Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

by Jollylook

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      Rudi Jenischte on

      I hope, I will get my Cam beforeI retire in 2030 🤔

    2. Carlo Silvio on

      How do i get a refund? I’m done waiting.

    3. William Sawyer

      Keep at it guys, yes it's been a while but atleast we are seeing progress

    4. Randy Moe on

      Glad to hear you never give up!

      Good luck is made!


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      erin mcguire on

      I appreciate the continued effort to make these cameras. I really thought I had to kiss my investment goodbye so this is really welcome news.

    6. Cheiki Huang on

      I’m ok waiting. They are making progress. I won’t get myself mad just for the money.

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      sailorcire on

      " It is worth noting that the lack of a language barrier and a similar mentality make it very easy to understand the requirements and rules."

      I don't understand this sentence, aren't you a Ukrainian company who made the design and initial prototypes?

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      Cheese King on

      Your perseverance and patience is admirable. I’m sticking with my Jollylook friends because they’re committed to seeing the project through. I also appreciate your honesty and integrity with the defective work. It happens with frequency when dealing with Chinese manufacturing too often unless you have very deep pockets.

    9. Missing avatar

      Don Foster on

      I received one of the poor quality cameras, is there a recourse for me?

    10. Fonzie on

      Hey. Really appreciate your commitment to this project and I have every faith in you guys!

    11. coll

      Great news Jollylook team. Your commitment is admirable. thanks. :)

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      Heather Cowan on

      Hi Jollylook!
      This is really exciting news!
      So glad you've decided to go with plywood, rather than the cardboard (mine was one of the ones that arrived with the cardboard quite damaged, and the button to open the camera to extend the bellows ripped and unusable.)
      I look forward to receiving my Ukrainian made Jollylook camera!!!!!
      Heather Cowan

    13. Missing avatar

      Marc Bedard on

      Good news team. I hope I will get one that is properly made.

    14. jonathan on

      If you guys actually make this happen and push through you’ll be legendary on KS

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      Fearghas McKay on

      Keep up the good work, your perseverance is admirable. If these projects were easy then everyone would be doing them. Remember JFK's speech about why they were going to the moon… "…not because they are easy, but because they are hard…"

    16. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Thank you for the update.

      I am curious about the development units arriving from China via boat. When do you expect them to arrive at your location? Would that be by the end of October?

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      Frank Jackson on

      Thank you for keeping us informed, will you be shipping replacements that work automatically?

    18. Missing avatar

      Antonina on

      Thank you for the update with positive news !
      Sure, the lack of a language barrier and a similar mentality combined with strict and detailed quality control, will produce much better camera.
      And this fact compensate our patience :) !!!!!!!!!!!

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      Joseph King on

      Thank You for the detailed update, very much appreciated.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tamara Thompson on

      I would like a refund. this wait is insane. You have successful convinced me to never support another kickstarter.

    21. Carleton Torpin on

      Thank you for continuing to update us on the work you're all doing.

      I love your commitment to this.

      Thank you. :D

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      Massimo Maniscalco on

      @Tamara Thompson I have backed 15 completed projects. this one is the only one who have delayed a lot, but it's not failed yet.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nat-Nat on

      You guys keep it up. I'll wait patiently until you successfully finish the final product and ship it to us. You have my full support!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Reah on

      Can I get it before I die?
      Don't you think it's too late for what you said? I wonder how focused you guys are on this. This was my graduation present, and it will be two years from now.
      This is my first crowding funding, and I will never do other crowding funding again. You should send the perfect thing as long as you've kept so many people waiting. And you have to tell me exactly when the goods will be finished and when they will be delivered. Of course, this time you must keep that date.

    25. Missing avatar

      JoAnna Black on

      Everyone who is being rude about delivery times clearly hasn't been following all the updates. This team has worked diligently to deliver a quality product to all backers. Yes, I wish this product had arrived more quickly, but seeing how they have struggled with third parties, I'm impressed they haven't given up!

    26. Jonelle Lynne

      I would like a refund, this is the 3rd project that I've backed that had delays like this - and I've backed 33 projects. I understand there are vendor issues and such but I would just like my money back.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathan Padilla Bowen on

      Hey, I know what I got into, and I appreciate the updates. I believe they are serious about the product, and have pushed through a maddening and seemingly endless learning curve. I'm impressed and sticking with it to see how it turns out. When I get the first camera, if it works well, I'm ordering several more.

    28. Missing avatar

      Martin Tucker on

      Thank you for the updates. Patiently waiting, well trying to at least! Just anxious about getting it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Hu Xiaodao on

      I just wanna quit this project and get my refund。It's pass almost two years,and I still have to wait without any commitment。I don't even know if this project can achieve,or if I really receive one camera which it's worse making like that shit Yashica Y35。I'm tired of waiting。