Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

by Jollylook

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      Phillip on

      Well this good news compared to the update that just came out from Rite-Press about an hour ago. They raised a couple million between Kickstarter and Indiegogo and they have pretty much closed up shop unless we the backers are willing to pay more or just sit back and hope for the best.

      Like all of us that backed this project or any project; we hope that the innovation comes alive so that we can be a part of the creation and ultimately get our hands on it before the rest of the world does. If shit happens and you need to sell outside to raise the funds to then deliver to us the backers, well so be it. It's all part of the gig :)

      Good luck


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      lynne gilliland on

      Thank you for sharing the good news. The factory looks cold though. Can you warm it up so they do not have to work in their jackets?

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      kyoungmin on

      입대 3개월 전 배송 될 거라는 거 듣고 후원했는데 전역 3개월 전에 받겠네요 ^^

    4. Nathan Melton

      Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Your effort is very much appreciated!

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      Heather Cowan on

      Thank you for keeping us updated throughout the process. I look forward to receiving my backer camera. Love that it's finally all coming together successfully!

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      Antonina on

      BRAVO !
      You guys are persistent, proud of you.
      And waiting for my camera - I already saw it on the shelf in your above picture :)

    7. Samuel Ho on

      Hi Jollylook,

      It is really good to hear that things are at the final stage now.

      Would it be possible to amend my address for the delivery ?

      I am expected change my address around mid Feb.

      Please let me know how can I amend my address

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      Mark Lacy on

      I have been waiting a long time for my jolly look camera since I backed it on kick starter. But I haven’t minded waiting, because of your diligent effort to make this happen regardless of all the obstacles you run into. I’m still waiting. I will be really excited when it arrives on my doorstep. Keep up the effort I know you are going to be successful! Mark Lacy, Utah.

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      Barbara H Bradford on

      Totally agree with the others, you have kept us informed. Do what you need to do, I am very willing to let process and progress move however swiftly it can. Rock on!

    10. Shelley Olds on

      Beautiful retro camera! Can't wait! Thanks for the continued updates.

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      Frank Jackson on

      Thanks for the update, please carry on and get us a working camera

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      wong chun kit on

      thanks for the update, looking forward of it.

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      Francesc Xavier Torruella on

      Creat news! Finally we've a Jollylook camera.

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      John Robison on

      Thanks for the late update. It's better late than never. Thank you for sticking to the project even though spending 130K of your own funds.
      Please, please, please update ONCE PER WEEK until all rewards have been shipped. This does not have to be a full on update. log into the comments section and tell backers how it has been going the past week. Call it the "Friday check in" . If you take the time to do this the number of angry posts from backers will drop 90%.

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      Philippe WOZNIAK on

      I recently moved. Is there a way to change the shipping address in order to receive my Jollylook at my new location?

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      Benjamin Norman on

      I've also recently moved house. You'll need to ship to a new address for me.

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      Christian Schaller on

      Thank you very much for the update!
      There is just one more thing: Could you please indicate the "sorting", i.e. by backer number or backer location? Just to get a feeling about who can expect her / his camera when.

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      Rohde on

      You are great!!!

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      Massimo Maniscalco on

      I have actually lost any hope and when i saw the update i was ready for the worst and then... BAM! you smacked me with that awesome final product, it looks cooler than ever!

      Thats' so nice! Good Job!

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      Axel Grasso on

      Please please PLEASE! I WANT A REFUND!!

    21. Kelvin Liew on

      When will I received my camera? I doubt can I receive it in my life? Can you reply me?
      Since it’s only 28comments. Just reply me in short. :D

    22. Alexandre Strube on

      I'm happy that you are getting on track. How can we help? Is it possible to have a second round of funding? Or how do we buy more of the cameras (even knowing that they will take a while to deliver?)

    23. Frederic Detienne on

      Really love your resilience and passion. Thank you very much!

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      james chan on

      Instead of thanking us, you should provide us with our refund requests. This project has taken way too long and complaints have not been addressed.

    25. Alberto Herrero Álvarez on

      Se agradece vuestra persistencia , estoy seguro que nuestra paciencia se vera reforzada con un camara aun mejor que la que se penso en un primer momento.
      Espero que este solo sea vuestro primer proyecto y no el unico. Al menos os chocasteis con todo lo que podiais chocar , y lo superasteis . Ahora teneis esperiencia de este mundo real y sus dificultades. Contais con mi apoyo.

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      Douglas King on

      Thank you for hanging in there and getting this done! I appreciated your letting us know the status of things along the way and especially your commitment to delivering a quality product.

    27. Fonzie on

      You got this!

