter merch to you!

If you need help, following this guide!

It is vital that you make sure your shipping address is up to date!

If you don't give us any address before the 48 hours are up, we won't ship to you at all. If you give us an incorrect address, we won't re-send your physical rewards to you. So make absolutely sure your address is correct!  

The option to change your address will be unavailable after 48 hours, so make double sure! Even if you've emailed us or contacted us in the past with your address, make sure yours is correct and update it otherwise. That's all!

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    1. Ozymil on

      Shoot, barely missed the chance to update... Uh... whoops? :\

    2. Missing avatar

      Anders H Rudfoss on

      Where do I select T-shirt size?

    3. Nersius on

      @Greg - It would be cool if we could drop some money to 'upgrade' for a N64-styled box, but Gears for Breakfast likely only made enough for the original 40+ USD backers.

    4. Jack Fay on

      How will you be mailing them? My address format changes based on the delivery carrier.

    5. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Ozmil: Please set your shipping address to a friend or family's address if your housing situation may change

    6. Ozymil on

      When should we be expecting merch to arrive? The lease on my current house runs up at the end of May, so I want to plan accordingly.

      Glad to see things are moving forward though!

    7. Greg on

      What if I want to give you more money for an N64 box? :(