Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

by Jollylook

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      Phillip on

      What an epic ride so far. It's really amazing to watch a project go sideways and then swing back together. Great job! Looking forward to receiving and trying it out!


    2. Frederic Detienne on

      +10 karma points to for perseverance. Really looking forward !

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      Heather Cowan on

      What wonderful news!! Can't wait to receive my reward. Great job persevering through so much adversity!

    4. Tawffic on

      which shipping partner in Europe are you going to deal with

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      Rohde on

      WOW - GREAT!

    6. Shelley Olds on

      +10 for communication!

    7. coll

      great update - thanks! well done on persevering with it, much appreciated. :)

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      Frank Jackson on

      Fantastic!!!! I have some film(s) waiting on this camera.

    9. jonathan on

      if this comes through we should all send the first picture from our cameras back to jolly look :)

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      jean pierre pruvost on

      Merci Jollylook malgré tout les problèmes rencontrés vous avez réussi à rebondir et donner l espoir à tous vos investisseurs Kickstarter
      Beaucoup d autre team n ont pas réussi
      Courage et remerciement à vous
      Surtout vous avez communiqué et su rester en contact
      Amicalement jean pierre

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      Shubham Vaid on

      How soon can we find out an expected date of our package?

    12. Richard OLIER on

      Great news. When did you plan to ship a new camera for backers who received last year a model with problems ? Is it in theses 3 batchs or later ? Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Very good news, thanks. Please keep up regular updates. For instance, on April 1st you could let backers know if the first 2500 cameras are indeed in transit to backers. At least log into the comments to keep backers informed with a regular running commentary on what happened that week and how many cameras went out to backers.

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      Claudio on

      HI!! Is it possible to know in which group we are?
      Thank you very much!

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      Andy Arthur on

      is there any way I can update my address?

    16. Tim Meisburger on

      Good work! The camera looks better than ever!

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      Meg Greene Malvasi on

      Wonderful news! It looks great and I cannot wait to see it-Thank you!

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      Philippe WOZNIAK on

      Hi team,
      How to change the shipping address?

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      Gigih Samudera on

      finally after almost 2 years of waiting

    20. Jollylook Creator on

      Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

      We are getting ready for shipping the first batch.

      All surveys are now locked, but if someone still needs to change or review their address - please send us a direct message and we will unlock your survey.

      We will post a detailed update in the beginning of April after the first batch is shipped.

      Jollylook team

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      Carlo Perez on

      Where do I send DM to? I don't see an option for that here. I will be changing address in Aprin

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      Martin Siegel

      @ John Robison I'd prefer April 2nd or March 31st over April 1st ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Martin Siegel

      @ Carlo Perez
      Click on the "ball" in the right upper corner of this page, (you have to scroll up completeley to the top of the page) to see your backed projects then click on the "+" sign you can send it from there.

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      Raul Gonzales on

      Has anyone got shipping tracking? I know I haven't thats why I am asking.

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      Brent Slade on

      Has the first batch of 2500 cameras shipped?

    26. Sittinan Laoarakpibul on

      Delay again again and again ???

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      Michael Weiss on

      Besides the cameras that were siphoned off to retail, has anything shipped yet?

    28. Joel Dotterer on

      About time for a shipping status update, eh?

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      Felix Cartagena 3 days ago

      Reward delivered? Shows GOT IT. I beg to differ- NO CAMERAS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED! If shipped, please send tracking number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Lynne Whitehorn about 13 hours ago

      Has anything actually shipped?