    28. Tim Meisburger on

      Good work guys! Thanks for sticking with it. Next project? 1) A version for the wide film. 2) the mechanical parts for a 4x5 conversion back. Cheers!

    29. John Raemisch on

      I think I’ve moved 3 times since I backed Jolly. How do I check my shipping information?

    30. Brandon Ly on

      I apologize if this information has already been resolved but I was one of the early backers of JollyLook and received my camera in the mail awhile ago when the shipments to the early backers went out. My camera has never been used because it was never able to be opened correctly along with glue issues. Will the early backers receive the new model once production starts? Do I have to mail my old one back?

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      Matthew Scampoli on

      Uh oh. I backed another project that sold products before backers were fulfilled. A bunch of us had to appeal to the Department of Justice who compelled the company to ship the product to us backers. I finally got mine three years after finding the Kickstarter. You can look up the project it was called the Coolest Cooler and there are thousands of people who have still not received their rewards to this day. I'm hoping for a better outcome for Jollylook!

    32. Carlo Silvio on

      i’m done. i want a refund.

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      Kyle on

      I am the early backers from HK. Actually I have expected this product for long long time and every time bad news comes right after good one. Just to want the team know that I appreciate that you guys keep making it be real and usable even how impossible it is, but to be honest I have no hope for this anymore, not until I really got an usable product on hands.

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      Katelin holden on

      I need to change my shipping address now, how can I do that?

    35. 8BiTGeeKPrO n Co.

      What do I have to do for a full REFUND.... I cant do this anymore... Last one was a few games then a cooler now this!!! And I have two more 2 1/2 year Kickstarter projects to deal with.... When is Kickstarter going to put a stop to this.... I feel project in forsee issues while creating products and don't counter in issues! Or maybe paying their employees... Well I didn't back this project to pay employees... At this point I don't even want the camera anymore.... Full refund I would like please!

    36. Lissa Hurst on

      I agree, I'm done with this kickstarter. I would like a refund.

    37. Richard OLIER on

      Thanks for these great news !

    38. Nick

      That's rich..."You'll get your rewards...don't know exactly when...maybe after we sell thousands of units through Freestyle Photo & other bid box stores then, maybe, the original investors (KS Backers) will get thier a year or two or three, who knows." I am assuming this of course as there was no ETA for backers, only the promise to get units out to retailers first, backers second. Ouch.

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      Ian Aberle on

      Excellent point @Nick. Based on this update, I might receive my reward 2 years after it was supposed to arrive, but then again, might not.

      I can see from the other comments, some have requested refunds. I love that with over $377,000 pledged towards their $15,000 goal, they say they cannot process refunds as they spent all the money on manufacturing. This is the downside of crowdfunding. No one builds is production issues and staffing to process the rewards when delivered from China. I look forward to getting mine, hopefully within my lifetime.

    40. Sittinan Laoarakpibul on

      jollyllook keep quiet again.

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      Christian Schaller on

      Today I just received an e-mail to check / update my shipping information. So hope it not totally gone yet.

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      John Robison on

      Happy March 1st. Jollylook team. Now would be a good time to fulfill your promise to post more regular updates. For instance, you stated in this update that you intend to ship 2000 cameras to backers in the "second half of February". The second half of February is now over so,...….
      now would be a good time to tell backers if you actually shipped 2000 cameras or, if there has been a delay. No one will yell at you for being prompt, forthright and honest with this next update. In fact, with a project this late you should be posting an update each week.

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      Karin Claus on

      hope to get my replacement camera soon.

    44. Ch H on

      Hope to get it before the end of Mar.

    45. Quek Hong Wei on

      To be fair, I ordered 2 cameras from you guys over 2 years ago. It's been a long journey and I've followed this page through its ups and downs. I admire your tenacity and perseverance and I'd like to encourage you guys to keep your chin up- your product will definitely bring joy and light to everyone. Oleg, your book will surely bring wisdom to those who wish to endeavour into manufacturing. To me, even though you guys are 2 years late, it's still a success story to me at least.

      To the rest of the backers, I hope you'll continue to patiently await your reward. I have faith that the team desperately wants us to try it out too

    46. Lynne Whitehorn on

      How long does it take to type an update?

    47. Jerry Yu on

      my backer number:1930, should be included in the 1st batch, but so far i not got any information about that

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      Martin Siegel

      This was posted 7 days ago on the regular comments page:

      Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

      We have a small delay in shipping, because we had to change our shipping partners.

      The shipping will start in mid March and we will post a detailed update by the end of next week with exact shipping dates.


      Jollylook team