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A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
A Hat in Time is a cute 3D adventure featuring the space travels of a little brave kid!
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ACTION REQUIRED: Update your shipping address before January 10th! LAST CHANCE!

Posted by Gears for Breakfast (Creator)

Hi backers!

We're looking to ship most Kickstarter rewards in late Febuary 2018, and as such we need everyone's addresses so we can start shipping. Make sure your Kickstarter address is up to date, by following this guide!

(This only applies if your tier includes physical rewards. You can view your tier here).

It is vital that you make sure your shipping address is up to date!

If you don't give us any address before January 10th, we won't ship to you at all. If you give us an incorrect address, we won't re-send your physical rewards to you. So make absolutely sure your address is correct!

The option to change your address will be unavailable after January 10th, so make double sure! Even if you've emailed us or contacted us in the past with your address, make sure yours is correct and update it otherwise.

That's all! More info on physical rewards soon!

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    1. Lee on

      anyone get anything yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Connor Swinney on

      So I just got an email last night to confirm my shipping address in the next 48 hours, does that mean you guys are planning on shipping the physical rewards once that window ends? I'm really excited to finally see what you guys have been working on, but I would like to know how soon you are planning on getting it shipped out because I am actually going to be moving houses around May this year. I want to make sure that it doesn't ship to somewhere I might not be living anymore.

    3. Lee on

      Any word on how late in feb?

    4. Sterling Treadwell

      so I am curious.. are you sticking to the old prototype box design we saw WAY back where it emulated a N64 look, or have you changed it? And are we getting a exclusive edition or the same as anyone will (eventually) get should you sell physical copies online/in stores?

    5. Gears for Breakfast Creator on

      @Steponas: There has never been any option to opt for a Wii U copy (A Hat in Time has never had a Wii U release). We provided the limited option for backers to receive a PS4 / Xbox One copy last year, but that option has long expired!

    6. Missing avatar

      Steponas Saulis on

      So way back when I backed for a physical copy of the game, and I believe at the time I opted for a Wii U copy. Given the time that's passed, I was wondering if it was possible to change that to a PS4 version?

    7. Lee on

      I know i don't get one :( but can't wait to see how the figurine turns out :D

    8. Missing avatar

      K on

      So my PS code to redeem via Humble Bundle is only for NA Playstation...I'm

      I wrote that on the last update 2 weeks ago to no response. What gives?