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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is handmade from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is handmade from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo Romero on about an update. We are coming up on 2 months since the last one. I should have 3 coming to me or should i write this off????? Just be honest and upfront... Is this ever going to happen???

    2. Missing avatar

      Flowrale on

      It's impossible to change adress and I go to move in less one month.
      Do you think my Jollylook come before ? What I can do ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Gigih Samudera on

      when i get mine :( ?

    4. Kelvin Liew on

      yes...good job...wait from 2017 until 2019.
      still under manufacture?

    5. JoungHun Woo

      Where is my jollylook?

    6. Joel Dotterer on

      Could you please provide a current update. We haven’t heard from you in a while. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Oliver Matchless on

      Nothing received... when did you decide to send the new batch of camera?

    8. Paddy Navin on

      I got one of the early production cameras and, quite frankly, it was a piece of crap. I've not heard anything about a replacement.

    9. Foon Yong Keat on

      Still waiting for mine...

    10. Saravut Teepprasan on

      when will I receive mine?

    11. Laura Rushing

      Wow, that sounds insane. Thanks for the update!

    12. Shelley Olds on

      This is one camera with an amazing story behind it! Appreciate the recap of the history and your reflections on where mistakes were made. Who knew that glue could be so tricky!

    13. Germán Rodrigo on

      When I will receive my 3 JollyLooks?? In this life? :-/

    14. Raphael Thoulouze on

      This whole ordeal was at least entertaining to read, what a ride! Thanks for documenting it. Of all the rocky KS I backed you did the best job at reporting on the issues and shortcomings of your process so kudos. The fact that the rewards are still going to be delivered is amazing so thank you for that as well!

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Lewus on

      I have a friend who does a lot of business in China. This sort of problem is more common than not. He once told he does not to trust anyone unless he has done business with them before, and sometimes not even then. It is not that the Chinese are bad or dishonorable people. On the contrary, they play by a set of rules, just as we do. It's just not the same rules.

      A long wait is part of the Kickstarter "experience" and so is no surprise. I only hope that you eventually are able to show a profit for your efforts.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adrian (SG) on

      Thank you for the update email, despite the challenges you guys have managed it well. I am more than willing to give you my patience till i receive my Jollylook :)

      Keep it up and stay strong! looking forward to see your success!

    17. Missing avatar

      Douglas King on

      Thank you so much for following through! I look forward to using my Jollylook.

      Thank you!

    18. Scott Anderson on

      Y'all are amazing. Thank you for seeing it through.

    19. Missing avatar

      yy yeung on

      i think you most mistake is you believe the chinese ppl,and then you dont have real chinese friends help you to be guider,also, china factory the cost become expensive in the world, you should move down to south asia, pls do some research before you make decide. In the otherside, at least you guys try to clean it up, respect it.

    20. Clinton Ausmus on

      It sounds like a lot of hard lessons were learned through this process. I think you for sharing your experiences. I hope others who aspire to achieve similar goals will learn from the failures you endured early on. I have a great deal of respect for you for sticking to the goal of producing Jolly Look I "Look" forward to enjoying my camera, and will help promote this product with every chance I get. Thank you very much.

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian Schaller on

      Thumps up, respect and thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nix on

      Gotta respect these guys. Despite all the setbacks and financial issues, they're still on the boat to fulfill backer rewards and even replace the defective units.

    23. jason on

      hi, i finally opened my camera and it is faulty. how do i contact you?

    24. Yoshifumi Inomata on

      You did not run away. I express respect for that effort.I'm looking forward to receiving cameras.

    25. Heather

      Thank you for sharing all that happened with us. I will be telling of your story, your journey to people who ask about the camera when i have it! I am sorry you lost so much money, i have a feeling you will make that money back! Happy Holidays to you and all your workers.

    26. jonathan on

      If I get this camera and it works as promised...this is the greatest Kickstarter I have ever backed.

    27. Missing avatar

      w.y on

      despite the huge delay, i appreciate the transparency and detailed updates. thank you for sticking with this...i'm looking forward to receiving my cameras!

    28. MyaSharona on

      How do I ensure my defective camera will be replaced? Is this by batch # ? Do I need to fill out something? Did I miss this information somewhere?

    29. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Thanks for the detailed history of this project. I'm very sorry that you were defrauded and have no recourse to recover your funds. I do have one question please.

      If the original batch of cameras had many that were defective, then would the cameras sent to dealers have the same percentage of defective units? Have you heard from dealers such as Freestyle Photo Sales in the US of problems with the cameras you shipped to them?

      Thank you for your efforts. Many projects faces with such difficulties would have just folded up.

