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A guide for participants in the occupy movement to strengthen our psychic, soulful and heartfelt contributions. #mutualaid #peersupport
A guide for participants in the occupy movement to strengthen our psychic, soulful and heartfelt contributions. #mutualaid #peersupport
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Icarus Celebration in NYC on Oct 10th

Hi Everyone,

By now you all should have received copies of Mindful Occupation.  If you haven't, please contact

In case you haven't seen it, Mindful Occupation is now shipping from AK Press and is in stock at Blue Stockings Bookstore:

The Icarus Project, a prime mover in the creation of this resource, is turning 10, and we are throwing a celebration at the Brecht Forum on Wed Oct 3rd. You are all welcome to attend:

Finally, I just learned about this study group that is using Mindful Occupation as a part of their study of mental health as direct action:

Mad Love

Now shipping!

Hi Everyone,

By now, many of you should have received your copies of Mindful Occupation. If not, rest assured, they should be winding their way through the US Postal System as we speak.

I have some very exciting news.  AK Press, the worker-run, collectively managed production and distribution operation has decided to offer M/O as a part of its Fall '12 catalog!

Now, you and your friends can order another copy of M/O online, and you will soon see this work at book fairs and at a local brick and mortar bookstore near you. 

We couldn't have done this without your help!

mad love,


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Just in time for #S17

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are having a relaxing summer. We haven't burned out, or forgotten about you.

I just got the update from 1984 printing that our books (yes, you heard right - books. We are now perfectly bound and officially isbn'ed) have shipped.

Mad love,
The Mindful Occupation Team

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May Day, 5/5, and Beyond

Hi Everyone,

We are closing in on our final print run.  The drafts we made for May Day and the OccupyAPA were a smash, and after crowd-sourcing our final copyedits, we are collecting our final errata here

We just overhauled the website, and it now contains the full text of booklet. 

We already have a great review:

Occupy Mindfully!

Spring Awakening


I am writing to let our loyal supporters know that after a long, dark winter (not particularly cold though), Mindful Occupation is nearing completion. The occupation is stirring, and materials like these continue to be in high demand. We're working on it.

if you are in New York City on May 2nd, Robert Whitaker is talking at the Brecht Forum:

And, we are also supporting the planned occupation of the American Psychiatric Association's yearly conference in Philly on Sat May 5th:

mad love,

/The Mindful Occupation team