    30. Missing avatar

      james chan on

      The only I don’t ask for a refund again is because my previous requests have been ignored. I won’t hold my breath for cameras to show up anytime soon.

    31. coll

      Thanks for the update and your perseverance with Jollylook. :)

    32. Marlies Platvoet

      Thank you so much for this elaborate post. I have every confidence in your ability to produce a great camera. I wish you all the best with the final production and look forward to receiving my Jollylook! The transparency you show is an example for other Kickstarter campaigns. Don’t let the negative comments discourage you. Kickstarter is not a store and everybody who backs a campaign should be a aware of this. Good luck!

    33. Alberto Herrero Álvarez on

      Adelante y un gran aplauso por vuestra determinacion.
      Si uno quiere una camara , va a una tienda y la compra.
      Si uno ve un proyecto que cree que merece la pena , lo apoya , esto es el crowfunding.
      Este proyecto creo que merece la pena , quien sabe si mañana estareis desarrollando un respaldo para una camara (yo que se, la moskva5 o una rolley o una lubitel) .
      Pero para empezar , se da un primer paso . Yo creo en este paso , espero que de este aprendais y el siguiente paso sera mejor . Y muy posiblemente tambien os apoyare.

      Adelante y se que disfrutare la camara con mucha alegria y el orgullo de veros salir victoriosos .

    34. Missing avatar

      Antonina on

      I admire you guys !

    35. Missing avatar

      Rohde on

      I can't believe how persistent you guys are, how much you had to learn. I am so happy when I hold this crazy little thing in my hand. I can already hear the exhausted rejoicing when you are done with this action. Champagne corks will pop and streamers will fly and you can pat each other on the shoulder. Cheers!

    36. Missing avatar

      Hans Verwijs

      Kudos! I commend you on your perseverance!

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert Hamilton on

      Thanks for the update and your perseverance. I appreciate your professionalism in the construction of the cameras. No one wants a shoddy product. Merry Christmas to you and everyone who works on the cameras! Cheers!

    38. Missing avatar

      Clayton Fletcher on

      You guys are awesome.

      Like many others here I’ve enjoyed reading the updates. A hell of a ride for you guys and not fair that you had to invest so much of your own money. Many many hopes here that you’ll make this money back in the near future through many sales!

      I have no doubt this will be wildly successful.

      Thanks again :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Margetts on

      This whole project is looking more and more like a joke with every update you give us. This update and the way it was written made it look like the project had run out of money. I'm glad it hasn't and hopefully one day I'll finally receive my camera.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jesse Hausler on

      Crazy story, I feel for you.

      To be honest, its above and beyond to have put in $130k of your own money to keep this going. Given what you've been through, i wouldn't have faulted you if you just said, "screw it" and declared it a failed KS.

      This is life on KS and those claiming fraud need to understand that KICKSTARTER IS NOT A STORE. Not all projects get backed, and not all backed projects succeed.

      It's a gamble, if you can't stand to lose $40 on a cardboard instax camera then don't put $40 into cardboard isntax camera until you see one in a store. Then buy it and walk away.. If you want to help someone's dream of building a product come true.. then risk the money.

    41. Frederic Detienne on

      Thank you for the update.

      Appreciate the commitment and the explanations behind.

      All the best.

    42. Missing avatar

      FINET Olivier on

      looking forward to receive my jollylook camera. hope to be in the first ones ;) ! Good luck

    43. Missing avatar

      Rudy Prager on

      This is my 2e expirience with fraud etc. on Kickstarter. First was a mini-drone
      I am fedup with Kickstarter...:(please refund!@

    44. Missing avatar

      Lai Ka Man on

      Support you! Looking forward to receive the product. Not just a cardboard camera, but a camera with stories and full of emotions. Reading your updates like reading a storybook. i found it interesting to experience all these up and down with you. Keep going!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Thank you so much for your perseverance. I am willing to wait as long as it takes. I have to say though, that I was one of the people who received a defective camera (the plastic gears broke). I hope you are still committed to sending a replacement camera to those of us who received broken cameras. I would feel better if you responded to confirm that fact.

    46. Alexandre Strube on

      Oleg, how can we help?

    47. Howard Kistler

      I think the only successful manufacturing Kickstarters I've ever backed are the ones where the creators make 95% of the product themselves, like the Lomography products and the Ondu pinhole camera. Virtually all of the projects that source the work to a factory (especially a Chinese factory) end up with delays, substandard manufacturing, fraud, and usually nothing for the backers.

    48. Felix Lu on

      I'm curious, with your experiences manufacturing in Asia and the hurdles, would you say it is still better to deal with the "kinks" to find the right company/persons to work with, or would you say it might be better to do the manufacturing locally (domestically, ideally in the same state?)?